The reason why we have come up with Amazon SES Alternatives is that even though it stands top on the list of SMTP service providers, but still it is not flawless.

If you are still using Amazon SES service for the sake of features, low-cost and number of emails, then I would suggest you are just wasting your time, efforts and money.

What is the use of sending emails in bulk that doesn’t get delivered?

Therefore to overcome this major flaw and other drawbacks on Amazon SES, we have listed 10 best SMTP services in this article.

You will find here SMTP services which are:-

  • Cost-effective and provide multiple plans which are suitable for different business needs.
  • Secured and safe email sending with multiple authentications for better email authority.
  • Bulk emailing which is fast, avoids delays in delivery & enables you to receive the best delivery rates.

That is not all there is much more…

“Look At Comparison Between Amazon SES Alternatives”

Services Pricing  White Listed Service DMARC Authentication Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/ M 4.9/5.0
Pepipost $25/M  ✕  4.5/5.0
SendinBlue $66/M  ✓ 3.9/5.0
turboSMTP $29.95/M  ✕  3.8/5.0
$69/M 4.0/5.0

So, if you are planning to switch from this SMTP service and looking for one which genuinely delivers emails, then let’s dive in the details below.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the easiest email marketing tool that allows you to create & send different kinds of emails such as promotional, transactional etc. Using this service, you can build an email campaign with its offered features.
Whereas, it has an inbuilt SMTP so, there is no need for any complicated setup.

Pabbly Email Marketinh- Amazon SES

Features Offered By Pabbly Email Marketing:-

  • Add subscription forms to your website and increase your email list.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing provides inbox preview option that helps you to see the preview of your email before sending it to your user’s inbox.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing comes with autoresponders feature that allows you to send automated generated welcome, thank you etc emails to newly added subscribers to the email list.
  • You can send personalized emails to your contact list by adding custom tags.

Price Plans:-

Pabbly Email Marketing offers various pricing plans, these are:-

  • Starters plan allows you to connect 3 SMTP and explore Pabbly Email Marketing without paying any fee.
  • With its rookie pricing plan, you just have to pay $29 per month for sending emails to 5,000 subscribers.
  • Pro plan enables you to send emails to 15,000 subscribers at an affordable price of just $49.
  • Its advanced plan consists of other sub-plans with various important features. Its starting package starts at $99 for sending 50000 emails and the highest plan let you send emails to 10,00,000 subscribers at $1599.

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2. SendinBlue

We all know that Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are email providers with which you can’t do bulk emailing due to sender limit. But with SendinBlue you can effectively delivery thousands of transactional emails with a single click.

It has got a separate dashboard for SMTP from where you can configure various settings to optimize email delivery, view tracking details and extract essential data as well.

SendinBlue Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By SendinBlue:-

  • You can use traditional SMTP settings, PHP library or API documentation to integrate this SMTP service.
  • With this service, you can configure webhooks facility to call a URL for events like email sent, clicked, bounce and more.
  • The dashboard of this SMTP service helps you handle all the details related to email delivery, opened, blocked, spam, etc.
  • Allows you to filter email status on the basis of date, create custom templates for transactional emails, and data export in the form of CSV files.

Price Plans:-

  • Lite plan is priced $25 for sending 40,000 email in a month.
  • The Essential plan will cost you $39 for monthly delivery of 60,000 emails.
  • The Premium plan that comes with 120,000 emails is priced around $66 a month.
  • If you want to send 350,000 emails through the premium plan you will be charged $173.
  • Enterprise plan offers large volume and custom emailing facilities for which you have to contact the sales team.

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3. Pepipost

Pepipost is globally loved SMTP service. It helps you to send all your transactional and triggered emails into the inbox every time. It allows you to track each email activity like emails delivered, bounced, opened, click etc in real-time.
Pepipost is trusted by the likes of Ola, Myntra, Tokopedia, SeekAsia and 20,000+ brands. It is Asia’s #1 SMTP service and sends 8 billion emails every month.

