Over a period of time, I have noticed that people try to refrain from using SMTP services for email campaigns because of their high pricing. In short, the high pricing of SMTP services becomes is one of those barriers which people face the most.

AuthSMTP is also one of those service providers which is although very effective but does not spare its users by charging a hefty amount to send emails. It charges $32/year to send up to 1000 emails in a month.

But are all SMTP service providers the same?

The answer is a big NO. Not every service provider asks for a hefty amount. There are a lot of services which offer top-class services absolutely for free!

So, why not try those solutions which are equally established in the market and offer their starter plan from $0?

You read it right, there are plenty of AuthSMTP alternatives having initial pricing from $0!

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best AuthSMTP alternatives that have dedicatedly provided inbox delivery of your emails. We stress upon this feature as your email campaigns are meant to acquire and retain the users and this is possible only if your emails are not lost in the spam folders.

“Comparison Between AuthSMTP Alternatives”

Services Pricing White Listed Service Multiple Domains Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M 4.9/5.0
$39/M ✕  3.9/5.0
Moosend SMTP $30/M 4.6/5.0
Pepipost $15/M 3.9/5.0
SendPulse $32/M  ✕  4.5/5.0

Here is a list of few prominent features that you will find in the following AuthSMTP alternatives:

  • Use of several white-listing technologies that allow email marketers to establish themselves as legitimate emailers.
  • Analytics report of open/bounce rate, spam complaints, opt-outs and a lot more.
  • Domain authentication using trusted measures like SPF, DKIM etc.
  • Managing the suppression list to exclude the emails addresses from proving your mailing services.
  • Timely and inbox delivery of the marketing/transactional emails to the clients.

You must be ready to explore these services by now isn’t?

Let us start then!

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

MailGet Bolt is simple and reliable email marketing software permits to create beautiful email templates in a breeze by its email builder.
Interestingly, it comes with so many features like email scheduling, email tracking, and so on.

Apart from this, it is 100 times cheaper than other email marketing software.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • With its drip automation feature, you can send a series of emails to customers on a specific date & time intervals.
  • You can select any email template from the available more than 500 custom designed email templates.
  • Helps you to integrate your email marketing service with a reliable SMTP relay. Although this reduces the risk of being blacklisted and help to deliver emails to the user’s inbox.
  • With its autoresponder feature, you can automatically deliver welcome email to all new subscriber who is added to your email list.

Pricing Plan

You can easily purchase Rookie Plan for $29/Month where you can send emails to 5000 subscribers.

If you want to send emails to 15,000 subscribers then the Pro plan is good where you only have to invest $49/Month and also provide complete live chat support.

Advance Plan cost you $99/Month where you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers.

Note:- Pabbly Email Marketing also offers a yearly subscription with different pricing.

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2. SendinBlue

This GDPR compliant SMTP service is one of the most trusted SMTP relay service provider. People are using it for sending transactional and marketing emails/SMS to the customers successfully.

SendinBlue AuthSMTP Alternative


  • You can integrate this SMTP service via SendinBlue PHP Library, postfix configuration or API. Else, you can go with the conventional mode of integration & configure settings like the server, port, username, and password.
  • SendinBlue lets you create templates for transactional emails like for sign-up or purchase confirmation with amazing designs for the transactional emails with the help of various design editors.
  • You can monitor various metrics through the dashboard & get an overview of deliverability, opens and click-throughs per day/week/month and various other real-time statistics.
  • Further, you can filter these reports by sender or tag, whereas you can also export the reports to a CSV format.

Pricing Plan

If you need to send 40,000 emails to your clients, you can use the Lite Plan that will cost you $7/month only.

You can send 1,20,000 emails at a very affordable price of $66/month by choosing the first Premium Plan.

Whereas, you can opt the second premium plan to send the 3,50,000 emails and pay $173 only.

To know the cost estimation for sending emails more than 3,50,000, you can get in touch with the sales team.

Note: – The Free Plan of SendinBlue allows you to send 300 emails/day per month to your unlimited contacts.

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3. Moosend SMTP

Moosend offers easy-to-use and powerful SMTP (email marketing) tool that is appreciated by a large number of organizations. It empowers you to create and send transactional email to their user’s inbox.

