“If you are a website owner & want to embellish your site with something that draws everyone’s attention towards it, also which is completely unique then, you surely need to add some ANIMATION to your site.”

No matter what field you belong to, your site will always need some cool animation effects to achieve distinctness.

What if I say that, you can add animations to your page, posts or widgets? Well, with the help of Animation WordPress Plugins, you can actually add the animation effects on your site.

Now, these animation effects can be hover effect on the mouse scroll, fade in- fade out effects, bounce effects and a lot more. These can be placed anywhere on your website, be it your homepage or your blog post, or it can be the widgetized area.

Apart from adding animations these plugins also help in customizing it like changing the size of a font, a thickness of line or speed of transition.

Animation WordPress Plugins

Also, you can easily add animations using CSS selectors, which makes it easier for you to add the desired effect to any part of the page.
Now, without wasting time, let’s get going with 6+ Animation WordPress Plugins.

1. Responsive SVG -Animation WordPress Plugin

Responsive SVG Handwriting & Test Animation is one of the finest animation plugins for WordPress. You can effortlessly create your own animations and publish them within 5 minutes. Furthermore, these animations can be customized & saved as per your requirements. Also, one can use any font they want or use their own font too.

You can add as many animations as you want on a single page. And also, this plugin is highly responsive with all the mediums and is compatible with all the browsers along with SVG icons.

Resposive SG Animation WordPress Plugin


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  • For availing the standard license, you have to pay $13.
  • To get the extended license, you have to pay $85.

Along with the product, you also get the benefits of getting all the future updates and support which can be extended for another year by paying the amount of $3.38 & $24.38 respectively.


  • This plugin provides you beautiful animation styles at different conditions like on mouseover, in scroll & on page loading. These animations will be loaded as and when the conditions will come into action. For instance, you can view the animation as soon as you will place the mouse over the text.
  • Along with this plugin, you get several other options like changing the size, a thickness of a line, etc. Also, you can define write speed, a time taken to display between each letter and many more interesting customizations for animation comes in handy.
  • It very easy to add animations to your website, all you have to do is go to the WordPress admin panel and add shortcodes on the page or on widget section and gradually save and publish it. That’s it!

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2. SB on Scroll – Animation WordPress Plugin

SB on Scroll Animation is a WordPress Animation Plugin which enables the users to add animations to their sites and thereby, making it more attractive for the audience. This plugin provides you with about 130 animation styles & still counting just to provide its users a quality service.

You can effortlessly enable or disable animations and it is congruous with JQuery. It is immensely easy to use which can be used by even a non-techie geek.

SB on Scroll Animation WordPress Plugin


You can avail this acquire this plugin at two separate prices.

  • It’s regular is available at the cost of $8.
  • And the extended license is available at the cost of $50.

In addition to this plugin, you also get all future updates and 6-month support. You can extend the support for another year by paying $1.50 & $11.25 respectively.


  • It is easy to manage all the animations through WordPress admin panel. Also, it ensures hassle-free importing and exporting of animations. Without much efforts, one can easily add or delete these animations as per your needs. Also, you can easily delete the one if you don’t like it.
  • You can effortlessly carve the animations according to your wish. You can define animation time and also trigger animation as soon as user scroll on its text.
  • With the availability of template tags, it becomes easy for the non-technical user to customize text & its animation style straight in HTML or PHP file.

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3. Scroll Magic – Animation WordPress Plugin

Scroll Magic is one of the top-rated WordPress Animation plugins. It is studded with exceptional animation effects and a lot of features like mobile and themes compatibility. Furthermore, it allows a user to add CSS3 animations.

This plugin provides an excellent support & also, the sample videos are available on YouTube for the ones’ aspiring to learn & explore more about this plugin. Also, the users have dropped in favorable reviews for Scroll Magic.

Scroll Magic Animation WordPress Plugin


This plugin is available at two different rates.

  • For availing the standard license, you have to pay$25.
  • To get the extended license, you have to pay $49.

Along with this plugin, you will also get the benefits of getting all the future updates and support which can be extended for another year by paying the amount of $7.88 & $10.88 respectively.


