Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

Email Marketing has spread rapidly around the world and its demand & usage is increasing day by day.

Every business whether it’s global or local is trying to fetch out an effective email marketing platform to do product and service promotions online.

But, due to like lack of knowledge, high pricing, insufficient product details, limited facilities & features people end-up optioning an emailing solution that doesn’t satisfy their promotional needs.

But this will not happen from today.

In this blog we have come up with a list of 10+ Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses that are affordable, delivery higher open rates, comes loaded with enormous features and perfect for any size of organisation whether it’s a start-up, small, medium or large.

So, let’s dive into this blog and find a perfect email marketing solution for small business.

Comparison Between Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses
Services Pricing Plan: 5k Subscribers Free Trial Subscription Forms Auto Responders Drip Emails
MailGet $5
MailGet Bolt $19
SendPulse $35
Direct IQ $45
Redcappi $34

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1. MailGet

You might have heard about MailGet many times as it has become very popular email marketing solution these days. This is because it focuses on email delivery which makes its service outstanding among others.

It has a collection of numerous attractive features that every business wants for marketing and promotion of their company.

In addition, MailGet offers 500+ predefined free templates covering various niches. You can even customize these pre-designed responsive templates as per the needs and requirements of your marketing campaign.

We have tested all the functionalities of MailGet and founded it to be the best & cheapest one among all the services as it costs only $4 for email sending.

It isn’t just me boasting about this bulk emailing service instead, there are several other users who can vouch for the delivery rates, affordable pricing plans, option to seamlessly integrate multiple SMTPs and awesome customer support.

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With tons of amenities, reliable platform, hundreds of free email templates at an extremely low price, MailGet has become the most preferred email marketing service for small-scale businesses right now.
Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

Check out some unique attributes of MailGet –

  • List Cleaning helps to clean out the inactive as well as bad emails from the contact list.
  • Email Deliverability to improve the inbox success of your marketing campaigns by 99%.
  • Email Tracking lets you know what happens after you hit send and provides details like the number of clicks, open rate, unsubscribers, device info and more.
  • SMTP Integration reduces the risk of being blacklisted.

Pros & Cons That MailGet Email Marketing Service


  • Most of the setups, features, and facilities are explained via video and tutorials.
  • Permits integration of more than 40 SMTP service including Amazon SES.
  • Add and handle all your subscribers with ease.


  • Initial setup of SMTP service is required to start email delivery

2. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is an advanced version of MailGet email marketing service. This service comes with a pre-configured SMTP setup. So, if you opt for this solution no hosting or complicated SMTP setup will be required.

Even the basic plan of MailGet Bolt emailing platform holds multiple futuristic features. You are allowed to send unlimited mails to conduct effective email marketing campaigns and attract more & more customers towards your business.

Invest Less & Earn Incredibly More
Want an Open Rate of 43% on marketing campaigns and around 30% on transactional campaigns.

If this is what you need, then start sending emails through MailGet Bolt emailing platform.

We have used this platform and receives great results in return.

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Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

Below are the features of MailGet Bolt that will help your business grow worldwide:-

  • MailGet Bolt guarantees 99% inbox delivery as the emails are fully responsive and help you achieve higher delivery rate.
  • Import email contacts and enhance your mailing list by uploading contacts from .CSV format.
  • Autoresponder is a facility which automatically triggers a preconfigured email in response to customers who have contacted you. This saves time, money and resources.
  • Subscriber segmentation helps you achieve higher delivery rate, by sending emails to clients who have failed to open your emails on the first try.

Pros & Cons of MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Service


  • Start with 30-days free access to 9,000 emails.
  • It requires no complicated SMTP setup or settings.
  • Comes loaded with 500+ pre-designed responsive templates.


  • There is an initial limit of 2000 emails. This restriction holds the users from sending more e-mails.

3. SendPulse

Another well-known email marketing service provider that is suitable for any type of business is SendPulse. It allows you to send emails in bulk, SMSs, web push etc, these facilities help to increase the growth of your business.

This is an advanced service which automates the communication process and gives you the flexibility to manage contact list, schedule online mails, provides email templates, high deliverability, and much more.

