Affiliate Programs or Referral Programs are spreading like the fire in the forest. In not much efforts you can earn millions. Good marketing skills are all you need. And you are all set. Getting rewarded for each visitor or customer. Isn’t it great?

All you gotta do is to install the Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Now, once done, gain benefits from the exemplary features. Gradually, enhancing your WordPress site. And watch your business grow.

An Affiliate WordPress Plugin enables the affiliates to signup for programs, and commence the campaign. It is through the plugin, that you are able to generate the affiliate links and gradually set the commission rates manually or use by default, and a lot more.

In this blog, we will throw some light on the leading Affiliate WordPress Plugins. Also, highlight key features which make them stand out like a sore thumb.

1. ReferralCandy – Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Looking for an affiliate system which is affordable & provides almost equal benefits. Then, you are at the right place. ReferralCandy provides you the best features of affiliates registration, login & management process. All without charging any big fees. Moreover, the plugin successfully integrates with a lot of E-Commerce solutions. Like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Mailchimp & many more.

ReferralCandy - Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

It has two plans which are billed on a monthly basis

  • Premium  – With this plan, you can target unlimited customers.  Apart from this, you can access the dashboard and view the reports. This plan will cost you $49 monthly only.
  • Enterprise – This plan will charge you $3999 including all the features of the Premium plan and with that, it provides account manager as well as priority support.


  • This plugin allows you to connect with different marketing apps to boost your email performance like Mailchimp, etc.
  • It can easily customize without any difficulties and you have full control to edit the templates with CSS & HTML.
  • You can automate your referral program like automatically invites customers at chosen times
  • With ReferralCandy, you can prevent referral fraud easily as it can detect suspicious activity and automatically ban fraudulent activities.

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2.ThirstyAffiliates -Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the finest and trusted affiliate plugins. It provides the world-class features to enhance the performance. Probably the only plugin which provides the benefit of cloaking the actual link behind the referral link. This redirect link acts like a cloak to the actual link. Therefore, making the plugin standout in the race of affiliate plugins.

It protects the commission from getting hijacked, which prevents from earning a commission. So, the security every person would want from getting their commission being stolen. All you need is to put the redirect link and your actual link will be hidden behind the redirect link. Hence, shielding your commissions from being hijacked. Thereby, building the trust in a site.

Thirst Affiliates


This affiliate plugin is available at flexible prices as per the need of the site owners. If you own a single site you need to pay $49. For the owner of multiple sites, you have to pay $79.

The plugin comes with 14 days refund guarantee. And also provides email support & all updates for 12 months. Furthermore, you can easily get your license renewed to enjoy the services provided for another year.


  • You can simply add a redirect link to the blog post. Selecting the add link option. And your link will be concealed within. You can also change the URL in case you need to & add the new link.
  • The Geolocation feature in the plugin enables you to use a different link for different countries. For example, you can use a separate link for the US and the link will be different for & India.
  • With the help of automatic 404 error checker, your page will automatically be redirected to another affiliate link. So basically, there’s no missing of an alternate affiliate link.
  • Analysing just got easier. The plugin provides the sublime charts &  tables filled with useful stats and details. Not only this, it also sends the reports to the admins on regular basis.
  • The CSV Import/ Export assistance simply supervise your affiliate links. Smoothly share & update the details on the sites.
  • And with the mutual consent, you can also uncloak the links with Amazon terms of service.

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3.Ultimate Affiliate Pro – Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The Ultimate Pro is the complete package of Marketing solution. This Affiliate WordPress Plugin enables you to drive traffic to the site. Thereby, inflating the sales.

Your affiliates can easily sign up for your programs & get your marketing tools. Henceforth, they can start promoting your product by referring customers to your site. As soon as the customer purchases a product through the generated affiliate link, your affiliate gets the commission. You get what you want (sales) affiliate get what he signed up for (commission).

It is well known for its Multi-level-Marketing strategy. According to this strategy the affiliates can generate their own campaign and bring more affiliates. This will further draw more customers and magnify the sales.

The Affiliate WordPress Plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, easy digital downloads, Ultimate Membership Pro, Stripe and PayPal. Along with the average rating of 4.63 which is a very good number.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro


You can get the regular license at $39 & extended license at $199. Along with the extended support for 12 months at $13.3 and $67.13. The plugin gives the benefit of feature updates &  6 months support.


  • The plugin provides you with the advantage of lifetime commission. Under this, you enable your affiliate with the commission for providing lifetime referrals.
  • The social sharing buttons which make it flexible to share on multiple social networking sites in a click. Also, a social locker is available which prevents the post from being shared on certain sites.
  • You can reward your affiliates with the bonus on reaching the desired rank.
  • Too busy to enter the user id & password again & again? Well, here’s a solution. A personal slug is granted, so you enjoy trouble free logging in.
  • All the affiliates get a QR code i.e. a Quick Responsive code. This QR code images can be a replacement for Affiliate links too.

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4. SUMO Affiliates -Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The renowned plugin Sumo Affiliates. It’s a complete affiliate program system. Supported by WooCommerce. The plugin has got a lot in store. Once initialized, logged in users can apply, become affiliates & start advertising the product.

The super cool application is easy to use and set up. If the visitor goes & purchases the product through the affiliate link, the affiliate connected with the link will get the commission on the purchase. Don’t you think it’s so cool?

Sumo affiliates provide umpteen features that will help you amplify your earnings.

