Accordion WordPress plugins give an astonishing look to your site. It provides some animations to the buttons as well as tabs on the site.

The main thing is what it is really used for?

An accordian is used to hide the HTML content of your site. When you click a button which is integrated with it, the button results in showing the hidden content of your site.

There is a musical instrument named as ‘Accordion’. When it is played, the instrument compresses inside itself & creates a pleasant sound.

That’s what this plugin will do. Though it will not make any musical sound but it’ll give a new glance to your site.

Don’t find it negative when you’ll come to know that it is used to hide as well as unhide the content of your site. All this plugin does is to make your site more responsive.

The more responsive it becomes, the more its visitors would love to visit it. If the number of visitors increases, your business will become more popular.

Hence, all you’ll get is PROFIT!

That’s why I’d like you to go through this article & try out some plugins from it.

You can read some more blogs for other plugins which can either give your site a new look or can help you to boost up your business:

1. Accordion Menu: Primest in Accordion WordPress Plugins

Accordion Menu by Nextend is one of the best in WordPress accordion plugins.

Other than compressing the content into smaller fields, one can build beautiful themes through its theme builder.


Pricing of Accordion Menu: WordPress Plugin

  • Personal: $30, 1 domain license & year support, renewal fee $10 per year, compatible with Joomla & WordPress, etc.
  • Business: $50, 5 domain licenses, features of the Personal plan with WordPress, Magneto & Joomla compatibility, unlimited usage period & many more.
  • Lifetime: $100, all features of Personal as well as Business plan with unlimited access, domain licenses, updated & support period.

Features of Accordion Menu: WordPress Plugin

  • Backend having a user-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with most of the modern browsers.
  • Fully responsive to the devices such as tablets, desktops & mobile phones.
  • Increased speed & performance with CSS & JavaScript.

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2. WooCommerce Category Accordion: WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Category Accordion is a plugin through which one can list the product categories as well as subcategories into an accordion with toggle view.

In the toggle view, product expansion & collapsing effect can be applied via this plugin.


Pricing of WooCommerce Category Accordion:

  • Regular: $19, one user, no charges on end users.
  • Extended: $95, 1 user, no charge to end user.

Features of WooCommerce Category Accordion:

  • Choose any icon from its 14 Fontawesome icons.
  • Click & hover event support.
  • Limitless categories addition with a level option.
  • Parent category link disabling the feature.

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3. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a plugin that helps you add different blocks to the Gutenberg editor. One of those blocks is the Tabbed Content (Accordion).

The block helps you create Accordion that looks good on your website. Further, you can even customize it without touching a line of code.

Ultimate Blocks Accordion

Pricing of Ultimate Blocks: Accordion WP Plugin

The plugin is not going to cost you a penny to add to your site. All you need is the Gutenberg editor, and then you could go and install it from the WordPress plugins directory.

Features of Accordion Block in Ultimate Blocks: Accordion WP Plugin

  • You can select whether the accordions should be collapsed or expanded.
    Customize the container color or the title color to match your website’s design or your brand.
  • You can add an accordion inside another accordion.

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4. WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS: WordPress Accordion Plugin

WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS is a WordPress accordion plugin. It is a genuine accordions & tabs creator.

Through this plugin, the tabs minimize into accordions automatically when the device is switched to a mobile phone.


Pricing of WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS Plugin:

  • Regular: $19, 1 client, end clients are not charged.
  • Extended: $80, one client, end client cannot be charged.

Features of WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS Plugin:

  • Specially optimized for iPad/iPhone.
  • SEO friendly plugin.
  • Easily customizable by SASS developers.
  • Add unlimited colors to highlight the tab by using its colorpicker.
  • 100% editable skins as the skins are developed using CSS.

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5. JetTabs: Accordion WordPress Plugin

For elementary page builder, JetTabs is a perfect accordion WordPress plugin. It helps in creating stylish accordion blocks & tabs to add them to the web pages.


Pricing of JetTabs: Accordion WordPress Plugin

  • Regular: $14, one client/user with no extra charges.
  • Extended: $100, 1 user/client, end users can be charged.

Features of JetTabs: Accordion WordPress Plugin

  • Create two types of the accordion: image & classic.
  • Drag & drop the widgets to create any tabs or accordions.
  • Choose any layout: Horizontal as well as vertical.
  • 24/7 support.
  • RTL support for text formatting like left to right & vice versa.

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6. Accordion Pro: WordPress Plugin Accordion

Accordion Pro by Wpshopmart is a veritable WordPress plugin accordion through which you can add multiple elements on your web page or post such as:

  • FAQs
  • Accordions
  • Animations in accordions

And all of them are unlimited. There are 20 template designs that you can apply to the accordions & tabs.


Pricing of Accordion Pro: WordPress Plugin Accordion

  • Free: $0, only bugs fixing, drag & drop API, collapse mode, widget options & many more.
  • Premium Personal: $9, features of the free plan with animations, hover, scroll effect, border customization, preview mode & many more.
  • Premium Business: $27, features of free & personal plan with product access on unlimited sites, shortcodes, 12 open, close icons & many more.

Features of Accordion Pro: WordPress Plugin Accordion

  • Display the accordion with 500+ Google fonts.
  • Animate the accordion by using 30 animation styles.
  • Apply any color on the accordion.
  • Display the accordion content in widget area by using its shortcodes.

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7. Accordions for WordPress: Best in Cheapest Accordion WordPress Plugins

Accordions for WordPress by PickPlugins is one of the best add-on in cheapest accordion WordPress plugins.

It uses HTML & CSS for best responsivity & allows to add unlimited accordions on the same page via its shortcodes.


Pricing of Accordion for WordPress: WordPress Plugin:

Note: $19/month & $149/year, access to all plugins including future one, unlimited downloads, automatic updating of plugin & many more.

License Options:

  • $9 for one domain.
  • $49 for 10 domains.
  • $99 for 100 domains.

Features of Accordion for WordPress: WordPress Plugin:

  • Always ready for translation.
  • Types of accordions: nested & multilevel.
  • Container background color & image.
  • Without deleting, hide the accordion of any category.
  • Edit the content of the accordion on WP editor.

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8. Bellows Accordion Menu: Free Accordion Menu Plugin

Bellows by SevenSpark is one of the best in menu accordion WordPress plugins. This plugin is most popular for creating beautiful accordion menus which you can add to your site.

accordion wordpress plugins bellows-accordion-menu

Pricing of Bellows Accordion Menu: Accordion Menu Plugin

  • This plugin is free of cost.

Features of Bellows Accordion Menu: Accordion Menu Plugin

  • Fully functioning menu accordion.
  • Multiple menus & submenu levels.
  • Automatic option for expanding the current menu.
  • Widget & shortcode integration.
  • Plugin including three skin presets.

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9. Accordion for WP: WordPress Accordion Plugin

Accordion for WP by ThemeEgg is WordPress accordion plugin. We can create it for taxonomy, post type, WordPress menu, woo-commerce product & many more.


Pricing of Accordion for WP: WordPress Accordion Plugin

  • It does not charge any amount for creating & adding accordions on site.

Features of Accordion for WP: WordPress Accordion Plugin

  • Accordion Widgets: term, post & menu.
  • WooCommerce product accordion supported.
  • Multiple numbers of template support.
  • Types of the accordion: post per page, post type & category.
  • Accepts all WP_query arguments.

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So above are some of the best free as well as paid accordion WordPress plugins which can help you to hide & unhide the HTML content of your website.

By using it, you will be able to add even more than one accordion categories inside a single button.

Just go for it & make your website a masterpiece.

If you have any queries, please comment below & we’ll help you soon!