People often face problems, when it comes to linking posts or news to the websites. So what’s the solution to this?

It’s obvious that there’s the need for News Feed WordPress Plugins to step in and do the work for us

News Feed WordPress plugins help us in sorting the posts. This also helps in adding the latest content to the top. The plugin displays latest updates in a reverse chronological order. These plugins work either in the sidebar or any widegtized area by sorting the posts. However, the posts here can be the latest blogs of your own website, your facebook Instagram feeds, news feeds or a combination of all of these.

Further, these plugins integrate Facebook, Instagram accounts to the WordPress websites and all the updates there then, can get a space on your website too.

Then these plugins also have integration with news sources so, you can get the news highlights on the webpage. There’s a lot more to explore so, you have to delve into the post to know these news feed WordPress plugins in depth.

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 In this blog, we will toss around few of the finest News feed Plugins. The plugins one must definitely try to make their website function at it’s best

1. FACEBOOK FEED WD – News Feed WordPress Plugins

Facebook Feed WD is one of the first-rates paid News Feed plugins. You can display your Facebook feed on your WordPress site. Famous for heaps of customization option with filtering content, adding featured pictures to the posts across the board. You can easily modify the layout of the theme, taking them to a whole new level & lightbox option.

This easy to use for even non-tech peeps. Pasting a few shortcodes on the selected page is all you need to do. That’s it! And a lot more in just one plugin. Isn’t that amazing? There’s a lot to discover about this plugin.

WordPress facebook feed plugin


The plugin is available for 6 months at the price of $25 for one domain support. For five domain support for a year, you need to pay $40. Also get unlimited domains support for a year at $60.  Along with the plugin, you also get the access to updates & premium support system.

Special Offer! The Facebook Feed Premium is providing unlimited domains support, along with 6 months access to updates & premium support. Including, all their 60 WordPress plugins like Form Maker, Instagram Feed, Photo Gallery, etc. at just $99. Thereby, you save up to $735. Isn’t it amazing? Hurry Up! Grab the offer now!


  • It’s completely in your hands, on what type of content you want to reveal on your site. You can decide to display all the content on your feed. Or you can filter the contents to be events, photos, videos, statuses or anything else.
  • You can remold the layout of the website, by adjusting the borders and background color, fonts and much more. This will help you mold the website as per the requirements.
  • In just a few easy steps, you can easily set up, install and configure the plugin.
  • “It’s always better when you share”. Well, this plugin is very supportive in this case. This feature enables the user to share the content on your site on other social networking sites. All you have to do is to activate the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons. You can smoothly add events to the site from the Facebook feed. Add the featured images, map and to the post.
  • With Lightbox support, the Facebook feed photos and videos can be displayed in a popup window. Also allows users to comment, share and like your posts.

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2. CUSTOM FACEBOOK FEED – News Feed WordPress Plugins

 “Not enough time to go on and do blogging? Here’s an easy way to do so. Save your time by using a custom Facebook feed plugin. And generate dynamic content on  your website.”

The Custom Facebook Feed Pro. A completely customizable, search engine crawlable and responsive solution. It is a complete package filled with tons of features and customization options. Setting up this plugin is very easy!

With exemplary support system and an excellent customer feedback, this plugin simply stands out in the list of plugins. Along with displaying posts, videos, photos, events and all the other content on your feed. There’s barely any feature you can think about this plugin can’t provide.

Facebook pro WordPress Plugin


Get the plugin at $49 for 1 site support. For 5 sites support you need to pay $99. To get unlimited domains support, you need to pay $149. Along with the plugin for a year, you also get the benefits of updates & priority support.

Also, you can get the smash license with the benefits of yearly priority support & all current updates & further extensions. Along with unlimited sites support at $219.


  • You can easily go to the settings and define different layouts, post types, and styling for each page.
  • Enables you to display full-size photos and that too in high resolution.
  • You can add a fully customizable header at the top.
  • Make your feed catchy! Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook along with any interactive flash content. Let the users play videos on the pop-up lightbox or link it to Facebook. Or let them play in the feed itself.
  • Curb the content you don’t wanna display on the feed. You have complete authority over the types of posts you want to be displayed. And what part of the posts you want to be revealed.

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3. INSTAGRAM FEED PRO- News Feed WordPress Plugins

Want to display the pictures from your Instagram account to the WordPress site? It can’t get any easier! “The Instagram Feed Pro” comes to rescue. This paid plugin allows you to share the Instagram photos and videos on your WordPress sites. This plugin is fully loaded features for your every need.

Instagram Feed Pro helps you manage your posts straightforwardly. Without fussing with the posts, you can update and customize the feed. With few easy steps install this useful plugin. But first, have a look at the superb features of this plugin.

Instagram Feed WordPess Plugin


You need to pay $39 for 1 site support. For the support of 5 sites, you pay $79. Get unlimited sites support at $119. Along with the plugin for a year, get the benefits of updates & priority support.


  • This plugin proves to be of great support when it comes to increasing social involvement. All you have to do is simply display your Instagram content on the site. Sit back, and watch your followers increase.
  • Never let your audience take their eyes off. Trigger the latest content from your Instagram straight to your site. Keep your site up to date and fresh.
  • Create a unique feed. All you have to do is go through the tons of inbuilt customization options. Typically, no need for coding. Isn’t it beneficial for the ones belonging to the non-technical background?
  • Effortlessly filter the media you want to get posted on the feed. Either photos or videos. Or both of them. It’s completely your choice, what you want to display.
  • Another interesting feature is that you can change the color & size of any photo, text, and icons.   

