We all know that news is something on which we all are largely dependent on and of course, a good news channel is a nation talking itself. Nowadays people have more accessibility to the internet and with this changing trend, the news channel has created their online spaces too. But different websites have different layouts and it is same in the case of news. A new website will have a layout filled with blogs, sliding headlines, images, galleries and more.

Now you do this with either news WordPress themes or news WordPress plugins or both. We anyway suggest you news WordPress plugins. This is because they do not only provide you the layout but also aggregates the news from around the world and showcase it on the homepage.

There are lots of news WordPress plugins on the market and it is hard to choose best ones. For solving your problem, here we have compiled a list of 6+ News WordPress Plugin.

These plugins are easy to use and support one-click installation, also the plugin has predefined themes support. Moreover, the plugin will help you to customize and make easy changes in the widgets of your news online website.

Let us discuss each plugin in detail

1. WP News – Scrolling Widgets News Plugin

News and Scrolling Widget is one of the best WP plugins in the list of news WordPress plugins. It helps you to manage and display news, widget etc., on your online website. This plugin comes with around 120+ designs of layouts that make you design your news page in a well-organized manner. Responsive design is the most important part of this plugin. Further, it provides a fully fluid, responsive layout which can fit with all devices that user wants.

WP News Scroller Widgets News WordPress Plugins


Buy this news and scrolling plugin at a reasonable price of $19 with 1 site license.

Features :

  • It has 45 slider designs, 50 grid layout design that helps to give a better presentation of your online news website.
  • This plugin has simple drag and drop order change feature along with 7 widgets such as Slider, List, and category etc.
  • It supports visual composer page builder by which you can customize your website and make easy changes to your choice.
  • You can display news category wise using this news and scrolling widgets WordPress plugin.

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2. Financial – News Headlines WordPress Plugin

Financial News Headline WordPress Plugin is a cleanly coded plugin which is easy to use and has a single click installation. This plugin is used to pull the latest news headlines for specific public companies and display them on your online website. This is one of the most widely used plugins in news WordPress plugins list. As it supported with news sources such as Yahoo finance, seeking alpha, financial content etc.

Financial News Headlines News WordPress Plugins


You will get this Financial News Headlines WordPress plugin at $25 with 6-month support and regular updates.

Features :

  • It supports all the major markets such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, India etc.
  • Auto-caching feature to successfully bring the best performance of your online news website
  • This plugin supports CSS custom option along with six news template provided by financial news plugin.
  • You can customize the total number of news headlines and the number of news per page displayed on your website.

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3. Epic News Elements РWordPress plugin

Epic News Element is an easy to use plugin which helps in increasing your engagement with your visitors. It is built on an adaptive module design concept that enables it to automatically adapt the size of the column you put them into.

It is highly customizable by which you can change the color, position, etc. Apart from these, you don’t have to bothered for its updates you can easily update it with a click.

Epic News Element - News WordPress plugin

Pricing :

Buy this powerful WP plugin at $37 with regular updates and 6 months support. Also, you can extend your support up to 12 months by paying additional $12 only.

Features :

  • This WordPress plugin supports light and dark schemes.
  • You can design unlimited layouts for your website with frontend editor.
  • It works on all type of WordPress themes.
  • With the feature of unique content group, you can prevent duplicate post and you have full authority to which post to show in your news.

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4. Easy News – Scroller WordPress Plugin

Easy News Scroller is a powerful WordPress plugin. This will be used to show the WordPress news or relevant posts with various sliding effects. You can easily install and setup the plugin into the WordPress site. Further, the plugin is best suitable for sidebar and footer area widgets. Moreover, easy news WP plugin has a visual editor which helps to add the latest news with title, image, and description.

WP Easy News Scroller News WordPress Plugins


The Easy News WordPress plugin is available at $16 with future updates and support.

Features :

  • It has an option to resize the news images according to your required screen.
  • You can showcase unlimited news on the frontend of your website using this easy news scroller plugin.
  • Admin can easily set the speed and timeout of sliding of images using this news WordPress plugin.
  • This plugin has 24 different themes and supports 27 different sliding effects which help to give classy look to your website.

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5. Newsomatic – WordPress plugin

Newsomatic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create animated breaking news feed for your site within a few minutes. This addon uses News API as a content source.

This plugin is best for auto blogging and automatic news content publishing. You can also customize the generated post status.

Newsomatic - News WordPress plugin


Buy this Breaking news addon at a reasonable price of $39 with 6 months support.

Feature :

  • Its random sentence generator helps you to create unique sentences in very less time.
  • This plugin has an inbuilt text translator which is useful in generating endless new content.
  • With Google translate support, you can select the language of your content.
  • It allows to automatically generate a featured image for the post.

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6. Live News – Real-Time News Ticker Plugin

Live News is the useful plugin fits for broadcast television stations to communicate the latest news. The plugin uses jQuery and AJAX which will help you to update the news in real time. So, that your users will be able to see your latest news without updating the page.

Live News News WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

You can get this theme at just $23 with 6-month support. Extend your support to 12 months by paying $7.13 extra.

Features :

  • It is compatible with both LTR and RTL and has easy and fast administration.
  • The plugin has 72 customizable options to make easy tweaks and changes to your live news website.
  • Live news plugin support RSS feed so that users are allowed to access updates to online content in a standardized format.
  • This plugin is multiple languages ready so that you can transfer this plugin in any language according to your need.

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7. NewsPlugin – WordPress Plugin

NewsPlugin is the finest plugin from the list of news WordPress plugins. This plugin helps to create custom news feeds. Further, you can put fresh relevant news headlines on your website in a well-organized manner. Some of the key features of this plugin are you can show abstracts, show dates easily on your website. Moreover, by a simple click, you can remove articles of your choice.

NewsPlugin News WordPress Plugins

Pricing :

This WordPress plugin is free of cost. You can easily download it from wordpress.org.


  • It supports shortcodes and widgets by which you can put feed wherever you want.
  • You can shape the news right from your website and will able to remove unwanted articles or star the good ones.
  • The plugin helps you to show only headlines from last 24 hours, or last 7 days according to your choice.
  • Either you can feed headlines by manual publishing mode or automatic feeding option also available.

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Through this article, we helped you to find the collection of News WordPress Plugins for your news business. Here, we hope that you understand each and every aspect of this article and will choose the best plugin for your business. You will find both free and paid plugin in the news WordPress plugins list you can choose according to your requirement.

You can ask your queries in the below comment section.

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