Dyn is definitely a good SMTP service provider, but this service has some issues which always troubles users like it has slow interface speed, and emails always stuck in a queue.

Also, some of its user’s complaint about the analytical data which is also very basic in comparison with other providers like Pabbly Email Marketing, SparkPost or SendinBlue.

As compared to other SMTP services, features in Dyn are quite basic.

So, its high time to switch now!

We are here with a list of 10 best Dyn Alternatives SMTP Service Providers. These SMTP service providers help you to send bulk emails which land right straight to the inbox of your customers.

Services Pricing Emails Multiple Domains Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M Unlimited 4.8/5.0
SendinBlue $25/M 40,000 4.3/5.0
Pepipost $25/M 1,50,000  ✓ 3.9/5.0
SocketLabs $39.95 40,000 4.6/5.0
Postmark $10/M 10,000 4.5/5.0

All these listed SMTP service providers come with advanced features such as SPF validation, real-time summary stats, seamless integration with your email account and a lot more.

Know about some other SMTP service providers too

These SMTP service providers will make sure of the high delivery rates for emails. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is the most affordable SMTP service provider that gives trustworthy delivery engines with live support at just $49. Here, you will get inbuilt SMTP that insures the 2X email open rate. Not only this, you will get a 99% inbox delivery rate with their delivery engine. Plus, you can add unlimited SMTPs as there is no restriction on connections.
Along with SMTP, you will get multiple features of email marketing services like drag & drop builder, email templates and much more.

Pabbly Email Marketing - SMTP Service Providers


  • Pabbly Email Marketing offers email tracking where you can click and open rate of your email campaigns.
  • You can easily add subscription forms to your website and helps you to grow your email list.
  • Its autoresponders feature helps you to send automated generated welcome email to the new subscribers who are joining the email list.
  • With drip automation, the software automatically sends a series of emails to customers on a specific date & time intervals.


Pabbly Email Marketing pricing details are as follows:-

  • Free Plan – You can avail this product at $0/Month where you can connect 3 SMTP and explore Pabbly Email Marketing.
  • Rookie Plan – With this plan, you can send emails to 5,000 subscribers at a cost of $29/Month and get all the features.
  • Pro Plan – Allows you to send emails to 15,000 subscribers at $49 per month.
  • Advance Plan – This plan will cost you $99/Month where you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers.

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2. SendinBlue SMTP Service Provider

This service allows you to send bulk emails and helps you to easily manage settings and configurations of your transactional emails.

It provides you optimal deliverability of your emails like welcome messages, order confirmations, shipping notifications, app alerts, and other important emails reach directly in the inbox of users.

SendinBlue SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • You can do spam check & inbox testing of your emails campaign deliverability with the help of test list and inbox test. Here, you can add contacts to your test list and send them a test email before scheduling your campaign to deliver to all of your contacts.
  • With the help of this SMTP service provider, you can archive and search all historical transactional email in just a few clicks.
  • This SMTP provides you a dedicated IP address which allows you to digitally sign your emails and take full control on your own IP reputation.
  • SendinBlue allows you to track email campaigns and provides full reports of open, click, and bounce rate in a matter of minutes.


This SMTP is available at three different pricing plans these are –

  • Free Plan – You can get this plan at $0 where you can send 300 emails/day to unlimited contacts.
  • Bronze Plan – Purchase this plan at $39/mo and get 60,000 emails along with advanced statistics.
  • Premium Plan – Available at $66/mo where you will get 120,000 emails, and free dedicated IP.
  • Gold Plan – Buy this plan at $173/mo and get 350,000 emails per month along with unlimited automation workflows.

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3. Moosend – DYN Alternatives

Moosend is an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool for sending a huge number of email in no time. It includes one of the best SMTP services for your marketing campaign. This service allows you to send bulk emails to the users directly in their inbox. As a result, it helps you to build meaningful relationships with customers.

Additionally, you can send emails for advertisements, news updates, special offers transactional emails, and a lot more to boost your business across the world. Its SMTP service takes your email marketing service to the next level.



  • This service has easy drag & drop editor that lets you create an attractive email design to grab the attention of the user on your mail.
  • Moosend uses TLS encryption which secures all the data of transactional emails and subsequently protects the user information.
  • You can view all the detail stats regarding email delivery, campaign performance etc. & also download the report for future reference.
  • It provides the option of list segmentation on the basis of different classification that helps you to send marketing or transactional emails according to the relevant users.


  • You can send up to 1000 emails at the price of $0 with all essential options.
  • At $390 per month, you will get 100,000 emails/month with the fastest email delivery rate.
  • Buy at $3,650 for 1,000,000 emails/month and get all the advanced functions of this service.

Note- With 6 months plan,  you can save flat 15% with more advanced features & with yearly package save 20% with unlimited email campaign.

Beside this, you can have “Pay As You Go” plan which means you only pay when you send emails.

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4. Pepipost – DYN Alternatives

Pepipost provides you a reliable email delivery platform so, you can send bulk emails which directly land in your client inbox. This SMTP comes with full documentation which helps you to setup Pepipost in minutes.

