GIFs are spreading like wildfire in the world of online memes.

Do you know websites like Buzzfeed have built their content marketing empires by using these animated GIFs!

But why you should add GIFs on your website too?

GIFs have become so undeniably attractive that they resonate with many people in your target audience. They provide you a way to reach these clients or customers in a form of communication they relate to. You can also share something quickly with your audience to bring a smile or chuckle on your visitors face.

If your website don’t have GIFs then surely you are missing a big piece of the puzzle to grab your visitors attention.

Therefore, if you want to add GIFs on your website then you should use these GIF WordPress Plugins.

These plugins will provide a plethora of settings for configuring GIFs on your website.

You will get playback controls, GIF play on hovering or scrolling and timers setting to set the duration for initiating the GIF animation on your website.

Also, some of these plugins will provide you ready made templates of GIF preloaders to add the suitable icon for showing loading of GIFs on your website.

Check out the below listing of Top 4 GIF WordPress Plugins that provide you a way to express your sense of humor. 

Swift through more WordPress plugins!

1. Hyena – GIF WordPress Plugins

Hyena is a lightweight yet powerful GIF WordPress plugin. It is highly customizable animated GIF playback. This plugin’s GIFs will automatically resize and fit on any layout. It allows you to set different playback option such as play with a click, play on hover, and Javascript timed GIF animation and so on.

The plugin is so simple to use. It comes with inbuilt shortcode generator. So, that you can embed it on your website easily. You can also customize featured image with the help of this plugin.

Hyena GIF WordPress Plugins


To purchase this plugin from, you’ll have to pay $100.


  • This plugin provides 100 seamless tiles and 6 customizable media player skins.
  • You can set the duration to initiate the GIF animation.
  • Options such as button opacity, a button to start, fade in speed are also available.
  • The plugin is hardware accelerated, CPU boosted and removes unnecessary browser paints for smooth frame rates.
  • The plugin provides you full documentation.

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2. Ultimate WordPress Preloader – 99 CSS3 Preloaders

It is a preloader plugin for WordPress which allows you to add preloaders to your website. The lets you to easily add CSS3, image, and GIF preloaders. It is completely optimized and works swiftly.

It provides 29 animated GIF preloaders to choose from. Moreover, it comes with live preview customizer so that you can customize the preloader size, color, background color as per your choice.

Ultimate WordPress Preloader GIF WordPress Plugins


Get this GIF WordPress plugin at just $18 from


  • 53 animated preloaders are available made with pure CSS3 only.
  • It gives you the flexibility to upload your image preloader instead of predefined CSS3 preloaders.
  • The plugin provides you the unlimited background colors and element colors in preloader control panel.
  • All the plugin elements and pages are fully responsive to all screen sizes.
  • You can get all the functionalities of the plugin with any WordPress theme.

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3. Giphyomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin – GIF WordPress Plugins

Giphyomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin is the perfect solution to auto blogging and automatic giphy image publishing to your blog. It uses Giphy as a content source. Basically, it is an automatic blog generator plugin that imports animated GIF automatically into your blog.

With this plugin, you can generate automatic posts on trending, query keyword search for GIFs and stickers.

Giphypress GIF WordPress Plugins


This plugin cost you $19, on buying it from


  • It has an inbuilt random sentence generator that makes your articles unique and differ from their source.
  • The plugin is integrated with synonymizer so that your visitors don’t recognize the source of the content.
  • It automatically generates the featured image for the posts.
  • You can enable or disable the comments for the generated posts.
  • It also has a text spinner tool which modifies the generated text and provides you the SEO friendly posts.

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4. Giphypress – GIF WordPress Plugins

It is a fun plugin which can quickly embed GIFs into your WordPress website. You will get a GIF repository from where you can add pretty much any GIF on your website.

The plugin also provides the GIF maker which you can use for creating your own GIFs from YouTube videos via URLs or from your own video files.

For using this plugin. you can click the Giphy logo of your text editor and go through the hundreds of cool GIFs until you find the one you’re looking for.

Giphyomatic Automatic Post Generator GIF WordPress Plugins


Giphypress is a freemium plugin having 6000+ active installations till date. You can download this plugin from


  • From the available GIF repository, you can search your desired GIF either manually or by using tags.
  • You just have to click “embed into post” button. The selected GIF will show up within the text editor and, when you will publish your post, it will be embedded within your web page.
  • This plugin is lightweight and can be installed smoothly.

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Over To You!

GIFs are super useful for businesses beyond just sharing funny snippets. And yes! you should never leave a single stone unturned to get more traffic on your website.

These hand-picked GIF WordPress Plugins will let you add GIFs on your website at the drop of a hat.  

Do you have any great recommendation for the GIF WordPress Plugins? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned! There are a lot more reviews about best plugins to come!