If you are fed up with retro style functionalities, complex analytics system of SparkPost SMTP service and want a cost-effective replacement for it.

In that case, we have come up with 10 SMTP services which can be a reliable solution to the above problems.

Here you will find SparkPost Alternatives which can help you:-

  • Get higher open rates on bulk email campaigns.
  • Allows sending transactional, marketing, promotional and email notifications.
  • Supports multiple authentications like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.
  • User-friendly dashboard with various tracking, analytics, and customizations.
Services Pricing Multiple Domains Emails Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/ M Unlimited 4.9/5.0
SendinBlue $25/M  40,000 4.5/5.0
Pepipost $15/M  ✓ 1,50,000 3.9/5.0
SMTP $15/M 10,000 4.2/5.0
SocketLabs $39.95/M 40,000 4.6/5.0

These are some of the common features which we have listed above.

While going through you will find more unique features and advanced facilities of the SMTP services.

In addition, SparkPost is pretty expensive as even the standard plan with the basic features costs around $49 for 150,000 email delivery.

So, let’s dive in to fetch an easy to use SMTP service which is loaded with features and offers them at an affordable cost.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is the only service in the world that provides inbuilt SMTP along with all the features of bulk email marketing software. Not only this, with their inbuilt delivery engine you will guaranteed with 99% inbox delivery and 2X open rate. You can even enjoy SMTP routing by adding multiple SMTPs of your choice.

This SMTP provider is by far the most affordable and reliable software as they are giving you the best delivery engine with many other features like drip automation, easy to use templates at a very low price.

Pabbly Email Marketing - SparkPost Alernatives

Features Of Pabbly Email Marketing:-

  • It comes with the list cleaning feature by which you can clean out inactive, bad, & duplicate emails from your contact list. Most prominently this feature decreases the chances of the bounces, spams, etc.
  • With this email marketing software, you can keep the proper track of your email campaigns along with click and open rates of emails.
  • You can manage email lists and customer’s data from the same place properly by using its list management feature.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing scheduling feature helps you to create and schedule your emails so that automatically sends the emails at the specified time.
  • Empowers you to import email contacts using CSV files or by adding manually them in the Pabbly Email Marketing.


Pabbly Email Marketing offers a yearly and monthly subscription with different pricing. Monthly subscriptions are as follow:-

With its Free plan, you can connect 3 SMTPs and explore Pabbly Email Marketing.

The Rookie plan will cost only $29 per month for sending emails to 5,000 subscribers with all the enhanced features.

Here in the Pro plan, you can send emails to 15,000 subscribers for $49/ Month.

Advance Plan allows you to send emails to 50,000 subscribers for $99 per month.

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2. SendinBlue – SMTP Service

SendinBlue offers a well-designed dashboard which holds multiple settings which can be optimized and configured for effective email delivery.

With this SMTP service, you can filter email statistics by date and export reports in CSV formats. You can also apply webhooks for special events like the email sent, bounces, clicks and more.

SendinBlue SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of SendinBlue:-

  • It allows you to apply SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication with the help of which you can prevent email spoofing and build authority.
  • With this SMTP service, you can monitor various statistics like delivery, blocked, clicked, opened and more with ease.
  • You can simply perform bulk emailing of transactional emails using this SMTP service.
  • It also provides a user-friendly dashboard through which you can fetch different type of details and manage campaign records.


  • The Essential plan will allow sending 60,000 emails in a month for just $39.
  • The Premium plan for 120,000 emails every month will cost you $66.
  • For email delivery of 350,000 emails in a month Premium plan will charge $173.
  • To know the price details of Enterprise plan for this service you will have to contact the sales team.

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3. Moosend SMTP

Moosend is a cost-effective marketing tool that contains the best SMTP services for your marketing campaign. It allows you to send bulk number of email directly to the user’s inbox without any type of hassle.

In this way, you are capable of building meaningful relationships with your customers.


Features Of Moosend:-

  • This SMTP service provides you with the drag and drops editor that will create eye catchy transactional emails within a minute.
  • Moosend uses TLS encryption that will let to send an important message securely to the users inbox without revealing any information.
  • You can easily go through the email details regarding email delivery, pending, etc and download it for further use.
  • Comes with the powerful API that helps you to integrate with the website and other applications.


  • Comes with the free monthly plan for $0 where you can send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • You can also use $55 per month plan that will send unlimited emails up to 10, 000 subscribers.
  • Send an unlimited number of emails up to 600,000 subscribers for $2,210 per month.
  • Moosend offers some 6-month and yearly subscriptions that will save your 15% & 20% respectively. Also, give the opportunity to use Pay As You Go plan for occasional email senders.