  • You can set a motion to objects like image sequence, bezier path etc to the animation which will come into action as soon as you scroll up & down. Thereby, easily adding parallax effects.
  • It is easy to trigger the animation based on the location of the bar which makes it look more catchy and cool.
  • Also, you can create your own animation by deciding the font, color, background, speed, etc with the support of Scene Builder, which makes it easy to draw an animation of your choice.

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4. Master Slider – Animation WordPress Plugins

Master Slider is an amazing plugin that allows you to add images, HTML formated texts and videos easily to form animated layers.  There are several templates are available on this plugin that is ready to use and you can customize them according to your need.

Not only this, but it is SEO friendly also. You can use any type of HTML element, it will be visible to search engines.

Master Slider - Animation WordPress Plugins


This plugin is available at two different rates. Furthermore, you get all the updates & 6-month support. To extend the support for another year you have to pay $7.13 respectively.

  • To get the standard license, you have to pay $24.
  • And for availing the extended license, you will have to pay $74.


  • It is highly customizable, you can change it according to your website needs.
  • Master Slider supports YouTube and Vimeo and it provides ready to use video templates to create an amazing video gallery without any troubles.
  • This plugin is highly responsive and you don’t have to bother about its working on different devices.

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5. Page Animations and Transitions –  Animation WordPress Plugin

Page Animation and Transition is of one the free WordPress Plugin. It is well known for its brilliant features for animation effects which are free of cost. This plugin has got multiple CSS3 transition effects which can be embedded on your website to give the appearance an edge.

Page Animations & Transitions Animation WordPress Plugin


The plugin is available at free of cost on ‘wordpress.org’. You can simply download and install it and start using it without paying a single buck.


  • You can easily set zoom in or zoom out effect from page animation settings panel.
  • It allows you to select the desired speed for the zoom in & out an effect of animation.
  • This plugin provides you with 9 excellent animation effects like fade, rotate, flip and many more.

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6. Animate It! – Animation WordPress Plugins

This is an awesome WordPress Animation Plugin which is flecked with amazing features like adding as many animations as you want. Also, you can set a limit to the number of times a particular animation can be used.

Moreover, this plugin provides you with more than 50 appealing animations. Also, you can prevent animation on devices like mobiles and tabs.

Animate It Animation WordPress Plugin


You can get this astounding plugin without even spending a buck. Just go to ‘wordpress.org’ and simply download+install it from there at free of cost.


  • You can simply apply animations over various actions like animations on click, hover or scroll which will trigger the animation as soon it comes in action.
  • It allows you to set the duration for various effects which will enable you to create a precise and awesome animation.
  • With the help of CSS you can easily add the animation to the desired page, post or widget.

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7. WP Smoother – Animation WordPress Plugin

WP Smoother – Smooth Scroll Anchor Scroll Fade Animations is a free WordPress plugin which helps the user to trigger animations on their page, post or widgets. It is fully customizable so, you can edit every effect can be adjusted as per your wish.

WPSmoother Animation WordPress Plugin


WP Smoother is available at ‘wordpress.org’ at free of cost. Just go and download & install it on the WordPress site.


  • This plugin enables the user to add animations to the pages which you can later edit or disable from a page.
  • You can simply activate fade animations which will trigger as and when the page will load. Also, you can customize its time settings.
  • One can decide whether to enable the animation on homepage or not.
  • Also, you can enable/disable smooth mouse and anchor scrolling. Furthermore, you can also set the time of smooth scrolling.

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Yeah! We know there’s a vast difference between VFX (Visual Effects) & animations but you can definitely add a bit of efficacy to your site with the help of animations.

Animation WordPress Plugins provides you with splendid features like adding CSSS3 effects, changing the transition, customizing speed for animation, etc. With the help of these plugins, you can enhance the design of your WordPress site.

You can also add shortcodes which makes it easier for a person from non-technical background to design animations for himself.

Above, is a list of some of the finest WordPress Animation Plugins which will help you in adding the awesome animations in few clicks. We hope you will now be able to select the best suitable plugin for your site.

For more queries and suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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