Pepipost - Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By Pepipost:

  • Track all email metrics like sent, delivered, clicks, unsubscribe, spam complaints and other information for all your transactional. triggered and marketing emails.
  • 24/7 online chat support for all helps you fix every single email delivery issue if any.
  • Pepipost mandatorily follows authentication of your email sending domain name through SPF, DMARC, and DKIM record for better email inboxing.
  • You can create sub-accounts and use all features at no extra cost

Price Plans:-

  • Free plans starts from 30,000 emails/month and 3000 emails/month thereafter
  • Pepipost pricing plans start with $25 for 150,000 emails
  • They also give you annual plans where you can save up to 30% more.

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4. Moosend SMTP

Moosend is a well managed and professional SMTP service that you can integrate with your website. It allows you to create and send the transactional, marketing and notification emails to the user’s inbox.

It assists you to send transactional emails extremely fast that will definitely increase the delivery rate.

This SMTP offers some management features that are helpful in launching email campaigns. Thus, you can collect customer data using opt-in or sign-up forms and create and segment email lists.


Features Offered By Moosend SMTP:-

  • Moosend provides a drag-and-drop editor that helps to create and manage transactional emails that look stunning on all the devices.
  • Comes with the feature to track the real-time statistics for each email that is sent by Moosend SMTP service in the user’s inbox.
  • You can easily integrate our API with the third party applications and tools by selecting favorite programming languages.
  • It empowers you to align TLS encryption across all of your messages that will track SMTP servers on a regular basis and provides running status whether the important email is sent to the client’s inbox or not.

Price Plans:-

  • If you are a new user then you can start with a starter plan that will cost $0/month in which you can send unlimited emails up to 1000 subscriber.
  • Offer a plan that sends unlimited emails up to 2,000 subscribers by just $10 per month.
  • There are some 6 months as well as yearly plans where you can save 15% & 20% respectively.
  • Provides Pay-as-you-go plans for all the occasional sender where you have to pay for each email.

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5. Mailjet  –

Mailjet is an SMTP relay service which is GDPR compliant, plus ISO 27001 certified. You get multiple facilities for integration, API, tracking, and support.

Using the advanced Templating Language feature you can create dynamic templates for transactional emailing. In these templates, you can automatically hide or show sections in emails based on conditions the user satisfies.

Mailjet Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By Mailjet:-

  • You can monitor the performance of your email campaigns like percentage of emails delivered, open rates, clicks, unsubscribe users and spam rate.
  • Helps you build sender reputation as the latest spam regulations & ISP requirements are followed to prevent emails from getting spam marked.
  • It allows you to perform both transactional emailing and marketing email sending as well.
  • This service has got dedicated IPs which are managed from 7 different countries and 3 continents for accurate email dropping.

Price Plans:-

  • With the Basic plan, you can monthly deliver 30,000 email by paying $14.96.
  • For the Premium plan of this service, you will be charged $80.79 for an email limit of 150,000.
  • You can send 450,000 emails in a month with the Premium plan by paying $139.
  • The Enterprise plan will help you a create custom plan for your emailing needs and for that, you have to contact the sales team.

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6. turboSMTP –

If you want 99% assured email delivery rates then you should go with turboSMTP email relay service. It is a powerful, reliable and user-friendly SMTP service provider which can help you achieve maximum open rates on marketing as well as transactional emails.

Plus, you can automatically deal with bounce, spam & unsubscribe emails with this service.

turboSMTP Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By turboSMTP:-

  • It uses reliable SMTP servers to deliver emails and guarantees secured SMTP relays as well for all type of transactional email sending.
  • turboSMTP provides multilingual support across the world which is available 24/7 all through the year.
  • This service offers an easy to use dashboard which enables you to take care of various statistics like clicks on links, email opened and more with real-time updates.
  • This is an advanced system which is compatible with all latest email clients and uses trusted servers for optimal email delivery.

Price Plans:-

All the price plans explained below are Pay As You Go.

