Do you want to secure your web content from people of some defined age? Or do you want to hide your web page’s content from children perspective?

Well, here we present you seven best age verification WordPress plugins. These plugins will help you in verifying the age of your visitors. In that way, you can hide or obscure your website’s content from children or from people who come under a certain age.

In today’s online world, age verification is used for many industries such as gambling, alcohol, or adult websites. Similarly, for your website, you can also use age verification WordPress plugins.

Now, we’ll glance at 7 best age verification WordPress plugins in the following sections. We hope you find the best age gate for your website.

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1. Age Checker – One Of The Best In All Age Verification WordPress Plugins

Many websites have content which is not secure for children or some people who come under a certain age.

Age Checker provides all the features required for age verification on a website. With this plugin, you can save your verification text or response text in any language.

Moreover, both verification screen and editor are fully responsive. Age Checker ensures a good user experience for everyone involved.

Age Checker Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

With 5 star rating and 6-month support, this plugin will cost you $15 only.

Features –

  • It has 3 background modes. You can pick a color, image or a video as the background.
  • Age Checker plugin provides 3 verification methods which can be a birthday, enter forms or checkbox.
  • Using overlay opacity slider you can make your text stand out clearly over backgrounds.
  • Your underage visitors will be redirected away from the verification screen.

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2. Age Verifier – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

There are many contents which may be related to alcohol, drugs or adult websites that is why there is need to hide this type of content.

Age verifier helps in achieving this goal and provides a strong age gate which every visitor has to pass.

This plugin has more than 1000+ active installations and 4.5-star rating which says all about this plugin.

Age Verifier Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

The cost price of this plugin is $17. Also, this plugin comes with a regular license and 6-month support from an outstanding team.

Features –

  • No coding is required for Age Verifier plugin as it comes with an editor that will set up the plugin and edit its settings and customize it.
  • It provides 3 ways to ask the users for their age that is their birth date, drag a slider to enter their age, or simply click a checkbox.
  • You can choose any color out of the set of nine solid colors.
  • All your visitors who use mobile phones will have the same display as it will be on the desktop. It means this plugin is responsive.

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3. Adults Only Age Verification System – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Adults only age verification system is best suitable for persons who run a website related to mature, alcohol, or tobacco related content.

This plugin not only protects your site from being viewed by underage person but also, get them to agree to your sites agreement. In this agreement, it is written that if you violate any rule of the agreement you will be sued by the law.

Age verification system plugin is an SEO friendly plugin and has up to 1000+ sales by now.

Adults Only Age Verification System Age Verification WordPress Plugin

 Price –

This theme is rewarded with a 4.5-star rating which means it is quite popular. You can buy this plugin at a minimal price of $18 only.

Features –

  • Adults Only Age Verification System comes with three templates, which makes your age gates look more engaging.
  • You can easily redirect your underage users to your another website and sell your products and services to them.
  • Simple links, input fields, or a drop-down you can decide any of these forms to verify your visitor’s age.
  • It provides shortcode for your website if, in case, you want a pop-up to appear on the screen to ask for visitor’s age verification.

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4. Age Verification System – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

With Age Verification System you can restrict anyone who is under age from seeing a particular post, page, or a custom type post on your website.

In addition, this plugin gives you unlimited ways to extend itself using hooks. These hooks are mainly of two types action and filters. Action hook helps us in adding further functionalities whereas filter hooks help us to modify data as it is processed.

Also, you can be very specific in applying age verification system using hooks. The support team will provide you all the help required for using hooks on your website.

Age Verification System Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this theme at $23 with regular license and 6-month support from the backend.

Features –

  • You can choose any template out of all. And also, you can customize the background image according to your sites requirements.
  • Moreover, your visitors can answer their age into their own language, as this plugin is multilingual.
  • In this plugin, you can create your skins using HTML & CSS skills. You must require your_skin.png, your_skin.html, and your_skin.css file for creating different skin colors.
  • Also, this plugin supports WooCoomerce. So, you can apply the age gate on all products, or some specific products and categories.

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5. Premium Age Verification – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Premium Age Verification plugin comes with tons of features. Due to its features, it is very much popular among its users. A visitor has to log in with their Facebook, or Google+ account for their age identification.

This plugin is fully responsive and compatible with every theme. So you can use any theme on your website.

Also, you can display any of the 4 templates on any type of page, post, or any other part of your website. Moreover, you can also display your brand name on the age gate using its template.

Premium Age Verification Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

This Premium Age Verification plugin cost you $19 along with its all features.

Features –

  • This plugin is multilingual and can be translated into any other language.
  • Also, this plugin is compatible with WooCoommerce, which means you can restrict any product or product category to be seen by underage people.
  • Using this wonderful plugin you can also restrict the ages according to the countries.
  • Moreover, you can see how many views had been done or how many of your visitors passed the restriction.

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6. Age Verificator – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Age Verificator comes with a custom “Confirm your age” page on your website in case you have any kind of mature content on your website.

Using it you can restrict the whole page completely, not only with a popup which can be easily bypassed by anyone.

Also, it is compatible with all browsers such as IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. Moreover, Age Verificator provides documentation and a free demo.

Age Verificatior Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

$17 is the cost price of this Age Verificator plugin and 6-month support provided by Diwave.

Features –

  • This plugin has fully customizable layouts and editable templates.
  • It has a white/blacklist which helps in restricting whole website or just some pages.
  • Also, Age Verificator is translational ready, which means a user can translate it into their own language.
  • In addition, you will also be provided with unlimited color schemes to choose from.

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7. Elegant Age Verification – Responsive age-gate plugin for WordPress

Make your website more secure, protect your visitors from the sensitive contents! This age-gate WordPress plugin offers a solution to add a well-designed age verification pop-up to your website.

It is a responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to show your site specifically for the targeted visitors.

There are several verification methods available to verify the user so you can choose from them according to your requirements. You can allow the users to enter your website by their age or you have the option to let them in with a simple Enter button.

The plugin is multilingual, so all text can be translated if needed.

Elegant Age Verification

Price –

This age verification plugin’s cost is $20 with a regular license and 6-month support.

Features –

  • You can display the plugin texts in multiple languages. It helps you to get more people to access your site’s content.
  • More than 10 predefined themes help you to choose the one that fits your website.
  • The plugin has three verification methods: by the age of the user, by a confirmation toggle switch, by the Enter button.
  • By using the Exit button, three exit types available in the plugin: redirect, back, and description.
  • The Elegant Age Verification WordPress plugin is compatible with all major browsers.
  • For people with disabilities, the plugin works well with just the keyboard, so it offers full functionality without a mouse.

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8. Easy Age Verifier – Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Easy Age Verifier will help you in selecting an age, and under this age, no one will be able to see your content.

This tool is SEO optimized which means Google can easily scan the website, even with the verifier installed. Your users can easily verify their age, just by clicking a button.

Easy Age Verifier Age Verification WordPress Plugin

Price –

Easy Age Verifier has up to 2000+ active installations with a 4-star rating. And it is available free of cost.

Features –

  • If the user is under age as compared to the age you specified, then they will be removed from the website.
  • You can customize all the items on the form, including the question asked.
  • With this plugin, easy customization is directly possible in the WordPress Customizer.

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Conclusion –

This is all from our side on age verification WordPress plugins. We hope you’ve found the best plugin out of all age verification WordPress plugins. Use these plugins and stop underage people from seeing appalling or lousy content.

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