SendPulse Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Top class features that SendPulse offers –

  • Monitor the progress of your campaigns with email tracking facility.
  • SMTP integration activates a dedicated IP-address for sending emails in bulk.
  • Create e-mails in few minute with hundreds of email templates and designs.
  • Deliver e-mails that are fully responsive and adjust to the screen sizes of different devices.

Pros & Cons Of SendPulse


  • Free plan offered comes with 2,500 subscribers and email limit of 15,000 mails.
  • 100 free email templates in 8 different categories.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.


  • Provides 2 API’s but both designed badly plus they are poorly documented.
  • Customer support is not available on phone.

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4. ReachMail

ReachMail is yet another awesome email marketing tool for small business. It gives you a great exposure for creating beautiful, eye-catchy and professional looking mails to convert prospective clients into regular customers.

You can easily automate the whole email sending process with autoresponder feature. ReachMail mailing solution also provides various email templates for free. It also permits e-mail tracking which notifies you things like open rate, clicks on links, device details and more.

ReachMail Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Premium features & facilities which ReachMail has got –

  • Easy SMTP Integration for sending transactional e-mails.
  • Multiple free email templates to design responsive and attractive emails.
  • Spam Checker Tool to know whether your mails are marked as spam or not.
  • A/B testing to verify and compare the designs of emails for the campaign.

Pros & Cons Of ReachMail


  • Free plan that can handle 5,000 subscribers and send 15,000 emails.
  • Top class unlimited support is provided.


  • Free templates are only accessible via paid plans users.
  • Features to automate are not easy to handle.

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5. DirectIQ

DirectIQ is the perfect email marketing solution for small-scale to medium-size businesses. It’s easy to use email designer lets you create beautiful e-mails and autoresponder feature automates all your email sending process.

Easily imports email contacts from different sources, pick a template and start a marketing campaign in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can also test your templates with actual screenshots.

DirectIQ Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

Multiple features that DirectIQ has got –

  • Easily manage your list of email contacts.
  • Powerful Social Media Integration is also present.
  • Test your campaigns before sending.
  • Get detailed email delivery reporting and key metrics.

Pros & Cons Of DirectIQ


  • The control panel is user-friendly.
  • Offers great 24/7 customer support.


  • Plans designed are pretty expensive and lack in features.
  • Basic features are good, but advanced automation facilities do not perform well.

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6. Redcappi

RedCappi is an email marketing software that comes pre-loaded with incredible features that are beneficial for all type of businesses.

This email marketing service is priced very low, plus it is effective and includes simple drag & drop email builder using which one can design professional looking emails, send them to multiple contacts in bulk and track the results of your campaigns in real time.

Redcappi Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Redcappi delivers numerous features for ease of email promotions –

  • Perform A/B testing on all your campaigns for better results.
  • Campaign creator is an easy-to-use facility that allows creating personalized mails.
  • With RedCappi you can simplify the process of tracking user actions like opens, clicks, and forwards with ease.
  • Simplifies the management of email marketing list through list management feature.

Pros & Cons Of Redcappi


  • Free plan that offers 100 contacts access.
  • Great service for beginners and start-ups.


  • Autoresponder feature is very basic and drip campaign is not there.
  • Pre-designed email templates not available

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7. ContactoLogy

It is a popular email marketing tool for small, medium, and large enterprises. Creating professional and beautifully designed emails has now become so easier with Contactology as it does not require any technical skills.

Contactology email marketing tool helps you automate mail delivery, enhance customer engagements, increases sales and improves the ROI of your business. As you can reach more & more people and widen your audience for your email promotions with the service.

Contactology Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Host effective e-mail marketing campaigns with features of ContactoLogy –

  • Create emails using mobile-optimized templates to reach every contact on your list.
  • See how your emails look like on the devices with the Email Inbox Preview facility.
  • Understand your customers by tracking the reports and results of different marketing campaigns.
  • Expand your reach with social media sharing tokens that allow sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and more.

