Having a business of Spa? A Real Estate? Transportation? Fashion Boutique? Or A Consultancy..??

Well, it doesn’t matter where you belong to, we’ve crafted a common ground for all those business niches.

Building a template from scrap can be a very time-comprehensive process. Right? 

And if I am not wrong, you always think to save hours of your precious time while creating templates from ground level? Isn’t it? 

A good email template can make or break your marketing and nearly 50% of emails get opened on mobile devices, so it’s also important to keep small screens in mind. (Too Much To Consider… ) 

Well, keeping every trouble that you face and fear while creating templates MailGetemail marketing platform has created responsive HTML email newsletter templates in various niches for its users. 

These templates are designed using MailGet’s drag and drop email template builder.

Oh and did I mention… They’re free! 

What are you waiting for? 

Get your next email campaign up and running in no time by grabbing the one that fits your requirement well! Easily create beautiful, branded email marketing campaigns by choosing one of our free HTML email templates and customize it in minutes.

Running short of time? Jump right to your desired business niche,

i. Job Recruitment                                ii. Real Estate

iii. Hair Salon                                        iv. Holidays

v. Business                                           vi. Lawyers & Law Firms

vii. Hotels                                            viii. Doctors

ix. Restaurants                                      x. Taxis & Cabs

xi. Charities                                         xii. E-Commerce

xiii. Corporate Businesses               xiv.  Music

xv. Photography                                xvi. Blogging

xvii. Agencies                                  xviii. Fashion

xix. Events                                          xx. Authors

xxi. Startups                                     xxii. Artists

xxiii. Fitness                                      xiv. Insurance

xxv. Home Services                         xvi. Technology

xxvii. Sports                                  xxviii. News Agencies

xxviiii. GDPR Template (New)

#1 – Free Job Recruitment Email Templates –

The post covers 10 best and free job recruitment email templates that help you get high response rates!

Templates are designed by keeping various purposes in mind let’s say for recruitment and hiring process by job consultancy agencies, organizations, big corporation, manufacturing and industrial organizations and much more.

Job Recruitment Feature

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#2 – Free Real Estate Email Templates –

This post includes 10 stunning real estate email templates for realtors that helps them to target a larger audience, without spending much time and energy.

I believe real estate organizations and realtors would love to use these stunning real estate email templates for their email marketing.

Real Estate Feature

Check All Real-Estate Email Templates Here

#3 – Best Free Hair Salon Email Newsletter Templates –

10 Best free hair salon email newsletter templates for those who want to expose their hair salon business to a wide range of audience.

So, update your clients with latest trends, special offers etc. with these enticing mobile ready email templates!

Hair Salon Feature

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#4 – Best Free Holiday Email Templates –

Sending out holiday email templates is the best way to connect to people at the festive time. The holidays are the point of time you want to reconnect with old friends, relatives, and family.

The post covers 10 different variations of email templates covering various holiday occasions like Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

Holiday Email Feature

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#5 – Free Best Business Email Templates –

As a majority of business organizations are employing for email marketing people should now get their hands on contacting people in a better way i.e. for communicating with their suppliers, business partners, and clients.

Thus, this post incorporates 10 free business email templates for revamping the marketing strategies in the best of ways besides getting the product viral in the market.

Business Email Feature

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#6 – Free Email Templates For Lawyers & Law Firms 2022 –

Attract new clients easily by conveying your expertise in the law profession and competency in manipulating different sort of cases.

The post assembles 5 lawyer email templates which are solely for lawyer and law firms who are looking for email marketing goal.

Best Free Hair Salon Email Newsletter Templates

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#7 – Free Hotel Email Marketing Templates –

Educate your customers about your hotels & restaurants via emails and increase your visibility among people.

Check out these 5 astonishing email templates build for hoteliers and restaurant owners to populate their business to new heights via email marketing.

Hotel Email Feature

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#8 – Free Email Templates For Doctors & Medical Personnel –

Become the go-to hospital of your city by sending them attractive email templates to your potential customers, in order to promote your clinic and medical services.

The post includes 6 best email templates for doctors, which guarantees effective advertisement and proves to be highly informational for your clients.

Doctor Feature Image

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#9 – Free Best Restaurant Email Templates –

The post about restaurant email templates packs 11 highly powerful and informative e-templates which will take your food joints and eatery business to new heights.

