Adding 360 Panorama WordPress Plugins for media purpose on your websites can enhance your website’s status.

Images have become too stereotype and it’s time for a shift. Panoramas have become the new hot favorite because of the wide-angle view, 3D effects and a “WOW” after effect that it leaves on the visitors.

These plugins let you add the 360-degree panorama to any posts, pages, widgets or wherever you want to add. Quickly add 360-degree view in your website through its shortcode generator tool.

In fact, you can use these panorama plugins to give 360 Degree view of the products and services that you’re selling.

Here we’ve selected 7 Best 360 Panorama WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid) for your website which can be easily adapted on any screen.

1. Magic 360 for WordPress –  360 Panorama WordPress Plugin

Magic 360 Panorama WordPress Plugin is an easy to use plugin which displays a series of photos, videos, 3D images and more on your website.

Magic 360 is designed for WordPress and WooCommerce business services. It provides HD effects on the images. The plugin also provides auto-caching, image resizing, SEO optimization and many more.


Estimate –

The plugin offers its services for single at just £99 and extended up to £1,397.00 for unlimited sites and users.

Features of Magic 360 for WordPress –

  • Magic 360 will improve the conversions of WordPress version you are using.
  • The plugin has become reliable and trustworthy by offering better services for more than 6+ years.
  • Allows you to show any type of images in an interactive spin in 360 or 3D axis.
  • The plugin is SEO friendly and responsive on any screen.

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2. iPanorama 360° – Virtual Tour Builder Plugin

iPanorama 360 degree is the virtual tour builder plugin that lets you create static and videos, images, music etc in a sequential manner.

It doesn’t require any technical knowledge for using it. You can enrich a hotspot on your website with text images, videos etc. The plugin is fully responsive and works on every major browser or devices.

You can also create maps, presentations, interactive tours through this plugin.


Estimate –

The plugin starting price is from $25 for 6-month support and extended up to $99 for unlimited features.

Features –

  • It provides various scene options like a cube, sphere, and cylinder.
  • Through hotspots, you can mark different areas as well.
  • Its thumbnails allow the people to see quick pictures of your scenes.
  • Through its autoplay option, the scene of your images rotates automatically.

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3. 360° Panoramic Image Viewer –  Panorama WordPress Plugin

This 360-degree Panoramic Image Viewer plugin lets you take static panoramic photography and images.

The plugin supports multi-site configuration and responsive layouts. It lets you manipulate your previous images in an immersive manner.

Adds rotations, hotspots etc, to provide extra functionalities for an ultra-realistic view experience.

360° Panoramic Image Viewer

Estimate –

Get its premium service at just $25 for a multitude of features.

Features –

  • It supports flat panoramic images to provide more ease for the users.
  • Support mobile, touchpad, and responsive designs.
  • Support multi-site generator.
  • 180/360 degree visibility.

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4. ShortPixel – One of the best Image Compressors and Optimization tools out there

As promised, we discussed Panorama WordPress plugins. But now the time has come to find out what happens to your site’s load speed if the panorama image is not compressed or properly optimized. Here is where ShortPixel comes into play, as one of the best tools for compression and optimization.

ShortPixel is a WordPress plugin that automatically compresses all your website’s images, while safely keeping the originals in a backup folder, just in case you need them. ShortPixel increases your site’s SEO ranking by optimizing any image or PDF file.


Estimate –

The plugin comes with a free plan of 100 credits per month and if you decide to upgrade your plan, you can do that at any time for as little as $4.99 per subscription.

Features –

  • The WordPress plugin optimizes all the JPEGs, PNGs and GIFs.
  • The tool is compatible with WP Retina 2x, which means that all retina images are automatically compressed.
  • You can choose from 3 different compression methods: Lossy, Glossy or Lossless, whichever suits your needs.

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5. 360 VR Gallery WP – Panorama Plugin for WordPress

This 360-degree panorama plugin is the responsive and user-friendly WP plugin which displays 360-degree virtual tours directly in the browser. You can quickly use 360*180 side of panoramic pictures into your website’s pages or posts.

The plugin is simple and you don’t need to have advanced technical knowledge for making a virtual tour.

360 VR Gallery DEMO

Estimate –

Get its ton of features from just $19 for the 6-month supports and extended up to $75 for its advanced features.

Features of 360 VR gallery WP –

  • Supports completely responsive designs.
  • Required less programming language.
  • Support responsive slides for multiple panoramas.
  • Provides auto scroll option.

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6. 360 Virtual Tour WP – Virtual Tour WP Plugin

This is another powerful & responsive virtual tour plugin for WordPress to displays 360-degree virtual tours directly.

Use its 360*180 panoramic photos for creating a dynamic virtual tour. The plugin is simple and easy to use. Showcase all your products with a virtual tour.

360 Virtual Tour WP

Estimate –

Buy its services at just $24 for 6-month support and extended up to $75 for unlimited features.

Features of 360 virtual tour WP –

  • The plugin is fully responsive and compatible with any screen.
  • Supports 360*180 pixel panoramic photos.
  • Easy to install and use with shortcodes.

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7. PanoPress – 360 Panorama Plugin for WordPress

PanoPress is the free 360-degree panorama plugin for WordPress which lets you display a virtual tour panoramic photos created with KRPano, Flash Panorama Player & Flash Panorama.

The plugin is compatible with 360-degree video, gigapixel, zoom panoramas, object movies, virtual tours, etc.

It supports HTML5 panoramas, Flash, and all modern 360-degree pictures.


Estimates –

Download the plugin from its official site i.e., for at FREE of cost.

Features of PanoPress –

  • Supports all modern 360-degree panorama and stitched image formats.
  • Supports all major browser, mobile devices or WordPress themes.
  • Option to customize panopress to match your site.
  • Supports panorama embedding options.

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8. WP Photo Sphere – Free Panorama Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin is completely free panorama plugin for WordPress which allows you to create a static panorama picture and allows to display 360*180 degree of a pixel.

With WP photo sphere your visitors can navigate your panorama without installation of any plugin.

The plugin is designed on JavaScript library.

WP Photo Sphere

Estimate –

Download the plugin to get its more advanced features from its official site

Features of WP photosphere –

  • Completely responsive on any screens.
  • You can customize it according to your way.
  • WP photosphere is an open source plugin.
  • Supports classic camera.

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Ending –

And this is where my writing comes to a close. During this blog, we’ve covered the usage and installation of 7 Best 360 Panorama WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid). 

If you think I’ve left some out, please do let me know in the comments below!

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