The online auction was just an imaginative profitable business a few years ago. But with the success of the top auction sites like Webstore and eCrater, more and more people are now getting motivated to try their hands over online auction business. So, keeping the trend in mind we are here with 5+ auction WordPress plugins which will turn your site into a perfect auction platform.

The online auction has plenty of advantages, top 3 advantages are:

  • Rich information: Informative presentation related to auction product is showcased easily.
  • No Extra Cost: You can sell your products without added rental and operational cost.
  • Convenience: No matter where you are you can participate in bidding process without limitation.

The listed auction WordPress plugins are rich in all the important feature that makes a plugin the best plugin. You will get every integration of WooCommerce which will not only help you in selling your own products but will also help you to sell products of another person. By this, you can earn extra income in the form of commission.

The plugin setting panel is used to do each and every customization like auction start/ end time and other things at your fingertips. Moreover, all the auction WordPress plugins are WPML compatible which makes them user-friendly and translation ready.

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Without ado, let’s jump into the complete list of the best 5+ auction WordPress Plugins.

1. WP Auction – Best In Auction WordPress Plugins

WP auction is one of the best in best auction WordPress plugins that have the capability to solve the problem of online auctions. This plugin is full of amazing features that allow you to effortlessly create, manage and edit various auctions at any point in time.

The plugin does not require any coding language and gets ready to use with few clicks which makes it a user-friendly plugin. Moreover, WP auction comes with 3 bidding engines: Simple, Proxy (default) and Reverse which will make your work easy.

Moreover, both users and bidders can watch auctions and get email updates with watch auction feature.

WP Auction WordPress Plugin


With over 50+ features Wp Auction is available in two pricing plans as below:

  • In $89 yearly subscription plan you will get 3 domain license 1 year of free updates + support and full documentation.
  • In $49 subscription plan you will get 1 domain license, 3 months of updates + support and full documentation.


  • You will also get Default WordPress WYSIWYG editor to write descriptions. It will help you to make your WordPress site more meaningful.
  • Starting Price feature will allow you to set a starting bid for your auction. You can also set a reserve price for your auction with reserve price section.
  • The important feature is Buy it Now which you can use with the auction or set only a BIN price, for quick selling
  • The auction countdown timer is possible with the inbuilt timer feature.
  • Provides you the feature to set up email notifications easily. You will also get customization feature to make your email message the way you want.

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2. Yith – Woocommerce Auction Plugin

Yith auctions is the latest and multipurpose plugin for almost all the solutions of a WooCommerce WordPress site. This plugin allows you to make auctions for your products. You will also get the chance to create your own online auction portal.

This will allow all of your vendors to create auctions on their own. You can earn a share on each one of their sales. Moreover, you can look into the list of people interested in each auction which will help you in keeping a check over activities.

Yith Auction WordPress Plugin


Comes in user-friendly pricing plans, so select subscription plan according to your needs.

  • Single site license at € 70.00.
  • 6 sites license at € 122.00.
  • 30 sites license at € 163.00.

Join the club: You can also “JOIN THE CLUB”

  • Monthly subscription: sign-up fee € 250 and € 25 per monthly.
  • Yearly subscription: sign-up fee € 250 and € 240 per year

You will get an instant access to all plugins and all themes (included future ones!) up to 30 sites license for all items and unlimited downloads for each product. You will also get free regular updates and support with the dedicated help desk.


  • With product setting, you can show or encrypt the usernames for all the users who made at least one bid for the product.
  • Notify users about the auction status by automatic emails with the help of cron settings.
  • You will get the interesting feature of My auction within “my account” page. It will allow you to supply the complete list of the bids to the related users.
  • Custom icons in product image can be used to showcase the auction products on directly on your shop.
  • Comes with WPML compatibility you are free to translate the plugin into multiple languages.

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3. WooAuction Software – WooCommerce Auction Plugin

WooAuction software is rock-solid and an advanced WordPress auction plugin. The plugin comes with many readymade widgets and rich features that will help you to create a very smooth auction. This way, you can easily convert your WordPress website into an online auction store in just a few clicks. Moreover, you don’t need any coding language or skills to set up and use it. It’s a very intuitive plugin.

WPAuction Software


You can download this plugin FREE from the official website of WordPress. You can also purchase the Pro version from the Wpeka Club.


  • You can schedule auctions manually.
  • Users are securely logged in through Safe Authentication before they can bid.
  • The administrator has total control over the auctions that you conduct on your site.
  • It provides the best integration with WooCommerce to get maximum benefits of this plugin.
  • Users can place bids using their currency.
  • You can translate website contents into any language and conduct auctions.

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4. Simple Auctions – WooCommerce WordPress Auctions

Simple Auction provides ease in auction-related issues for your WordPress website. You can set up a full-fledged WordPress auction website in no time as it does not require any coding language.

It comes with a proper documentation which will help you to get every necessary information related to the plugin usage.

WooCommerce Simple Auction WordPress Plugin


This plugin is available at $29 for 6 months support and at $38.38 for 12 months support.


  • Provides you the best integration into WooCommerce to get maximum advantage of this plugin.
  • Comes with a various icon which describes different auction and their status.
  • The plugin can automatically relist the auction, in case if there is no bid or the bid is not paid in time.
  • The WooCommerce feature will allow you to earn by getting commissions from sellers who sell from your website.

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5. WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction plugin is the dynamic and powerful auction plugin. It will help you in easy auction solution and provide ease in each in every.

Both admin and the sellers can add four types of auctions like standard, incremental, automatic, and reserve auction.

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin


Get this plugin at a reasonable pricing plan of $69 for 6 months support. You may also get the extended support for 12 months with pricing pan of $93.38.


  • Provides you the facility to apply all types of actions to a single product.
  • The automatic bidding feature which will help you to show bidder name, bid, and details easily.
  • You can also see the fully functional demonstration of the product even before purchasing it.
  • Comes with a useful seller panel which provides you shortcuts for various customization options.

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6. Ultimate WordPress  – Free In Auction WordPress Plugins

Ultimate WordPress is the best in free auction WordPress plugins to let your website become an auction website. The plugin is rich in all the useful features which will help you in each in every auction implementation process.

Moreover, you will not require any coding language to use and setup it which will provide easy to every type of the user.

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin


Download this plugin completely FREE of cost from the official website of WordPress.


  • Comes with the ajax Admin panel for better management which will work as a central tool to manage everything.
  • The payment section of this plugin is PayPal ready which provide easy in payment solutions.
  • You will also get lightbox feature which will help you to display your auction images.
  • Provides you comment section each auction page. You can also manage comment section with various customization options.

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7. BuddyForms – Free WooCommerce Auction Plugin

BuddyForms is of the famous auction WordPress plugin crafted very well keeping in mind all the needs for a successful auction. The added advantage of this plugin is that it is well integrated with WooCommerce.

BuddyForms WooCommerce Simple Auction WordPress Plugin


You will be amazed to know that you can download it FREE of cost directly from


  • You can provide a centralized place to manage all the auctions for members of your auction site.
  • With WooCommerce you can add reserve price, auction date, auction proxy etc with ease.
  • A simple yet powerful BuddyForms settings panel will help you to drive your auction in the desired direction.
  • The plugin is translation ready and can be translated into your like language which makes things easy

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In the above article, we have discussed the best among the thousands of available auction WordPress plugin. As now you are done with the reading part, we hope that you found the right match for your WordPress site.

Do comment below in case of any query or suggestion. We would really love to hear from you.