In case you’re an individual from the blogosphere and don’t have an email list, you could miss on a major opportunity to develop a profound association with the audience.

But you might ask – “Why & how email marketing for a blogging website”?

Indeed, email marketing is an incredible approach to get the blog followers back to your site & build up a loyalty – particularly in a scenario, when such a large number of people read a solitary post and are less likely to return to the blog in future. It can likewise open up the chances to effectively monetize your content.

To help you set up a developing and steadfast blog following with email marketing, here is a collection of best blogger email marketing services for fashion, travel, digital & other corporate bloggers. They offer benefits like:

Design custom email templates for your blogging profession.
Send bulk of blog promotional emails & track them in real time.
A library of free readymade templates to escape you from email building.
Automated features to build a constant & beneficial communication with users.

All the below discussed email marketing software are build with a handy drag-&-drop builder which is an integral part of MailGet Bolt.

1. Top Email Marketing Service For Fashion & Vogue Bloggers

The easy to use builder tool of this top email marketing service gives you the privilege to create responsive & multimedia emails without any single line of coding. You can promote latest fashion trends blog post up on your site using a regular or drip campaign.

Drip emails and autoresponders are the perfect media to stay in touch with the fashion freak crowd 24*7. Collect numerous contacts via email sign-up forms & manage them efficiently by segmenting according to their fashion interests.

Email Marketing Service For Fashion Bloggers

Key Features Of Fashion Email Marketing Software

  • You can rectify the errors made in your fashion blog emails with the email inbox preview feature.
  • Send auto-follow-up emails to those subscribers who have not opened the emails for the first time.
  • The dashboard of this tool shows all the stats regarding the email opening, unopened & clicked rates.

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2. Popular Email Marketing Software For Travel & Adventure Bloggers

Sharing your travel experience via blogs will motivate more & more people to plan their vacation. But if you want to promote & expand your blogs across a wider orbit of an audience then this email marketing software is perfect for you.

You can create emails featuring the photos of travel destinations, hotel information & much more to draw more attention of the users. This tool confirms a high inbox delivery rate of the emails & thus helping to build your brand reputation.

Email Marketing Software For Travel Bloggers

Elements Of Email Marketing Platform For Travel Bloggers

  • This email marketing platform provides you the complete knowledge about the user’s behavior towards the blog promotional emails.
  • Easily control thousands of contacts with the assistance of list management feature.
  • Greet the subscribers by sending them personalized emails, advertising your new travel blogs & giving them tips, as this will give them a feeling of recognition.

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3. Factual Email Marketing Service For Food & Recipe Bloggers

Cooking delicious food is an art & promoting your skills with the help of blogs is a really interesting profession. Advertise your dishes with the help of email templates, where you can add pictures, business taglines, social icons to drive more customers to your blogging website.

Maintain a proper list of contacts by segmenting the subscribers according to their food habits & interests. This will help you to send targeted emails so that the readers completely engage with the messages & convert into your regular clients.

Email Marketing Service For Food Bloggers

Prime Features Of Food Bloggers Email Marketing Software

  • Craft attractive email templates starring your delicious delicacies, or you can also send text emails using the basic text editor.
  • Use the auto responder email feature to stay in touch the subscriber’s right from the beginning.
  • The drip feature helps you to send a series of emails promoting the food blogs in a systematic manner.

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4. Popular Email Marketing Tool For Photography Bloggers

Email marketing is an incredible approach to make your readers bring to your site with new content of photography tricks. This will not just enhance the traffic of your blogging website, but will also build up your photography blogging brand.

Design emails with pictures of your snapshots, cinematography skills or you can just send basic text emails advertising the blog highlights. You can either choose a regular or drip campaign to plan a proper marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Service For Photography Bloggers

Elements Of Email Marketing Service For Photography Bloggers

  • Apart from adding social icons, buttons in the message body, you can also add an unsubscribe button, so that the chances of the emails being marked as spam by the user decreases.
  • Email personalization is a very important aspect of online marketing, as it gets maximum user attention.
  • Schedule the photography blog emails to be sent at a later point of time when the reader is most likely to engage with it.

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5. Email Marketing Service For Social Media Bloggers

To all the web-based social networking bloggers who require a stage to grandstand their service online in a coordinated manner can make the most out of this email marketing service.

The email templates can be used to portray elements of your online networking blogging through different fields and areas. Send these emails in bulk & track the email campaigns with the help of Google analytics feature integrated with this software.

Email Marketing Service For Social Media Bloggers

Features Of Email Marketing Solution For Social Media Bloggers

  • You can embed a subscription form on high-traffic websites to effortlessly increase your contact list.
  • This email marketing solution also empowers to schedule the social media blog emails to be delivered at a specific time.
  • One of the main features of this tool is that it promises that your blog advertising emails are delivered straight to the subscriber’s inbox.

