We go across a lot of plugins every day but today we’ll delve into something out of the box. So, we have brought for you the WordPress alphabetical list plugins.

These are sort of a-z index WordPress plugins which are used by many people to arrange their blogs in an alphabetical order. People who own websites like – wikis, quotes, poetry, recipes, or facts, can use these advanced WordPress plugins.

Moreover, having an alphabetical listing will allows your visitors to browse and access your content easily.

You can use these WordPress alphabetical index for any type of page on your website – posts, pages, custom post types.

With these plugins, you can create A-Z listings, or a WordPress glossary, where people can click on the A-Z letters to view the listings under each one.

So in this blog, we have elaborated some free & paid WordPress alphabetical list plugins for you to choose from. We hope you will pick the best suitable one for your website as we have defined some of the best plugins.

But before that you may have a look at the blogs below:

1. Sortable – Best In WordPress Alphabetical List Plugins

Sortable is one of the best plugin, due to its amazing sorting abilities. This can sort your content or data on the basis of your posts date, alphabetical order, most shared, and according to most commented posts.

It provides a high-resolution display, which will give your users a pixel perfect interface. And, it is fully responsive, which means it is screen independent and looks great on different devices like mobile, tablets, etc.

Furthermore, this plugin is compatible with Bootstrap 3.x, latest browsers – Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

Sortable WordPress Alphabetical List Plugin

Price –

  • Sortable WordPress plugin will cost you $16 with 6-month support from Wpicode.
  • Extended plan is also available which will cost you $80 for all features & services.

Features –

  • It works with any post type, also you can create a custom field like pricing for shopping carts from the admin panel itself.
  • The sortable plugin makes the sorting of content easy as it can be in an A-Z form or vice-versa.
  • Sorting by a drop-down is the best feature, you can sort depending upon most commented. mostly shared, or by date.
  • This plugin uses caching process which can speed up the loading of posts.

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2. DW Glossary – WordPress Alphabetical List Plugin

On every website, technical terms are very important, thus they must be synchronized on the same page in terms of vocabulary and definitions.

DW Glossary allows you to do all these things. This plugin will help your customers understand the general concept of a certain term.

Thus, it allows you to build an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with accompanying definitions for those terms.

DW Glossary WordPress Alphabetical List Plugin

Price –

  • With free future updates, regular license and a 6-month support this plugins will cost you $17 only.
  • Extended plan

Features –

  • With this plugin, your users can easily search the words just by clicking on their starting alphabet.
  • DW Glossary is compatible with all WordPress versions, themes, and plugins.
  • This plugin is compatible with WPML plugin, which means it can be translated into other languages as well.
  • It will help your blog in ranking at a higher position with its SEO friendliness.

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3. A-Z Listing – Free In All WordPress Alphabetical List Plugins

A-Z Listing is a multilingual plugin and can be translated into 5 languages. Those languages are – Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Portuguese (Brazil), and Swedish.

Moreover, if any letter doesn’t have a page associated with it, then the widget will automatically omit that letter entirely from the index. You can also use different shortcodes for adding different functionalities like –

  • To specify a post-type: [a-z-listing post-type=”post”]
  • For adding numbers to the listing: [a-z-listing numbers=”after”]
  • Or to group the alphabet letters into a range: [a-z-listing grouping=”3″]

A-Z Listing WordPress Alphabetical List Plugin

Price –

It is an open source software, thus, it is available to all free of cost and you can easily download it from wordpress.org.

Features –

  • This plugin provides a widget which combines all pages into an A to Z listing.
  • With this plugin, you can target both the widget and index page sections on your website and display it on pages as well as globally on your site.
  • This plugin supplies a shortcode for the full A-Z listing which simplifies the process of adding it to the website.
  • A-Z Listing will allow the site owner, developer, to provide custom templates for its output.

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4. WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options – Plugin

WooCommerce extra product sorting options plugin comes with many types sortings which are – alphabetical product sorting, sale sorting, sorting by inventory/availability, and sorting by review count.

It comes with a handy tutorial to make you understand it better, step by step. Also, it has 100K active installations till date and a rating of 4.5 stars.

WooCommerce Extra Products Sorting Options WordPress Alphabetical List Plugin

Price –

It is available entirely free of cost to all through wordpress.org site.

Features –

  • This plugin is extremely helpful for e-commerce websites as content and products can be sorted with ease.
  • It is tri-lingual and can be translated into three languages – Czech, English (US), and Japanese.
  • You can sort your content with 5 new sorting options: alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, on sale, review count, and availability product sorting.

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Conclusion –

These are some of the best WordPress alphabetical list plugins. All these plugins hold lots of amazing features, choosing one must be tough. But, we trust your choice and hope you will hand-picked the best one.

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