Pros & Cons Of ContactoLogy


  • Removes unsubscribed and bounced emails.
  • Excellent customer support service.


  • A very limited spam checking is available.
  • There are only 8 free templates whereas other provide hundreds.
  • Needs credit card details even for free trial.

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8. Mvizz

Mvizz is the next best email marketing platform on this list because of its amazing features. It has got Global Blacklist facility which is an exclusive feature that permits you to create a directory of emails that you do not wish to include in your campaigns in the future.

You can simply automate various campaigns, manage contacts list and perform a different type of filtrations. Other than that the emails delivered via this service are responsive and get delivered to customer’s inbox.

Mvizz Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Properties that Mvizz provides for better emailing–

  • User-friendly emails editor using which emails can be created just with a drag-and-drop.
  • Create segments based on the subscriber’s behavior to enhance open rates of campaigns.
  • Get real-time reports about user actions on your emails like Open, Click, Bounce or Unsubscription.
  • Email scheduler to reach clients when they are most available.

Pros & Cons Of Mvizz


  • Advanced API is also available.
  • Spam checker and feedback loop are also there.


  • Plans are not affordable in fact they are costly.
  • Customer support is not that good.

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9. Informz

Informz is an all-in-one email marketing software which is capable of handling every small business online marketing needs. This software has proven to be most cost-effective, popular and frequently used marketing tool amongst all.

The autoresponder feature is very effective as email sending process becomes automatic and it also guarantees high mail deliverability.

Informz Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Features of Informz that are designed to deliver higher open rate –

  • Design responsive emails with easy to use 4 step email wizard.
  • Effectively manage contact list which is free from invalid e-mail contacts.
  • A/B split tester, Spam, and Unsubscribe checker also available.
  • You can also integrate social posting.

Pros & Cons Of Informz


  • Test the performance of email campaigns in real-time.
  • Allows social media marketing as well.


  • Pricing is very high.
  • Does not allows contacts and lead management.

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10. Emma

Emma is another top email marketing service which can help you build smarter email campaigns to achieve great ROI. Creating and tracking emails will become extremely easy with this tool as it is equipped with both tracking and mail editor.

You can reach customers at right time with its powerful automation feature, also have a clear reporting of all the stats, easily organize your data, contacts and much more.

Emma Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Check out some powerful features that Emma emailing service delivers –

  • You can simply import and segment your contact list.
  • Perform advanced analysis of all your e-mail campaigns.
  • Drag & Drop mail editor to design, test, & send fully customized emails.
  • Send emails that are 100% responsive and look perfect on various devices.

Pros & Cons Of Emma


  • Unlimited picture hosting is provided.
  • Templates can easily be customized.
  • Allows shopify & salesforce integration as well.


  • No live chat support is there for instant queries.
  • Free plan has no exciting features and facilities.

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11. Mail Marketer

Mail Marketer is simple and best mailing software for businesses running locally on a small-scale who require a hassle-free dashboard to market their products. Start an email campaign and target mass audience by choosing any HTML template from dozens of built-in templates available with this service.

Deliver emails that are responsive on which you can track real-time user actions, manage all contacts and much more with ease.

Mail Marketer Best Affordable Email Marketing Software For Small Business


Check out some more features of Mail Marketer –

  • Upload, import or use pre-designed free email templates.
  • Integrate google analytics, plus also know clicks, links and opened rate of emails.
  • This service comes equipped with advanced WYSIWYG email editor.
  • Upload images in bulk with no limit.

Pros & Cons Of Mail Marketer


  • 30-days free trial and send emails to 100 clients.
  • Simplified process for mass emailing.


  • Pricing is high when compared with other similar services.
  • Limited amount of resources are available.

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Last Words..

These are the best as well as affordable e-mail marketing software for small businesses that are perfect even for medium and large size organizations.

Well, I would like to recommend MailGet, to those having businesses like hotels, hair salon, realtors, etc, as it provides you 500+ free email templates on multiple niches which makes it extremely easy to do online promotions via emails.

Let’s have a quick overview of those stunning templates that it provides every subscriber for no charge -> Free HTML Templates On Various Niches

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