One of the best ways to give control access to users over confidential data like content media files and other detail available on a WordPress site is through WordPress accessibility plugins.

In this blog, we have listed some of the top class WordPress plugins which helps you apply access restrictions, login customizations, Captcha, download limits and other accessibility issues.

All these plugins are tested by experts and they offer more than the listed services and facilities. We have to define premium and free plugins which can be a great help in the growth of your business.

Wait we have got more. Below are a few blogs on top-notch plugins which can also be a help:-

1. Custom Login & Access WordPress Plugin

Custom login and access is a WordPress plugin which gives you various accessibility facilities and setting options which can easily be applied to a website. You can add custom registration form fields, access restrictions, block site content, etc.

It also allows you to send custom sign-up emails once a new user gets register, create a custom login page, restricts front-end access and more.

Custom Login & Access WordPress Accessibility Plugin


  • The regular plan of this plugin will cost you $26.
  • The extended plan charges $100 for all the advanced and extended services.


  • With the help of this plugin, you are allowed to restrict unregistered users from access website content.
  • You can block specific pages, posts, categories, taxonomies and other types of contents using this plugin.
  • Users are allowed to provide a custom password at the time of registration.
  • It also helps you style and design custom login page, add Captcha, and more on your website.

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2. Groups File Access – WordPress Accessibility Plugin

Using group file access WordPress plugin you can provide file download access to premium or authorized members only. With this plugin only registered users of your site will be able to access different types of files available on your site.

You can create groups, define members of the group and assign files which are accessible to that group only. You can also define download limits like numbers or unlimited for users.

Groups File Access WordPress Accessibility Plugin


  • This plugin has got two premium license which is a regular license that’s priced $29 and the extended license which is priced around $99.


  • With just a few clicks and settings you can apply restrictions on file downloads by unauthorized users.
  • It offers multisite WordPress support with which you get WordPress network installations.
  • Provides systematic and organized file management area which is extremely helpful.
  • Using this plugin you can upload different types of files through FTP and bulk import.

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3. WP Accessibility Helper – WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, you can have different types of accessibility tools on your website. This plugin is equipped with sidebar positioning, theme control, various font options, and more.
You can skip links inside the sidebar, apply custom colors, actions and various type of filters.

WP Accessibility Helper WordPress Accessibility Plugin


  • WP accessibility helper is an absolutely free plugin which offers great amount features and holds more than 8,000 installations on active websites.


  • DOM scanner is a feature that checks errors like image alt text, link role, titles, etc on website pages and posts.
  • With this plugin, you can easily remove all CSS files and display raw webpage for customizations.
  • It provides multiple accessibility shortcuts & facilities for sidebar and other website regions.
  • Extremely user-friendly dashboard through which you can manage different accessibility and style settings.

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4. WP Accessibility – WordPress Plugin

If you are using WP accessibility plugin then you can have control and manage different types of accessibility issues on your website. This plugin requires a minimum amount of configuration and work well on all WordPress themes.

It also offers various customizations and accessibility changes which can easily be applied from the dashboard.

WP Accessibility WordPress Accessibility Plugin


  • With this accessibility WordPress plugin, you get free access to multiple features & facilities. It offers frequent updates and has got more than 20 thousand active installations.


  • Using the WP accessibility plugin you can easily remove target attributes from the links.
  • Helps you remove unnecessary title attributes from page list, category list, tag clouds as well as from archive menu.
  • Configuring skip links is very simple with this plugin. You can apply styling like color, background, text formatting and more. Add skip links for navigation, redirection, etc.
  • This plugin supports latest versions of WordPress and is easy to use as all the changes can be done from the WordPress dashboard.

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5. Accessible Poetry – WordPress Accessibility Plugin

Accessible poetry is a WordPress accessibility plugin with which you can handle basis and common accessibility issues with ease. It helps you add outline effects, add alt text to images, plus you also get the option to attach custom CSS and js codes.

Accessible Poetry WordPress Accessibility Plugin


  • Another free of cost plugin which provides plenty of accessibility features and services at no charge.


  • You can apply custom CSS or js code with this plugin for accessibility.
  • It offers accessibility toolbar with which you can easily change the font size, contrast, disable animations and apply other style changes.
  • Easy to install on WordPress websites and offers extremely simple configuration for custom accessibility.

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That is all for now on WordPress accessibility plugins. We have tried to elaborate each and every detail about the plugins listed in this blog. Hope you find the most beneficial plugin for your business on this blog.

For any type of queries or doubts let us know through your comments in the section below.