  • The Basic plan with 10,000 email delivery will cost you $15.
  • For the Silver plan of this SMTP service, you will be charged $49.
  • To enjoy the services of the Gold plan with 100,000 email delivery you have to pay $92.
  • The Titanium package with 500,000 emails cost around $450.
  • $790 will be charged for the full access of the Diamond plan with 1,000,000 email delivery.

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7. AuthSMTP –

AuthSMTP offers an authentic outgoing SMTP server and email relay service which easily gets installed on any emailing application.

It uses authentic servers, emails delivered are scanned for virus, allows email duplication and helps you establish multiple concurrent connections.

AuthSMTP Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By AuthSMTP:-

  • Security features like SSL secure SMTP authentication, SSL encryption, SPF and DKIM support to prevent email spoofing is available.
  • You get responsive customer support along with setup guides, troubleshooting guides, error resolution articles and FAQs with this system.
  • AuthSMTP follows anti-spam policy, monitors mail traffic to detect abuse, scan messages for virus to maintain good sending reputation.
  • Dedicated IP address is provided if you are subscribing for higher email sending plans.

Price Plans:-

With AuthSMTP you get 65 price plans for which you have to pay price per year. Below are a few plans explained.

  • To send 10000 per month you will be charged $14.66 or $176 a year.
  • For the delivery of 50,000 email a month you have to pay $68 or $816 for a year.
  • In order to send 100,000 email every month you have to pay $134.66 or $1,616 a year.
  • 500,000 email delivery in a month will charge $668 a month or $8,016 a year.

And soon on there are multiple other plans at the different price range.

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8. Elastic Email –

Elastic Email is an easy to use SMTP service which you can sign-up for free. It offers reports which have all the delivery details and analytics.

You get access to integration libraries which are in multiple languages. You also get Inbound API which helps you view delivery statistics and more with ease.

Elastic Email Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By Elastic Email:-

  • You can simply perform contact delivery optimization, automatically manage campaigns and create sub-accounts.
  • Allows you to manage multiple API keys, apply changes in key, and you can generate a second API Key as well.
  • It is easy to configure various SMTP configuration like username, password, server, port, etc with this SMTP service.
  • With Elastic Email SMTP servers, you can conduct effective email campaigns for sending transactional emails in bulk.

Price Plans:-

  • The first package of this service will cost you $5 for email delivery of 200,000 emails.
  • You can send 500,000 in a month by paying just $32 for this plan.
  • An amount of $77 a month is charged for 1,000,000 emails delivery.

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9. SendGrid – Cloud-Based SMTP

To start sending emails via SendGrid SMTP service you have to apply minor configurations and the rest is taken care by SendGrid service.

It has a variety of integration options using which you can attach this service and send transactional emails which are provide accrued delivery and best in class open rates.

SendGrid Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By SendGrid:-

  • With this service, you can start sending emails just by modifying simple SMTP configurations.
  • You can use X-SMTPAPI header to add various instructions to track various emailing events.
  • It offers tools for developers using which they can create, manage and send multiple custom designed email templates.
  • You can easily send transactional emails and bulk emailing with this SMTP service.

Price Plans:-

  • Essentials package with 40,000 email delivery a month will cost $10.
  • The Pro package that comes with 100,000 email sending facility charges $80 for a month.
  • For sending 700,000 emails in a month with the same plan you will have to pay $400.
  • You can send 1.5 million emails every month with this plan by paying $700.

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10. Postmark –

Postmark is one of the best SMTP service in terms of fast delivery. It is specially designed to deliver high priority emails like alerts, notifications, transaction details and more.

The webhooks facility notifies you about events such as bounces, deliveries, opens, clicks, and spam complaints.

PostMark Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By Postmark:-

  • With Postmark you can achieve better deliverability and deliver emails at a fast speed.
  • Monitor various details like open, click, track links and more with the tracking system.
  • This SMTP service stores content history and stats for up to 45 days.
  • It has a strong reputation with most ISPs and provides dedicated as well as shared IPs.