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6. Email Marketing Software For Digital Marketing Bloggers

Email marketing for advanced advertising bloggers is the ideal stage to promote your articles. By this, you can send emails with respect to blog publishing services in bulk and can educate the greatest number of customers at any given moment.

To draw maximum attention from the subscribers towards your digital marketing blogging platform, you can deliver the emails with personalized tags. You can also automate the whole process of sending series of emails & welcome messages with the autoresponder & drip emailing feature.

Email Marketing Software For Digital Marketing Bloggers

Elements Of Email Marketing Tool For Digital Marketing Bloggers

  • Create catchy email templates advertising your upcoming blog posts & keep your followers updated.
  • Target your clients at the most appropriate time by scheduling the email delivery timings & they will automatically be triggered into the client’s inbox.
  • To reduce the chances of the digital marketing blog emails to be marked as spam by the user, provide an unsubscribe handle in the message body.

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7. Email Marketing Software For Business & Corporate Bloggers

Motivate entrepreneurs by giving business advice & help them in flourishing their venture by informing about the latest business trends through blogs. Let them know that you are an expert in corporate blogging by sending them emails advertising your blogging website.

Design corporate sounding emails with easy email builder mechanisms, send them to thousands of entrepreneurs & this email marketing software will ensure that the emails are delivered straight to the subscriber’s inbox.

Email Marketing Software For Business & Corporate Bloggers

Traits Of Email Marketing Tool For Corporate Bloggers

  • This email marketing tool is integrated with Google analytics feature that helps you to keep an eye on the user’s behavior towards the sent emails.
  • Send automated newsletters, journals of business corporates in a systematic manner with the drip & autoresponder emails.
  • This software helps to easily manage a huge list of clientele, thus reducing your headache of list management.

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8. Email Marketing Service For Sports Writers & Bloggers

Everybody is energetic about games, they generally look for a stage where they can get all of games news & updates. So why not give them sports news by means of email marketing. This will also help you to broaden your sports blogging profession.

Create a huge list of sports fan by importing the contacts manually or upload a CSV file. Segment them according to their sports interests & accordingly send them only those emails which relate to their taste.

Email Marketing Service For Sports Bloggers

Key Elements Of Email Marketing Solution For Sports Bloggers

  • Without any hustle & bustle grow the list of sports fan subscribers by embedding email sign-up form on high-traffic networks.
  • One of the key elements of this software is that you need not communicate with clients on one to one basis. This work will be done by autoresponder emails automatically.
  • Personalization of emails will give the sports freak a sense of recognition & ultimately lead to their conversion into your regular follower.

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9. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Film Critics

Give your reviews on the latest motion pictures, releases via an online platform & fetch a wide audience for your film critic vocation by sending them promotional emails. You can design custom email templates with images of film posters, social icons, buttons & send them to millions of subscribers.

Increase a fruitful engagement with your contacts with the auto-follow-up emailing feature. This automatically sends messages according to the user’s action.

Email Marketing Service For Film Critics

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Film Critics

  • Schedule the emails of film reviews to be sent at a later point of time, may be at a point when the film releases & grabs the most eyeballs.
  • Resend the same emails to those who have not opened the emails for the first time.
  • The interactive dashboard of this software displays the email opening rates, the contacts tab give complete information regarding the spam, bounced & unsubscribed users.

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10. Email Marketing Service For Artists & Art Bloggers

The drag and drop email building tool provided by this email marketing service is the handiest tool you will ever get. You just need to drag pictures of art pieces, text regarding the painters in the pre-built content blocks & arrange them according to needs.

The autoresponder feature will automatically send emails on the basis of the user’s action & thus keeps the subscriber refurbished with all the latest news & updates of the art industry.

Email Marketing Service For Art Bloggers

Main Feature Of Email Marketing Tool For Art Bloggers

  • A custom code editor to create custom emails for your art blogging profession.
  • Maintain a proper database of contacts with the help of list management & subscribers segmentation feature.
  • The advanced reports & stats provided by this software will help you to analyze how the recipients are interacting with the art promotional emails.

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Ending Words!

Your blog is the best avenue for getting attention online, establishing your authority, and email communication helps you connect on a more devoted level & gives you a platform for making relevant offers to the public.

With the above collection of email marketing services get that best-selling synergy with an email marketing strategy that smartly combines blogging and online promotion. As together, their power is multiplied.

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As mentioned before, all of this software are based on a dynamic email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt. Want to design your own marketing masterplan.