However, it helps to grow the inbox placement rate of your transactional emails.



  • Moosend is built with the drag-and-drop user interface. Thus, it helps you to customize stunning and responsive email newsletters within minutes that display beautifully on all the devices.
  • You can easily track real-time statistics for each email that is sent by the moosend SMTP service.
  • Allow you to integrate moosend API with third-party applications and tools by selecting favorite programming languages.
  • Moosend provides advanced security that assists to send the important email to the client’s inbox by enforcing TLS encryption across all of your messages that help to track SMTP servers on a regular basis.

Pricing Plan

Moosend has multiple cost estimate plans-

Up to 1,000 subscribers – This provides the free monthly plan with unlimited email campaigns.

For up to 2,000 subscribers – Here it comes with the unlimited features with the $ 390 per month.

Offers up to 10,000 subscribers – Send unlimited emails just at $55 per month.

Note: –
Moosend also comes with the 6 months as well as yearly plans where you can save 15% & 20% respectively.
It also has Pay-as-you-go plans for all the occasional sender where you have to pay for each email.

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4. Pepipost

Pepipost provides the servers that are capable enough to ensure high inbox delivery irrespective of email volumes.

You can use either of the 2 options i.e. SMTP relay or Web API to integrate this service in your application and send emails.

Moreover, the webhooks notifies you about subscriber activities & various email events like email delivered, opened or bounced occurs etc.

Pepipost AuthSMTP Alternative


  • Pepipost affirms a secure email transmission as it uses most reliable security protocols like SSL & TLS encryption.
  • The dynamic dashboard will provide the live status of your sent emails and monitor various metrics related to your mailing in real time.
  • You can also add up to 15 sub-users accounts under one parent account for different sending domains.
  • Further, it suppresses the hard bounce emails as soon as it occurs. Also, it notifies you with an automated message about it to monitor the bounces.

Pricing Plan

All you need to pay for sending 1,00,000 emails a month is just $15.

Whereas, for sending 5,00,000 emails per month you just have to spend $145/month.

If you want to deliver 10,00,000 emails in a month to your clients, you will be charged $245 on monthly basis.

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5. SendPulse

SendPulse provides the most reliable e-mail sending via SMTP as well as API. You can seamlessly integrate this SMTP server into your CMS, CRM, etc. and start sending emails to the clients.

It provides the domain authentication via highly reliable measures like DKIM & SPF. This is because it is one of the important factors for providing a high inbox delivery for your emails from a trusted domain.

SendPusle AuthSMTP Alternative


  • SendPulse provides you dedicated IP address to send emails. Since it does not allow others to use your IP, it is extremely unlikely that your emails will end up in the spam folder and IP gets blacklisted.
  • It automatically maintains a list of unsubscribers or blocked email addresses so that mailings won’t be sent to the addresses of blocked recipient addresses.
  • The service collects the statistics of the sent mailings. Hence, you can easily analyze the report having information of delivered messages, spam reports, conversions, open/read emails etc.
  • Furthermore, this service permits you to send your mailings in bulk at a high speed regardless of the size of email & attachments included in it.

Pricing Plan

It has got a basic plan that allows you to send 12000 emails/month without spending money as it is free.

For 1,00,000 emails/month, you can go for Pro Plan which is available at just $59.88 /month.

The enterprise plan lets you send 5,00,000 emails to the users at $219.88 /month only.

Note: These cost estimations are based on yearly billing and the pricing will vary when calculated on monthly basis.

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6. SocketLabs

SocketLabs provides advanced email delivery service with fast and robust integration to your applications to send & receive the messages.

Unlike other SMTP servers, SocketLabs does not send bulk email in batches which creates complications with the receiving ISP servers & results in blocking the messages.

Further, it includes critical parameters like sender authentication, white-listed domains & ISPs management to ensure inbox delivery of your marketing newsletters, offers & promotional emails etc.

SocketLabs AuthSMTP Alternative


  • Most ISPs block you after exceeding the emails sending limit. Whereas, this email delivery system has ISP specific algorithms for individual domains. It analyzes the responses from these ISPs in real time and adjusts email delivery accordingly.
  • The service supports parsing for inbound emails and deconstructs the messages including text, HTML, attachments, custom headers etc.
  • Further, you get detailed analytics for the outbound emails in terms of injected emails for delivery, messages accepted by the recipient’s ISP, complaints (feedback loops etc.), opens/clicks etc.
  • It has got 3 API’s namely, reporting (with which you can query for events associated with your email), injection & notification (webhook) API.