Price Plans:-

  • You can send 10,000 emails in a month with the first plan by paying $10.
  • For the delivery of 50,000 emails, you will be charged $50 every month.
  • $100 is the amount payable if you want to send 125,000 emails in a month.
  • With this plan, you can effectively send 700,000 just by paying $400.
  • For higher package and email volume, you can contact the sales team.
[Note:- For extra email delivery with any of the above plans you will have to pay additional amount.]

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11. SMTP2GO –

SMTP2GO is a reliable outgoing email service which has secured servers at multiple locations that help you get top class delivery.

You can track each & every email and generate real-time reports which hold all the details which can help you get enhanced open rates. Plus, view how your email appears in more than 40 different email clients.

SMTP2GO Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By SMTP2GO:-

  • Visual reports that will help you understand delivery details for spam complaints, soft bounce, hard bounce and overcome them.
  • You can generate reports by applying date filters, test emails for various spam filters and track delivery details like date & time.
  • Through this service, you can maintain SPF and DKIM records for your domain names easily.
  • Provides well-designed API in multiple languages which need minimal efforts to set-up.

Price Plans:-

  • Gold package will cost you $14 monthly and you will be able to send 20,000.
  • With this Diamond package, you can send 100,000 emails at a cost of $69 a month.
  • The Diamond Elite package charges $199 a month for email delivery of 300,000 emails.
  • The Custom package is will help you send a large volume of emails using custom features.

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12. Mailgun –

Mailjet allows you to send marketing and transactional emails both with effective inbox delivery. It has SPF, DMARC, and DKIM record customization using which you can easily authenticate your domain.

In addition, you can do advanced tracking & analytics of emails, generate reports and get other options which can enhance your delivery rates.

MailGun Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By Mailgun:-

  • Get full access over various advanced features to reduce spam complaints and reduce spam complaints.
  • You can perform real-time email tracking and diagnose the delivery failure of emails.
  • With this SMTP service, you can easily conduct inbound email parsing and routing as well.
  • It can help you improve your emailing list as you can validate email addresses.

Price Plans:-

  • Pay as you go plan charged $5 for 20,000 email delivery in a month.
  • To send 50,000 emails every month you will have to pay $20.
  • The production plan that comes with 100,000 emails will charge $79 for a month.
  • You can send 500,000 emails through the scale plan by paying $325 monthly.
  • Sending 1 million emails in a month will charge $515.

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13. MailGet SMTP –

MailGet SMTP service is not at all a service that holds a large number of features and provides cheap plans. Instead, it assures email delivery in clients Inbox whether you send 1 or 1000,0000 emails.

It uses whitelisted servers that are reliable and helps you send marketing, promotional or notification emails in bulk. You can get multiple domains verified with this service and send emails using different email addresses.

MailGet SMTP Amazon SES Alternatives

Features Offered By MailGet SMTP:-

  • With this SMTP service, you can get high deliverability by authenticating your emails through SPF validation and embedded DKIM signatures.
  • MailGet SMTP allows bulk email marketing and helps you send a large number of emails at a fast pace.
  • You can easily handle multiple email addresses and domains from a single account.
  • This is an easy to use service which is quick to setup, supports live chat, and provides reliable servers for email sending.

Price Plans:-

  • For start-ups, MailGet SMTP service has got $5 plan with which you can deliver 5,000 emails every month.
  • $49 is the price of the Pro plan which allows 100,000 email deliver in a month.
  • The advance plan will cost you $349 a month for 500,000 email delivery.
  • For 1,000,000 or more email delivery in a month, you will have to contact the sales team of MailGet SMTP.

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It’s time to wrap it up. As we have arrived at the end of this blog, I suggest you should try and test the SMTP services which are providing you the necessary features and facilities.

The point of this article was to help you clear the illusion that Amazon SES in one of the best SMTP service in all means.

Now, if you have any doubts related to the services defined above or any other technical query, do let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before you leave have a look at the blogs listed below as they hold a great knowledge base about various services.