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4. Pepipost

With this service, you can send emails for order delivery, travel receipts and delivery notifications for different types of alerts.

Pepipost provides you the facility to track the live status about emails delivery and know the time acquired in delivering emails. You also get options to use SMTP relay or Web API for sending emails in this service.

Pepipost SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of Pepipost:-

  • Pepipost is a reliable SMTP service as it uses SSL & TLS encryption protocols to protect your data.
  • You can get live status about various email metrics through the dashboard provided by this SMTP service.
  • Get automatic notifications about various email events like delivered, opened, bounced and more.
  • You are allowed to effectively manage and add up to 15 sub-users for multiple sending domains.


  • The first plan will help you send 100,000 emails for $15.
  • With the second plan, you can deliver 500,000 emails for $145.
  • In order to deliver 1,000,000 emails in a month, you will be charged $245.

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5. SMTP – Email Relay Service

SMTP provides relay & transactional email services through which you uninterruptedly send time-sensitive, business-critical and other complex emails.

It uses multiple encryption standards, single relay and modern API which can enhance your email delivery rates to a great extent. It also provides 24/7 support via phone, email or live chat.

SMTP SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of SMTP:-

  • With the help of SMTP email relay service, you can conduct email campaigns to send transactional as well as marketing emails.
  • Integration of this service into any application is an easy task as you can use API or ask the team of SMTP service to do the configuration for you.
  • This service provides the facility that can help you maintain the sender reputation with various ISPs.
  • You get the facility to use both dedicated IP and shared IP addresses for optimal email delivery.


  • You have to pay $15 a month for the basic plan which provides 10,000 emails.
  • $160 is charged for the plan in which you get 100,000 email delivery.
  • If you want to send 500,000 emails every month then you have to pay $500.
  • In order to deliver 1 million emails through this SMTP service, you will be charged $900.

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6. SocketLabs

SocketLabs is another SMTP service which is loaded with various professional email sending amenities. You can create, send, track and analytics various aspects of emails using the service.

It has got a powerful integration system which is easy to manage and all these services are offered in affordable price plans.

SocketLabs SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of SocketLabs:-

  • Using SocketLabs you can send emails from any platform by applying details like server name, username, password and SMTP port to 25.
  • This SMTP service ensures that the emails are captured and stored in a secured database.
  • With this SMTP emailing service you can avoid spam filters and land in customer inbox.
  • You can use SPF, Sender ID, DomainKeys, or DKIM to authenticate your emails to get higher open rates.


  • Basic plan will charge $9.95 for sending 40,000 emails in a month.
  • The Pro plan with 100,000 email delivery will cost you $69.95 for a month.
  • The same plan will 400,000 email delivery will charge $225.
  • The enterprise plan with 1.5 million email delivery comes with a price of $650 a month.

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7. Mailgun – SparkPost Alternatives

Most of the SMTP services are complex to sync with emailing applications but this is not the case with Mailgun. It is just a few clicks task to set up this SMTP relay service and start sending emails.

With Mailgun you can apply security, configuration settings, and deliver thousands of transactional or marketing emails with ease.

mailgun SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of Mailgun:-

  • With Mailgun you will be able to do email tracking in real-time and perform advanced analytics as well.
  • You can get high open rates on bulk email campaigns by authenticating your domain through SPF, DMARC, and DKIM.
  • Allows you to view failures, clicks, unsubscribes and other detailed logs related to transactional as well as marketing emails.
  • This is an easy to configure SMTP service as you just have to drop your SMTP credentials and the rest is taken care by Mailgun.


  • The beginners plan of Mailgun will cost you $5 and allow monthly 20,000 email delivery.
  • With the production plan, you can send 100,000 in a month by paying $79.
  • The scale plan with 500,000 email delivery will charge you $325 on monthly basis.
  • If you want to send 1,000,000 email every month then you will have to pay $515.

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8. Elastic Email – SparkPost Alternatives

With Elastic Email, you can manage API keys, define multiple SMTP settings, and receive best email delivery.

It is one of the cheapest SMTP solution with which you can target a segmented list of audience. This service uses trusted servers which are fast and provides secured services.

Elastic Email SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of Elastic Email:-

  • Facilities like private IPs, contact delivery optimization, real-time analytics are a great help and Webhooks will enable you to land your emails in clients inbox.
  • You can use standard SMTP configuration or the API of Elastic Email to integrate this service into any application with ease.
  • This SMTP service provides delivery analytics along with various details through which you can attain maximize email ROI.
  • With Elastic Emails you get 24/7 active support all around the year, documentation as well as integration libraries.