Pricing Plan

The free plan lets you send 2000 messages per month at $0 for the lifetime.

Its basic plan will cost you only $9.95/mo and lets you send 40,000 messages a month.

If you wish to deliver 1,00,000 emails, the pro plan will cost you $69.95/month.

The same plan will let you send 4,00,000 emails at the cost of $225 per month only.

Its enterprise plan comes with a price tag of $650 a month & offers delivery of 1.5 million emails.

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7. Easy-SMTP

Easy-SMTP is a cloud-based SMTP server that delivers emails one-at-a-time. You can easily integrate this SMTP server and send emails via secure connection protocols like SSL, TLS or STARTTLS.

Moreover, you can send up to 10,000 emails per month with an optimized inbox delivery absolutely free and get a detailed and real-time analytics report.

Easy SMTP AuthSMTP Alternative


  • You can create & manage a list of unlimited subscribers and send transactional emails for different purpose like shipping confirmations, new account signups, password resets etc.
  • Further, you will have the log of every sent transactional email with its unique automatic list backup option.
  • The service uses top most whitelisting technologies like DKIM, SPF, Feedback loops etc. for domain authentication. For example, using feedback loops technology, this service ensures not to send an email again to the users who have marked your email as spam once.
  • You would also find the best premium support offered by this SMTP service in terms of free phone and email support to resolve every issue that you face.

Pricing Plan

The bronze plan lets you send 30,000 emails per month at the most affordable price of $10/mo.

If you wish to send 120,000 emails a month, then there is this silver plan for you available at just $70/mo.

The gold plan is available with an option of sending 350,000 emails per month at just $180/mo.

If you need to send 6,50,000 emails a month for your email campaigns, then you should go for the diamond plan which is available at $360/mo only.

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8. MailCot

MailCot is one of the best SMTP services that deliver your transactional messages to the inbox. The domain authentication, compliance, and deliverability offered by this service will eventually scale your business, franchises & agencies.

Its robust dashboard will give you constantly updated stats about various elements. For example, total emails sent, delivered, bounce, rejected, in queue, spam strike etc. Also, you can have details about API integrations & webhooks, your credit summary and a lot more.

Mailcot AuthSMTP Alternative


  • You can set up this SMTP relay service in a short span of time or seamlessly integrate with API to send emails in bulk.
  • It is built with advanced technology to analyze every bit of email transmission systems like connection parameters, error codes, network integrity and ISP feedback loops.
  • It helps you to send the authenticated emails to assure the inbox delivery using measures like DKIM, SPF, & DMARC.
  • Furthermore, it provides you with dedicated IPs which are unique addresses assigned exclusively to every single hosting account.

Pricing Plan

You can use its free plan to send 5,000 emails/mo available at $0.

The second plan offers you to send 20,000 emails/mo at a very reasonable cost of $20/month.

Opt its plan 3 if you need to send 1,00,000 emails a month to the customers available at $55/month only.

If your requirement is to send 2,00,000 per month to the customers, you can go with the plan 4 which is available at just $80/month.

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9. Elastic Email

Elastic Email reduces the complexity of sending emails with its advanced tools & serves the ultimate goal of your emails reaching the inbox.

For that matter, the service uses most trusted & highly reliable servers to provide secured services.

Additionally, it comes with a dedicated support system round the clock to assist you at every step.

Elastic Email AuthSMTP Alternative


  • To start with, you can either go with the standard SMTP configuration or use the API of Elastic Email for integrating this service into any application or website.
  • The service uses all the essential protocols and techniques like SSL, SPF & DKIM, DMARC generator, webhooks that boosts the inbox delivery.
  • Moreover, you will be facilitated with many other amenities like private IPs, sub-accounts, automation of repetitive tasks of your marketing campaigns and a lot more.
  • You can monitor the email delivery results with real-time statistics that will eventually help you to strategize the next move for your business.

Pricing Plan

If your requirement of sending emails is up to 1,50,00/month, then you will not have pay anything as the basic plan is free.

