Ad blocker technology has arguably been one of the most difficult challenges marketers face to knock over!

Users love Ad blockers where as website owners hate them.

About 83% of the users agree from the fact that “Not all ads are bad, but we want to filter out the intrusive ones!”

Where as website owners leave no stone unturned to gain revenue through advertisements.

If you are a website owner then ad blockers are definitely your pain point. And yes! you can’t ignore their number as there are now over 198 million active users using ad blockers all around the world.  

So what can you do to get your message across to customers without turning them off?

The answer, of course, lies in creating valuable and non-intrusive respectful ads. As well as, you can use Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins to advertise to users who simply don’t want to see hard-sell ads anymore.

Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins are easy to use addons to respectfully request with your audience and try convincing them politely to consider disabling ad blocking when going through your website.  

However, you can also entirely block the ad blocking users through these plugins! (But it’s not a really good idea to ignore them!)

Here is the list of  4 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins that can help your website getting whitelisted by ad blockers and can blend relevant advertisements in to your website.

Let’s Check out!

Swift through more WordPress plugins:

1. Simple Adblock Notice Pro  – Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

It’s a widely used anti adblock plugin that displays pop up message to whitelist your website to the Adblock plus extension users.

Most of the users have added the Adblock plus extension to block the online advertisements on their browser.

Simple Adblock Notice detects it and shows the message to the visitors for disabling it in the time intervals set by you without annoying them.

Simple Adblock Notice Pro Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins


  • The plugin provides the full control over the notice text/title and you can customize it freely.
  • Also, you can disable the advertisement notice for the particular web pages that don’t have ad on them.  
  • It can be used in two anti ad blocking modes:
  1. Strict mode: You can hide your entire website with Adblock plus extension users. For example: Forbes, Ad blocker users have to disable their ad blocker to even view this website.
  2. Sticky note: You can flaunt notice to your visitors for disabling Adblock plus extension as it is preventing the webpage from full loading. For example OkCupid, it kindly asks to keep supporting its website in a fun and respectful way and told that it can remove ads for the visitors forever if they can pay $5 to it.


Purchase Simple Adblock Notice Pro at $5.

P.S. – If your website don’t have advertisements then we don’t recommend to use this plugin.

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2. Ad Blocker Notify Lite – Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

If you are running a personal blog or a magazine website then this plugin is good to go for showing advertisements to adblock users.

Ad Blocker Notify Lite plugin has a very original approach towards ad blocking. It simply notify the visitors to close their adblocker extension to communicate with them.

It uses a passive way towards ad blockers. This plugin cannot completely block AdBlock users. Its effectively means that your visitors will be able to see your ad even if they don’t disable their ad blocking tools.

Ad Blocker Notify Lite Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins


  • The plugin allows to tweak the pop ups the way you wish by selecting various templates, catchy titles, animations, colors and much more.
  • You can also send pop up at the specific time during the clients’ visit on your website.
  • With this add-on you can also track its performance by its statistics about the influence that ad blockers are having on your website.


Download this plugin for free from

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3. Ad Blocking Detector – Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

Through this anti adblock WordPress plugin you can show alternative content to the ad blockers.

It provides shortcodes which can be used to show advertisements to the visitors using ad blockers.

You can show the content to the visitors only if they will disable their adblocker extension.

Ad Blocking Detector Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins


  • The plugin allows to modify your website’s appearance with  CSS or by executing JavaScript code.
  • It can detect all the major ad blocking browser extensions like  AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and Ghostery.
  • It is compatible with WordPress multisite networks.


This is a freemium plugin that can be downloaded from official WordPress website.

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4. AdUnblocker – Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins

It is the simplest anti ad blocking plugin that detects ad-blockers like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

It generates the pop up with a text requesting user to whitelist your website.

The plugin comes with three Ad unblocker settings i.e.

  • Strict: The pop up will show continuously till the visitor remains on your website.
  • Temporary: Pop up disappears after the set timer.
  • Dismissible: It can be missed by a click.

AdUnblocker Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins


  • It provides the ability to customize your message across 3 distinct layouts.
  • You can set the anti adblock message delay time in seconds for the website visitors.
  • The plugin provides smooth admin panel for an easy and fast setup.


You can download AdUnblocker from

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Wrapping it up!

Hopefully, the list of these 4 Anti Adblock WordPress Plugins will help you to deal with the adblockers in a friendly and non-combative manner.

People usually have strong opinions about anti adblock plugins.

We’d love to hear thoughts from our readers in the comments!