Pepipost SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • With the help of email analytics feature, you can view the live summary report of your email delivery rate, bounce, open, and click metrics.
  • You can get real-time HTTP POST call-backs whenever any email activity occurs like email delivered, opened or bounced.
  • It has a simplified account management so, you can add multiple sub-accounts with different sending domains under one parent account.
  • This service allows you to create a suppression list that contains various email addresses & domains which you want to exclude from your email sending list.


  • For 100,000 emails per month, you have to pay $15 and if you want extra 1000 emails you have to pay additional amount of $0.60.
  • Purchase this SMTP at $65 and get 300,000 emails per month along with access to all essential features.
  • You can buy the plan of $145 where you will get 500,000 emails/M and 24X7 support.
  • Buy at $245 for 1000,000 emails/M and get all the advanced functionality of this SMTP along with priority support.

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5. turboSMTP – DYN Alternatives

turboSMTP is one of the world-leading SMTP provider which help you to make your emails get directly into the inbox of your clients.

It is easy to use and perfect SMTP service which provides you a high deliverability rate for all your transactional emails. Moreover, the service comes with complete step by step video tutorial so, you can configure your mail client with turboSMTP in minutes.

turboSMTP Dyn Alternative


  • This service gives you the complete details regarding your email delivery like it showcase you the exact time when your customer opens your emails and clicked on the links provided by you in emails and more.
  • You can create sub-accounts which will allow you to split your relays with your team members as well as resell them to your users.
  • The website owner can manage all their soft and hard bounces emails, spam complaints, and a lot more in just a few clicks.
  • turboSMTP is fully compatible with all major emailing clients like Apple Mail, GroupMail, Atomic Mailer and a lot more.


turboSMTP is available at different pricing plans these are –

  • Bronze Plan – Available at $9.95 where you will get 30,000 relays/month and 24/7 support system.
  • Indium Plan – Buy this plan at $29.95 along with 100,000 relays/month and standard support system.
  • Resell Pro Plan – Purchase this plan at a minimal cost of $199 along with all the advanced feature and 300,000 relays/month.
  • Custom Plan – This plan provides the customized solution for high volume senders and large companies, you can directly contact to the providers for the pricing of this plan.

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6. SocketLabs – DYN Alternatives

SocketLabs is built to send your marketing & transactional email with higher delivery rates. Here, you can get powerful APIs which enables fast and easy integration of this SMTP with your email delivery services.

It is a most advanced and reliable email delivery service provider which helps to avoid blacklisting or spamming of your emails.

SocketLabs Dyn Alternatives


  • This service optimizes the delivery of your marketing newsletters, promos, offers and a lot more.
  • With the help of real-time summary stats, you will get the minute updates and details of all the outbound messages sent, failed, opened, and clicked on.
  • There is no SPF & DKIM set up required to use this service, the SocketLabs SMTP service provider can be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • It is reliable service as it supports scalable cloud technology so, you can get the resources whenever you need.


  • Basic Plan – Purchase this service at $9.95 where you will get 40,000 emails/month along with all the standard features.
  • Pro Plan 1 – Buy this SMTP at $69.95 with 100,000 mails/month, prioritized support and overage protection.
  • Pro Plan 2 – For 400,000 emails/month you have to pay $225 and get all the essential features along with dedicated support system.
  • Enterprise Plan – Grab this plan at $650 with 1,500,000 emails/month, dedicated IP management and priority support.

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7. SMTP – DYN Alternatives

When it comes to email delivery, no doubt SMTP is one of the best provider among all. It comes with developer-friendly API so, you can integrate and send your transactional emails with ease.

SMTP make sure that it delivers the right email to the right inbox so, your emails reach on time and with guaranteed email delivery.

SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • It has a TLS encryption feature so, your data will be encrypted and safe with this SMTP provider.
  • Use SMTP as it has reputable IPs which prevents you from getting blocked by ISPs or have your emails marked as spam.
  • You can get a dedicated IP and customized onboarding with the help of this SMTP service provider.
  • This SMTP is very easy to set up and it works fine with multiple internet service providers.


  • This service is available at $15 where you will get 10k emails/month along with shared IP.
  • Purchase the service at $160 and get 100,000 emails/month, shared IP and full support.
  • Get this SMTP at $500 where you will get 500,000 emails/month and dedicated IP.
  • Buy this plan at $900 and get 100,0000 emails/month and all the advanced features.

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8. mySMTP – Fast Email Service Provider

mySMTP is a powerful SMTP service provider which helps you in delivering your transactional email to customers on time. It monitors all emails 24 hours a day to make sure that they are delivered on time and there is no blockages occur.

This SMTP service provider is the best solution for all requirements, you can do bulk email marketing and send from one to 10 million emails a day.

mySMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • It provides a dedicated scalable cloud SMTP server for your email requirements. So, you can send your email campaigns to the entire world with a unique IP address that only you use.
  • mySMTP dashboard gives you detailed statistics of your email activity. Further, it provides you with a flexible upgrading possibility.
  • Using this service, you can send emails from all kinds of devices such as desktop, mobile devices, scanners, and more.
  • This SMTP works with all the major email clients present all over the world like Outlook, Apple Mail, Android and more.