The advance plan will allow you to send 5,00,000 emails a month at the cost of $330 only.

Further, the premium plan is available at $600 per month and supports 10,00,000 email delivery/month.

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10. Mailgun

This cloud-based SMTP service enables you to send emails as a part of your marketing and transactional campaigns to your mailing list very effectively.

The control panel lets you review certain email events like delivery failures, clicks, and unsubscribes. You will get detailed logs and metrics on marketing and transactional emails as well.

Moreover, this SMTP service also provides email address validation services in order to improve your mailing list.

Mailgun AuthSMTP Alternative


  • Mailgun boosts the inbox delivery of your emails with reduced bounce rates & spam complaints since your domain name is authenticated using best email validation techniques like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM.
  • It lets you perform various functions like automated reply handling, route spam into its own filter and a lot more.
  • In addition to this, it also processes the incoming emails on your applications by parsing it in UTF-8 format.
  • Its analytics help you to analyze & check the effectiveness of your email campaigns with the help of A/B tests

Pricing Plan

You can send up to 10,000 emails a month to the clients absolutely free.

Further, you can send 100,000 emails per month at $79/month only.

If you wish to deliver up to 500,000 emails in a month, just pay a minimal amount of $325/month.

The advanced plan comes with a price tag of $515 and lets you send 10,00,000 emails per month.

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11. SendGrid

SendGrid is the popular cloud-based SMTP provider that acts as an email delivery engine and renders best inbox delivery for your emails.

You can use it to send various transactional & marketing messages like promotional, shipping notifications, newsletter, password resets emails.

Sendgrid AuthSMTP Alternative


  • You can use this SMTP Relay service by configuring a few SMTP settings like credentials, hostname, port number etc.
  • SendGrid has got enhanced SMTP capabilities that lets you add JSON instructions to emails & track all the events related to the sent emails.
  • It also offers web API which allows you to manage unsubscribes & IPs, templating transactional emails and more.
  • SendGrid handles all the technical details related to email delivery like reputation monitoring, real-time analytics and a lot more.

Pricing Plan

The essential plan lets you send 1,00,000 emails/mo at a very economical price of $9.95 per month only.

Using its pro plan, you can send emails up to 1,50,000 emails/mo at just $79.95/month.

If your requirement is to send more than 1,50,000 emails a month, you can contact the sales team to know the pricing details of the premier plan.

Note: It has a free trial that allows you to send up to 40,000 emails for 30 days. Further, if you wish to continue this free trial after the 30 days also, you can still send 100 emails/day for free for lifetime.

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12. MailGet SMTP

MailGet SMTP is the highest trending SMTP relay service among the professional these days. The reason being, it delivers emails of different niches such as transactional, invoices, receipts, alerts & notifications, marketing etc. with maximum efficiency.

Secondly, MailGet SMTP renders the most assured inbox deliverability for your emails which no other service provides.

The best part comes when you get a dedicated live support at every step for a hassle-free setup of this cloud-based SMTP relay service.

MailGet AuthSMTP Alternative


  • MailGet SMTP is known to provide you only white-listed servers & creates a network with only approved & authorized servers to process the bulk email transmission.
  • It ensures a high deliverability & inboxing rate of your emails by incorporating the most reliable measures like SPF validation and embedded DKIM signatures for email validation.
  • Besides this, MailGet SMTP service also speeds up the email sending process & guarantees quick email delivery to the clients.
  • You can use a single account and send emails to the users via multiple ‘From’ addresses & domains.

Pricing Plan

By choosing the starter plan, you can send 5000 emails/mo to the clients and pay a nominal charge of $5 per month for it.

The pro plan lets you send 100,000 emails/mo at a very reasonable price of $49 per month.

Furthermore, if you wish to send 500,000 emails/mo to the users then you can go for the advance plan which is available at $349 a month.

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Using these services you can send out marketing or transactional messages in bulk with assured inbox delivery without getting into the complexity of maintaining your own email servers.

And what to ask for more, when you do not have to spend much for using these SMTP service providers?

So now picking up any of these AuthSMTP alternatives will help you to send your marketing & transactional emails in a much effective way.

If you still find anything ambiguous or have a suggestion to make, you can post your comment in the below section.

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