The trends have changed and since having smartphones do all the work, people seldom sits in front of the desktop. We look for a theme with responsive nature. But should this trend be confined only to the layout of the website or it should expand further?

You already know the answer. And that’s why you are surfing our blog on Mobile Menu WordPress Plugins.

Of course, every theme has a predefined set of menus, is it wise to go for mobile menu WordPress plugins for added functionality?

The present scenario leads us to a point where it is actually essential to have your website’s menu designed in a way which makes it optimized for mobile. In simple words, the menu of your website will have the perfect drop down, an accordion style which can also overlay the content just like it happens in mobile.

Although menu is a pretty simple thing. The three line button, that we term as a menu, holds a list of individual items with a different purpose that appears only when you click the menu because we don’t want to spill the beans at the very moment when a viewer visits our website. Isn’t?

But, as soon as the menu is clicked it should serve at least half of your purpose of impressing the visitor.That’s the reason why we would looking at the Best Mobile Menu Plugins that will help in making website easily accessible to all the global viewers.

You may also have looks at these WordPress plugins.

1. Touchy – WordPress Mobile WordPress Plugin

This plugin acts as Mobile Navigation solution for WordPress with most customization options. You will also get features like buttons and navigations to take the user experience to the next level of the website.

Touchy Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


This amazing plugin is available at a very affordable price. Regular license at just $22 with 6 months support. Extended license at $90.


  • You can use the “by default” feature for back, call, email, search as it is. You may also override it completely by adding different items. For eg. default icons can be replaced by browser icons etc.
  • When it comes to the customization you can upload a logo image and position it right, center or left wherever you like with ease.
  • There are 2 unstyled widget location provided at top and bottom of the menu that can be used via embedding shortcodes, CSS, HTML for any purpose(eg. Add social button, announce a new product etc.)
  • With free updates provided to the customer also allow them to avail new features that are added regularly.

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2. Mobile Smart Pro

This plugin lets you switch your theme and have control over the appearance of your website. With its 4.5 star rating, this plugin serves as theme switching mobile toolkit. This plugin includes developer feature – template tags. It allows the developer to customize your theme to different devices.

Mobile Smart Pro Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


Purchase the regular license at the minimal rate of $17. With the extended license at $80. You get extended support for one year at $4.88.


  • Foot switcher will allow the user to switch manually between mobile desktop version
  • Mobile plugins will disable specific plugins when the viewer views your site on mobile or tablet that might slow down the theme
  • The mobile device can be detected once it visits your website, further we can switch to our preferred mobile theme.
  • If a customer visits through mobile or tablet, he will be redirected to individual post/ pages to a custom URL.

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3. WP Mobile Menu – WordPress Responsive Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu is the best in WordPress Responsive mobile plugins. This plugin will provide better functionalities for the menu of your WordPress website even on a mobile.

This plugin comes with various features which will provide you a complete solution for all your problem. Multi-Level menu and widgetized areas are few of the many features of this plugin.

WP Mobile Menu Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


This plugin is available at $39.99 only. With Pro version Lifetime you can avail it at $119.99.


  • Provides you slideout Push Content which will slide in from left/right and push the entire page content.
  • You can also display the menu panel from Top and it will stay over the page content.
  • Loaded with a cutting-edge feature that will provide a perfect experience over your WordPress site.
  • This plugin provides a wide range of icons over 2000+ like FontAwesome, Fontelicon, Iconic, Entypo, Typicons for the users.

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4. Mobi – Mobile First WordPress Responsive Navigation Menu Plugin

Mobi emphasis on the effective navigation of your website for the customers. You can choose where to position the menu (on the top or bottom) for your mobile responsive website.

Make it more appealing give your website your personal touch by setting logo, background image color scheme that suits best for your site.

Mobi Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


Now you can purchase this plugin by paying a very minimal amount of $16 for a regular license with 6 months support $75 for an extended license.


  • The user can have selected items in the menu by simple drag and drop customization feature offered by this plugin.
  • The user can decide the visibility of menu for the guest users or login users (registered ones) of the website.
  • The navigation with a pop-up effect will display full navigation links and search form making it an easy access for the visitor. You can also add logo image in this pop-up.
  • The social media icons in the menu will allow the user to share the content with others. This will increase the social media interaction and gradually an increased traffic to your website.

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5. Superfly- Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Superfly WordPress theme is in the form of either a stand-alone navigation or with your main menu. This plugin will provide enables a user to design a menu that will be optimized for space.

It provides mouse-over interface to displays the information without actually clicking on it. Which enhance smooth navigation.

Superfly Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


You can have purchased on the basis of the two types of licenses available. Regular license at $25 with 6 months support. Extended license at $150.


  • Menu bar comes as Shiny icon bar, available in the compact form, for users to quickly access to those included pages. It is also available in full-screen mode and side menu(or vertical menu).
  • Menu display can be controlled with the following options: show/hide on mobiles or desktops or on specific pages, for logged user etc.
  • This plugin can incorporate any number of menus from WordPress according to the user need.

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6. WDES Responsive Mobile Menu

This developer-friendly mobile menu inbuilt in a way that it provides access to pages within the website for visitors as well. The plugin functions automatically with many of the WordPress themes at the back end and ddon’trequire any coding.

WDES Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin


Avail this plugin without paying any charge as it is free of cost.


  • If the themes mentioned above does not match your current theme, you can still use the plugin by use of the following function after body opening tag. wdes-responsive-mobile-menu.
  • The Header Top Section above site logo and navigation menu, allows you to add your phone number, email address, and social networks.
  • You can also select a new one from menu dashboard.
  • With WDES Responsive Mobile page options you can always organize site logo, background color, text color, text font size etc.

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The above-mentioned plugins are the best Menu Mobile WordPress Plugins. Hope you find out the best plugin for your website.

For any queries, you can comment below