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4. BWL POST BREAKING NEWS MANAGER- News Feed WordPress Plugins

BWL Post Breaking News Manager, this one can prove to be one of the best online news plugins available. It is easy to use and comes with custom CSS codes to display the news with header ticker. Then, animations and tickers you would definitely love. There’s unlimited theme colors and much more. This easy to install the plugin is fully loaded with outstanding features.

The plugin provides wonderful header ticker, footer ticker, and side ticker. Ensuring the efficient use of space on the page. Thereby, improving the quality of the page. There’s an option that asks whether you want to post the breaking news to your header ticker or not. Also, you can change the title of the header ticker. All with a single click

BWL Post To Breaking News Manager- WordPress Plugin


This plugin is available at the reasonable price of $19 for 6 months. To further extend the license for 12 months you have to pay $5.63.


  • Choose whatever theme color you wish. Implying, you can choose the theme color. Also, you can customize the colors as per your need.
  • Ascending or descending order? Display the post by Title, ID or Date? Customize the posts the way you want to. This plugin enables you to select the perfect option for your posts and display them on the page.
  • You can set limits to the posts. And decide the number of posts to display on the page.
  • You can modify the page, the way you want it to. You can display the border. Also, decide whether or not to show the next & previous page button. A lot more
  • The plugin’s got a lot of animation options like transition type, speed, etc. This feature will definitely embellish the look of the page.

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5. FINANCIAL NEWS HEADLINES – News Feed WordPress Plugins

Financial News Headline, is one of the finest RSS pluginsIt not only assembles the headlines for you but also gathers the stock indices, forex pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies from the RSS feed.

Using this plugin can actually save your time by extracting the latest news headlines for specific public companies and highlighting them on your feed. Later, you can choose which news you want to publish on your WordPress site

You can rely on the plugin for the content. The plugin musters the news from the trusted sources like Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Financial Content. Ponder on some of the excellent features of this plugin.

Financial News Headlines for WordPress


The regular license of six months is available at the price of $25. For further extending the license for 12 months you need to pay $7.88.


  • The plugin gives you the authority to customize the number of new posts to be displayed on the feed. Therefore, managing the feed won’t be an issue. You easily set the limit.
  • Boundless news widgets make the plugin standout in the race of RSS plugins. Adding the widgets to the page is very facile. As and when required. You can add different widgets to different pages.
  • To enhance the performance of the site Financial News Headline provides auto caching. It makes it easier to save the necessary data and remove the latter one.
  • 6 fully-customizable news templates are available in this plugin. You can customize using HTML/ CSS.
  • US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia. All the major markets are supported.

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6. YOUTUBE VIDEOS – News Feed WordPress Plugins

Wondering about the plugins suitable for integrating YouTube videos to your WordPress? Here’s an amazing plugin designed and built to integrate the YouTube videos to your site. With the help of this plugin, you can easily put up the videos, playlist, channels, most popular videos out there. Also videos from any default categories like Music, News, Autos, etc.

It facilitates the user with the widgets and shortcodes. Therefore, making it easier to use. You can play the videos from the homepage or from the widgets section. Whenever you play the video it is displayed in an ostentatious box. Thereby, enhancing the look of the website.

YouTube Videos for WordPress


For availing the regular license you need to pay $18 for six months. For extending the license further for 12 months you need to pay $5.25.


  • Usually, there’s no need for an API key while playing the videos. But the plugin gives you the control over creating one by yourself if you wish to.
  • Shortcodes have been provided in order to link the videos to your feed. Therefore saving time and extra efforts.
  • The plugin supports the pagination of the content in the list. That is, the print and the digital content is separated all by itself.
  • It’s easy to customize the embed player size from the plugin settings. Also, you can add the autoplay option from the settings section.
  • You are the one who chooses the number of videos you to be displayed in the widgets and list section.

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7. NEWS PLUGIN- News Feed WordPress Plugins

Wish to increase your readership? News plugin proves to be a troubleshooter. All the latest news from the reputed news channels is provided at your fingertips. You can sit back, watch and publish the news on your own website. News can be published automatically or you can select the content you want to view on your site. Thereby, winning over the audience.

The news provided by the plugin is aggregated from over thousands of news channels. Moreover, the news is thoroughly reviewed before making it available for you.

Easy to customize. Place the widgets wherever you wish to use shortcodes. What else does a plugin need to provide? Can’t believe that all the features provided in this plugin are provided for free.  



  • All it takes is a ‘simple click’ to bring things into action. You can simply select the articles you want to be published on your site or remove them. In a simple click, you can also star or unstar the articles.
  • It provides you with the option of putting up the headlines automatically on your feed. Or publish them manually.
  • The plugin enables you to select the number of articles you wish to publish. Also helps you in setting the keywords.
  • A special feature of this plugin is sort by date or relevance option. You can search the desired article by putting up the date in the search section. Or you can simply place the keywords in the search option. The related articles will be displayed.

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The plugins broached in the blog are preeminent News Feed WordPress Plugins. With these plugins by your side aggrandize the feed. Thereby, inflate the earnings. Hope you have found an ideal plugin.