Exchange of files amongst your clients and you will always be hard to manage. What if you find a magic tool to manage this file stuff? Exactly, we are talking about Client Portal WordPress Plugins.

This WordPress plugin will help you manage your work and your clients as well.

Client WordPress Plugins helps you in real-time management of users, arranging meetings online, and many more.Colorway Theme Banner

Be smart and choose the one.

Here are 5+ best Client WordPress Plugins for you:

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscription Billing is recurring billing software that offers a fully customizable client portal to its customers where they can monitor and manage the activity of their accounts. Further, the client portal has an option of outstanding invoice and available credits where customers can view the pending amount & remaining credits.

Moreover, you can set the default language according to your needs as it supports multiple languages that include German, Spanish, Czech Republic, etc. Apart from this, a merchant has the authority to permit their customers to edit profiles as well as cancel subscriptions from their dashboard on an immediate or next renewal basis.

Along with all these functionalities, Pabbly Subscription Billing doesn’t restrict you on features as it empowers you to collect unlimited revenue without any transaction fee.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - Client Portal WordPress Plugins


  • It allows managing card details in just a few clicks i.e changing card numbers, add alternate card details, etc.
  • In Pabbly Subscription Billing, your customers can upgrade or downgrade the plan according to their requirements.
  • Your clients are able to track transactions and download invoices for more convenience.
  • With the auto-enable client portal feature, the merchant can decide which customer can access the portal.
  • In order to enhance your organization’s branding, the software lets you add custom logo & favicon.


Pabbly Subscription Billing has five plans in which you will get bulk of features with the client portal.

  • Starter – This plan will charge you $9 per month, allows up to 50 customers with all the features including the custom domain, etc.
  • Rookie –  It costs you $17 a month and you can target 100 customers in this plan with affiliate module and other features as well.
  • Popular –  This is the famous plan which charges $29 for a month and you can target up to 150 customers with this plan.
  • Advanced – It is a custom plan in which you can select the number of customers you want to target. It starts with 250 customers that charge $37 per month.
  • Enterprise –  It is a fully customized plan for more than 50k customers. For more details, you have to contact their sales team.

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2. SuiteDash

Out of all Client Portal WordPress Plugins, it is one of the best business management and client portal plugin. It is a single system designed to provide easiness in one’s works. It combines multiple tools that will help in maximizing your productivity.



Let’s check the Features of this client portal plugin.

  • This plugin provides many tools like – CRM, project management, invoice generation, online payments, live chat, etc.
  • Fully encrypted data to and from this plugin.
  • No need to do copy or duplicate entries as SuiteDash shares the same data in all its parts.
  • Time-saving and also boosts efficiency.


This Plugin offers different prices depending on the features which are as follows:

  • Start – $19/month: In this, you can handle unlimited projects with the unlimited portal and unlimited staff members with 100GB storage.
  • Thrive – $49/month: In this, you can handle unlimited projects with advanced custom menus and unlimited staff members. It provides up to 500GB storage places with a branded environment.
  • Pinnacle – $99/month: In this, you can have unlimited projects with unlimited clients and unlimited teammates. It provides up to 1000GB storage place with the branded environment and Email marketing.

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3. MemberMouse

This WordPress Plugin will help you run a complete client portal with ease. It allows customers to update their profile, billing details, email, password, cancel subscriptions, and a lot more.

Moreover, you can also share files with your clients without worrying about data loss, etc.

Client Portal WordPress Plugins


Let’s see what this plugin is holding up.

  • The plugin includes order history, engagement statistics, access rights, pause, cancel, refund, etc.
  • You can also upload the file from a WordPress site.
  • Clients will also be able to upload files by themselves.
  • All file sizes and types supported.
  • With this plugin, you can easily import your existing clients by formatting them according to the sample spreadsheet.


MemberMouse offers three different pricing plans:

  • Starter- Buy this plan at  $19.95 per month for 1,000 members.
  • Advanced- It charges $99 per month for 50,000 members.
  • Premium- It costs $299 per month for 100,000 members.

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4. WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin

WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin is one of the top-notch client portal plugins that offers advanced features for the best customer support experience. Managing multiple tickets/queries and assigning them to the agents will become quite easy with this helpdesk plugin. Its compatibility with WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin helps you convert the customer queries received as chat conversation to tickets and much more.



  • You can add unlimited agent profiles and manage unlimited tickets.
  • You can set notifications to be triggered automatically to the agents while a customer raises a query.
  • You can convert your unread emails to tickets using IMAP or Google OAuth.
  • Option to configure reply templates and professional agent signatures.
  • Option to trigger SMS notifications to customers and agents.
  • Highly compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Options to analyze date-wise reports of tickets, overall customer satisfaction, and performance of individual agents.
  • Easy backup and restore option for securing tickets and information to an XML file.

Price (One-time payment) –

  • $89 for single-site
  • $129 for up to 5 sites
  • $249 for up to 25 sites

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5. Clinked

This Client Portal WordPress Plugin is very efficient and a great helping hand in terms of client management. It has many features like you can exchange the files in one place, chat with your clients and more.



Now let’s see what this Client Portal WordPress Plugins hold.

  • This plugin assigns the task to teammates, sets the deadline, and watches the whole process of a project.
  • Provides organized meetings and events.
  • This plugin provides Real-time updates on the projects.
  • It creates the workspace for you and your clients.
  • You can share files, can chat and collaborate with your clients. Provides bank-grade security for client’s data.


This Plugin offers different prices depending on the features which are as follows:

  • Starters $ 99/month: It provides 100 GB storage, 100 members, and unlimited guests.
  • Collaboration $ 249/month: It has all the starter features. And it also provides a shared calendar, group chat, full-text search. It also provides up to 1 TB storage and custom domain.
  • Enterprise (Contact the Team): It has all the collaboration features. And it also provides integrations, workflow, custom terms, and services.2.

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6. Client Portal – Private User Pages and Login

Client Portal WordPress Plugin provides each user a private page. These private pages are accessible only on the frontend by the owner of that page after login.

Client Portal – Private user pages and login


Now we will study the features of this plugin.

  • It never asks you to login or to fill a registration form.
  • This plugin shows your clients the only things you want them to see.
  • You can add the shortcode on any page.
  • Whenever a client tries to access any other page then he will be redirected to his private page.


This Client Portal WordPress Plugin is an open-source software i.e., available free of cost.

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7. WP Customer Area

This plugin is a one-in-all plugin for the persons who want to manage their private content. Themes are customizable in this plugin. We can share files and data with one or many users as well.

WP Customer Area


Let’s check the features of this Client Portal WordPress Plugin.

  • This plugin is secure and gives personal access to clients.
  • You can assign a particular file to a particular person and will list in his personal area.
  • You can assign private pages to particular persons as well.
  • Also, you can translate this plugin into your language.


This WordPress Plugin is an open-source software i.e., available free of cost.

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Conclusion –

This is all we have in 5+ Best Client Portal WordPress Plugins. We hope you found something suitable for you. If you like our blog make sure to comment.

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