Sumi Affiliates


You can avail the regular license of this affiliate plugin at $24, which can further be extended for another 12 months at $7.50. You can also buy the extended version of this product at $240 which come with which can be extended for another year you need to pay $82.50.Along with 6-month support & all the feature updates.


  • The plugin makes it efficient to add the new affiliates. All you have to is go to the add new affiliate option. Fill in some detail. And that’s it. Easy enough!
  • It’s a fully customizable plugin. You can go in the setting and personalize the data accordingly.Be it commission percentage, commission amount or payment status. All the commission details are displayed in a single window. Thereby, making to easy to scrutinize the data.
  • You can add the new commission or also customize the specifications. What rate or amount of commission you want to settle on. And apply the needed actions.
  • Adding banners has become the piece of cake. You can effortlessly generate the banners.
  • Detailed reports about the affiliates approvals, commissions & visitors diffusers. The graph depicts the increase & decrease in the given period of time.
  • Sumo Affiliate provides the vast range of filters and options. Be it global settings, lifetime settings & commission order settings.

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5. WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin-Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Transform your WordPress site to affiliate management system. The plugin facilitates the users to log in or register in your referral programs. Your users can now start promoting your site or blog. Also, cross-check who actually registered & promoted by inserting shortcodes on any given page.

The plugin provides the supreme feature of Mass Payments directly from your WordPress site. Easily pay your affiliates via PayPal pass Payment System.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin


You can get the license of this plugin at the price of $20, along with all the feature updates.


  • Effortless registration! Once, the affiliate has successfully registered on your affiliate program. The plugin enables you to send email notifications to affiliates confirming registration.
  • The plugin confers shortcode for referral social networking buttons. Like FaceBook shortcode for referral & Send & Share buttons, Google+ shortcode for +1 button & Twitter & LinkedIn shortcodes  for Tweet & LinkedIn buttons respectively.
  • Facile translations via .po/.mo files.  Translating the front end output using the .po/.mo files without any difficulties. So, this makes the website translation ready.
  • Already logged users can have access to the referral links & banners. All you have to is apply the shortcodes to your pages.
  • Track the referrals that do not sign up directly from the link provided. Enable a cookie & it will do the work for you. You can enable this voluntary feature from the settings page.
  • The plugin provides the statistic per month & per user. The plugin enables unlimited referrals and affiliates to register on your site. Enhancing your growth & sales.

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6. Affiliates Pro -Affiliate WordPress Plugins

The Affiliate Pro is powerful WordPress plugin. The plugin is fully fledged with lots of features. Be it easy registration, or other features like adding banners, providing stats and a lot more. In fact, getting the details about the referrals has become easy. All the details about the referrals are available at one place. This for sure makes it easy for the affiliates to use the features.

Shortcodes are provided which makes it easy to use at the back end. And provide affiliates information on their performance at the front end.

Further, the plugin is integrated and supported by leading brands. Like WooCommerce, AddtoAny, AddThis, Pay Per Click, Contact For7, Events Manager, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms Ninja Forms and PayPal. Also, it can be integrated virtually with any E-Commerce platform.

Affiliate Pro


You can get the plugin at $59 for hosting a single site. If you want to host five sites you need to pay $99. Similar;y for hosting up to 25 sites you need to pay $199.


  • You can keep a check on activities. The plugin enables you to have an overview of the statistics. You can view the visits and hits on the site in the form graphs. Thus, efficiently showing the growth.
  • The plugin delivers the most flexible layout for commission rates. Ranging from general rates to individual rates per affiliate and product. Rates per affiliate and product category. You can use different combinations. You can fix the common rates for all the affiliates. Or you can use proportional commission. Managing the commission can’t get easier
  • Plain sailing when it comes to registration. It allows you send emails to the new users. Thereby, making username and password available to them. Hence, making it easy to log in.
  • Straightforward installation. All you gotta do is to upload and install the file to your WordPress site. Furthermore, activate the Affiliate Pro from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • From the settings section. Referral calculation can be viewed and edited. All the details like referral calculation and value used for calculation are displayed. You can use the default settings or manually change it.

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7. YITH WooCommerce – Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Are you in search of a plugin that provides you a wide variety of features & you don’t have to pay for it? YITH WooCommerce Affiliate plugin is all you need right now.
The plugin provides ‘n’ number of features. Like generating links, easy registration, affiliates status updates, and a lot more in just one plugin. It proves to be a whole lot of affiliate management system. Letting your users promote your products on their blogs and sites. Paying commission for every product sold can’t get easier and that too free of cost.



For availing this Affiliate WordPress plugin, you gotta go to download it for free. That means you don’t have to pay a single penny to have it.


  • Your affiliates are provided with a separate dashboard. Here, the affiliate can find all the details about the sales trend. Therefore, making it easier for the affiliates to select the product they want to promote
  • As and when you place a new order, the commission status changes automatically. Hence, there’s no need for you to sit & update it manually.
  • When a user visits your emporium with the Reference ID. The plugin saves the Affiliate ID for later. If the visitor purchases the product, the affiliate associated with will be credited with the commission.
  • The affiliates who have been properly registered & enabled on your site will be able to earn the commission. Thereby, making it more protective & secure.
  • You can set a general commission for each order coming from a Refer Id.
  • The plugin automatically sums up the commissions of the affiliates. And updates the concerning affiliates as and when there are any changes.

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The above-mentioned plugins are one of finest plugins which can help you in the growth of the business. Moreover, affiliate marketing completely relies on trust & person relationship to derive sales. But affiliate plugins surely boost your website and makes it easier for you to run an online affiliate program. And thereby, magnify your sales.

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