  • Buy this plan at $250 where you will get 250,000 email credits and all the essential features.
  • You will get 500,000 email credits at $278 along with full support from the service providers.
  • Purchase this service at $400 and get 750,000 email credits along with advanced features.
  • Get this cloud SMTP service at $511 and get 100,0000 email credits along with essential features and support.

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9. Postmark -DYN Alternatives

If you hate the uncertainty about email delivery or unexplained outage and delays of mails then, this Postmark SMTP is the best solution for you.

After integrating this SMTP in your email marketing service, you will get fast email delivery, quick support and more.

Postmark SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • A website owner can get notifications about various email activities such as bounces, deliveries, and spam complaints.
  • It provides you with a well-policed set of shared IPs that generates the best deliverability of your emails.
  • You can view all the delivery metrics like open, click, and link tracking of your emails on the status page provided by this Postmark SMTP service provider.
  • Postmark supports TLS which secure the data sent between your application and their servers.


  • Get 10,000 emails per month at $10 along with fast email delivery rate.
  • Buy this service at $100 and get 125,000 emails per month, great deliverability and more.
  • You can purchase the plan of 300,000 emails per month at $200 along with live chat, and phone support system.
  • Grab the extended plan of 700,000 emails per month at $400 where you will get all the advanced features along with dedicated IPs.

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10. Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon SES is an highly-scalable email sending platform. You can integrate this into your email marketing software in just a fraction of time.

It is a cloud-based email sending service which helps you to promote your product by sending automated emails to your clients. You can send advertisements, newsletters, special offers transactional emails, and a lot more.

You will get demonstration videos tutorials and complete user guide which helps you to learn about the functioning and set up of this SMTP.

Amazon Simple Email Service Dyn Alternatives


  • This service provider helps you to view all stats regarding the email delivery. Here, you will get to know about bounce rate, complaint rate, rejected messages and a lot more.
  • With the help of Amazon SES, you can send emails in bulk to thousands of customers. Further, it provides a guaranteed email delivery by filtering emails and make sure that the emails do not get into spam folders, or get blocked.
  • Amazon SES provides you the options to choose from both dedicated IPs and shared IPs addresses


  • You can send 62,000 emails/month at $0 if you are an EC2 user that means you are already a customer of Amazon service providers.
  • If you are delivering an email from an email client or other software packages then, you have to pay $0.10 per 1,000 emails sent.

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11. SparkPost SMTP Service Provider

One of the finest SMTP service provider which help you to deliver thousands of emails on time and directly to the inbox of clients. The SMTP support adaptive delivery which ensures that there are no any bounces, blocks, and delays of mails occur.

SparkPost SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • You can get real-time insight on your email delivery stats like open, and click-through rates. In addition to this, you can get an accurate picture of total bounces, and blocks.
  • It has a fully featured robust email API by which you can take control of every feature of this SMTP. Such as manipulating templates, generating messages, sending emails, and more.
  • SparkPost delivers 99.99% uptime reliability, you can easily send bulk emails for promoting your product, app, or website.
  • This service allows you to create custom & personalized emails with the help of predefined email templates.


There are various pricing plans for this service where you will get dedicated technical account manager.

  • You can get 50,000 email at $9 per month along with all the essential features.
  • For 150,000 email, you have to pay $49/M where you will get best deliverability and data analysis .
  • At $249 per month, you will get 500,000 emails/M, dedicated IP management and priority support.
  • Purchase this SMTP at $474 for 1,000,000 emails/M and get full technical account management with proactive reporting.

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12. MailGet SMTP

MailGet SMTP is one of simplest, affordable and hassle-free service for sending bulk emails. It is the fastest SMTP service provider which helps you send millions of emails in just a couple of seconds.

You can easily deliver emails for the receipt, registration, invoices, and more. This SMTP service provider always makes sure that all your emails safely land to the inbox of your recipients.

MailGet SMTP Dyn Alternatives


  • You can add multiple verified domains within a single account so, you can send emails via multiple addresses & domains.
  • This SMTP will authenticate your emails via SPF validation and embedded DKIM signatures.
  • It uses white listed servers by which you can send your promotional emails such as promos, services, offers, and a lot more. These servers will help in high inbox delivery of your emails.
  • MailGet SMTP is very easy to set up, you can integrate it into your email sending services within a matter of minutes.


MailGet SMTP is an affordable service provider comes with various pricing plans these are –

  • Starters Plan – This plan will cost you $5/M where you will get 5000 emails/Mo and best email delivery.
  • Pro Plan – You can purchase this plan at $49/Month with 100,000 emails and prioritized support.
  • Advance Plan 1 – Get this plan at $179/Month and send 300,000 emails with great inbox delivery and live support.
  • Advance Plan 2 – Buy this plan at $349/Month and get 500,000 emails/M along with all the essential features and full support.

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Now, this is all about 10 best Dyn Alternatives SMTP Service Provider. We hope that the above article will help you to get the best SMTP provider according to your need.

With all these Dyn Alternatives, you can get guaranteed email delivery and complete detail about your email activities.

We are eager to hear from you, let us know your doubts or suggestions in the comment section below.