  • The base plan with 200,000 emails sending facility will cost $5.
  • To send 500,000 emails in a month you will have to pay $32.
  • Advanced plan with 1,000,000 email delivery will charge $77.
[Note:- With this SMTP service you get options to add multiple Add-ons by paying additional cost]

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9. Amazon Simple Email Service – SparkPost Alternatives

Amazon SES is another cloud-based email sending service which is capable of catering SMTP services to any kind of business.

It permits you to send subscription, transactional, and notification emails without much hassle. Plus, you get various facilities like SDK for direct integration, dedicated SMTP interface, and more.

Amazon SES SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of Amazon Simple Email Service:-

  • In order to authenticate the sender reputation of your emails, you can use SPF and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) standards with Amazon SES.
  • You can monitor the sender reputation with this SMTP service as you get a dashboard to track bounce and complaint rates easily.
  • This SMTP service provider allows you to automatically send purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, order status updates and more.
  • Bulk email through reputed & whitelisted servers can be done and best in class deliverability can be achieved.


  • For the basic email delivery of 50,000 emails, you will be charged $5.
  • To send 100,000 emails with Amazon SES service an amount of $10 will be charged.
  • $50 will be charged for 500,000 email delivery in a month.
  • If you want to send 1 million emails using Amazon SES pay just $100.

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10. SendPulse – SparkPost Alternatives

If you are looking for SMTP service which has fast mailing speed and supports SSL connections then SendPulse should be your choice.

This service provides SPF & DKIM records for increasing the authority of emails, API documents with all the details and list management facilities.

SendPulse SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of SendPulse:-

  • With this SMTP service, you can avoid getting blacklisted as it uses a dedicated IP address and helps you develop sender reputation.
  • Each and every statistics is available in this service like the number of emails delivered, click on links, conversions and more.
  • Allows you to generate different types of downloadable reports which can hold multiple details to measure the success of email campaigns.
  • This SMTP service can assist you in managing unsubscriber details as well.


  • With SendPulse you can send 10,000 emails just by paying $11.60.
  • For the delivery of 100,000 emails, you will be charged $68.40.
  • If you want to send 500,000 emails in a month then you have to pay $321.50.
  • For sending 1 million emails every month you will have to pay around 605.50.

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11. AuthMailer – SparkPost Alternatives

AuthMailer is an email sending SMTP service which ensures secure and encrypted email delivery.

You get 30-days money back guarantee with it, no email sending limit is applicable, uses several authentic servers and more.

Authmailer SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of AuthMailer:-

  • AuthMailer gives you detailed monthly reports on volume of emails consumed.
  • With this service, you can effectively monitor blacklist and prevents it from happening.
  • It also offers a distributed server cluster and a redundant system which can easily be handled.
  • Helps you manage own server and network infrastructure at an affordable cost.


  • Small business plan comes with 10,000 email delivery every month at a cost of $4.
  • The medium business plan will cost you $7 for 50,000 email sending every month.
  • If you want to deliver 100,000 emails in a month you will have to pay $13.

For a higher volume of emails, you will have to contact the sales team of AuthMailer.

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12. MailGet SMTP

MailGet SMTP is a reliable SMTP service which can be a perfect replacement for SparkPost. With its whitelisted servers, you can send marketing mails, email alerts and promotional emails directly in customers Inbox.

You can surely avoid bounce back, spamming, blacklisting and other complain using this service. Plus, it offers best in class support for all technical and non-technical issues.

MailGet SMTP SparkPost Alternatives

Features Of MailGet SMTP:-

  • Multiple domains can be verified with this SMTP service and you can use various addresses to send emails from a single account.
  • MailGet SMTP service can easily be integrated into any emailing service as it requires only a few settings to connect.
  • Through the reputed and reliable servers of this service, you can conduct emails campaigns to target the audience in bulk.
  • This SMTP service provides email validation with SPF, embeds DKIM signatures which will help you enhance the authority of the emails delivered.
  • Delay in sending email notifications or alerts is not an issue with MailGet SMTP as it will help you send emails with a blink of an eye.


  • The starter plan will cost you $5 for a month and will allow you to send 5,000 emails.
  • Next is the Pro plan with which you get 100,000 at a cost of $49 a month.
  • For sending 500,000 emails you will need an advance plan that will cost $349 a month.
  • If you a need plan for 1,000,000 emails then you have to contact the sales team.

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Final Closure

We are all done with the top performing SMTP services currently available in the market and now it’s time for you to subscribe one which has got all you need.

I would suggest give it a try to the service that best suits you.

If, in case you have got doubts or any technical query, you can freely ask them to us in through comments below. We will respond back as soon as possible.

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