All the import export WordPress plugins in this collection shorten the import export process down to just a simple click. These plugins will allow you to easily export content using XML file. Like, you can move posts, pages, custom fields, custom posts any many other entities.

Further, these WordPress plugins will surely be useful for the website owners who run an e-commerce site, business site, retailers sites, and all other business websites.

All these plugins can export all user data, metadata, and profile data and include an option to export the users by role, registration date range, and user metadata.

Now, let us move forward and explore the features of these best import export WordPress plugins in detailed.

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1. Product Import Export WordPress plugin – WordPress Plugin

Product Import Export  is one of the best-paid WordPress plugins and it is also WooCommerce compatible through which you can start an e-commerce

This plugin exports and download the WooCommerce products in CSV file format.
It helps you to update the product existing details by using the ‘merge products’ feature through which you can add more details to the product like price or sale status.

Xadapter Import Export WordPress Plugin


Product Import Export WordPress plugin costs you $69 with lifetime updates and 30days money back guarantee.


  • This plugin supports all the product types like simple, variable, group and external.
  • You can use the FTP/SFTP/URL of the product for importing and exporting it.
  • You may filter products before exporting based on different criteria like export by category, type or partial export.
  • Also, you can schedule the export of products to an FTP location at regular intervals through a cron job.

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2. WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin is one of the most affordable add-ons in the WordPress import export plugin. It is basically designed for those who run an e-commerce website as the plugin is WooCommerce compatible.

This plugin helps you to easily import and export the products in the store and also it helps in product variations.

Export and import the products in simple, group, external categories with CSV files.

Webtoffee Import Export WordPress Plugin


WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin WordPress plugin cost you $69 with regular updates and support.


  • You can schedule the import and export of product through FTP/SFTP using a cron job.
  • It will provide you with the ease to import CSV files from the URL of products.
  • It supports multi-languages, German and French languages are supported out of the box.
  • With this plugin, you can easily separate or categorize the products on bases their pricing.

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3. Woo Import Export – WordPress Plugin

Woo Import Export WordPress plugin which allows you to store the data of the e-commerce sites products, orders, and product categories.

This plugin also provides you with multiple filter options, export management, field management, and schedule management of the essential products and files.

Moreover, this plugin helps you to easily export or import data to CSV files.

Woo Import Export Import Export WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $25 with lifetime update facility.


  • This plugin provides you with detailed documentation of products.
  • You can easily import the URL of products through this plugin to your site.
  • It supports all the status of new and old products which are listed in the product list.
  • Also, this plugin supports all kinds of languages with the help of WPML plugin.

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4. Slick Menu – WordPress plugin

Slick Menu WordPress plugin is one of the most popular plugins for importing and exporting of data on the website. It will help you to import and export the slick menu with all their settings admin.

Also, this WordPress plugin is responsive WordPress vertical menu.

Slick Menu Import Export WordPress Plugin


Slick Menu WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $8 with lifetime updates.


  • You will be provided with the select menu to export item from the theme setting option.
  • It helps you to attach the import data files from the existing documents on your desktop.
  • Select menu demos that can be imported in the sizes like classic, pizza menu, full screen, and others.
  • This plugin is responsive in nature with all kind of screen devices.

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5. Woocommerce Product Reviews – WordPress Plugin

One of the popular WordPress review plugin among the all listed above. This plugin allows you to import or export the products reviews through CSV files.
At the time of importing files, the admin of the site has the authority to add more reviews or can change the date, time of particular review.
The main goal of this plugin is to promote the product of your website and to increase traffic to your site.

WooCommerce Import Export Product Review Import Export WordPress Plugin


This product review WordPress plugin comes with a price tag of $22 with 6months client support facility.


  • Admin has the power to add or remove the reviews from the files while importing.
  • You can also edit the content of the review if it is not good for the product.
  • This plugin is easy to install and highly compatible with all cross browsers like chrome, opera mini, safari etc.
  • Further, with this plugin, you can easily change the author name from the admin setting.

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6. Widget Importer & Exporter – WordPress Plugin

Widget Importer & Exporter is the best free WordPress plugin with 300,000+ active installations. The plugin will let you move the widgets from one site to another. It will help you to back up the widgets through import-export setting.

The import is done by exporting the file with the help of a plugin. It will help you to manage and display the widget area in a table format on your website.
The exporter widgets will help you export a file (in JSON format with .wie extension) from the active widgets. It can be imported to other sites with the help of this plugin.

Widget Importer Exporter Import Export WordPress Plugin


This widget WordPress plugin is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from WordPress. org


  • From the admin setting, you will easily export the widgets portation on the website.
  • It will help you to import the widgets to another website as well.
  • This plugin comes with WPML plugin which supports multiple languages.
  • It is SEO friendly which let your website display on each search engines.

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Above we have listed the best import export WordPress plugins. They will help you to modify the features of your website and also it will add more functionality to it.

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