The email templates will surely promote your business as you will be enabled to send various offers and discounts through it.

Restaurant Feature Image

Check All Restaurant Email Templates Here

#10 – Latest Free Email Templates For Taxi Services & Cab Companies –

All the 10 email templates listed in the post has been created with the sole purpose to publicize your taxi business and cab services.

The e-templates allows your to inform your potential and existing commuters about the new services that you are launching along with exciting offers.

Taxi Feature Image

Check All Taxi Email Templates Here

#11 – Customizable Free Charity Email Templates –

The email templates for NGOs, charities and nonprofits organizations can help you to broadcast your mission with the help of email marketing service associated with it.

The post is blessed with 9 best charity email templates which would allow you to choose the most apt e-template for your organization.

Charity Feature Image

Check All Charity Email Templates Here

#12 – Free Responsive Email Templates For ECommerce Business –

Entice your future customers to become a loyal client of your e-commerce business and service by sending them visually attractive & informative email templates.

All the 11 e-templates is considered as the most influential and best e-commerce email templates for effective brand promotion.

Ecommerce Feature 01

Check All E-Commerce Email Templates Here

#13 – Free Best Email Newsletters & Templates For Corporate Business Firms –

The sole reason for the upliftment of your corporate business and your other services are these 10 business email templates.

Through mass email templates transmission, you are guaranteed to expand and promote your business advisory firm and services.

Business Feature

Check All Business Email Templates Here

#14 – Top Free Music Email Templates For Musicians, Bands & Singers –

With the email templates, designed specifically for all the musicians, orchestras and singers, you can effectively advertise your skills and services.

The post is integrated with 10 highly customizable and powerful email templates which will help you in achieving the deserved success.

Music Feature Image

Check All Music Email Templates Here

#15 – Free Email Templates For Photographers, Photo-Studios & Cameramen –

Prepare to get into the limelight by sending visually charming email templates, with the help of email marketing services associated with it.

10 photographer’s email templates can be used to showcase your skills and amenities available by sending them at the desired time.

Photographer Feature

Check All Photographer Email Templates Here

#16 – New Free Email Templates For Bloggers & Critics –

Boost up your blogs and also your blogging website by sending highly informational email templates to your current and future readers/fans.

The blog packs 10 most effective blogging newsletters which ensure maximum exposure to your blogs and to your blogging portal.

New Free Email Templates For Bloggers

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#17 – Free Email Templates For Travel, Trade & Job Agencies –

With the help of 7 best agency email templates, you can create a special mark in the business arena of various agencies.

Brand promotion and regular interaction with customers are what these awesome email templates guarantees.

Agency Feature

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#18 Free Responsive Email Templates For Fashion Businesses –

The email template for fashion services, events and businesses are built with the sole purpose to promote your business.

You are entitled to pick the best e-templates from the list of 13 fashion email templates, according to your requirements and likings.

Fashion Feature

Check All Fashion Email Templates Here

#19 – Free Email Templates For Events & Party Planners –

Get the people to notice your event management skills and business by sending them descriptive email templates.

The blog post lists 13 best event email templates that can be opted by you for your promotional activities.

Event Email Template Feature

Check All Event Email Templates Here

#20 – Free New Email Templates For Authors & Writers –

The 13 best authors email templates will surely help you in broadcasting your written work by sending a demo version of it in e-templates.

With guaranteed high inbox delivery rate, you are expected to achieve maximum exposure.

Author Email Template Feature

Check All Author Email Templates Here

#21 – Free Best Startup Email Templates –

Provide your new business a dream start by dispatching email templates to your target audiences.

All the 10 email templates will help you in promoting your new business and its mission effectively.

Startup Email Templates Feature

Check All Startup Email Templates Here

#22 – Latest Free Email Templates For Artists –

If you have any artistic skills then these 10 email templates are perfect for you to promote your talent.

The craft email templates allow decent exposure for your artwork so that you can accumulate desirable fan base.

Artist Email Template Feature

Check All Artist Email Templates Here

#23 – Free Top Email Templates For Fitness Centers & Trainers –

Enhance and amplify the business of your fitness center by promoting it through mass sending of email templates.

The blog is blessed with 11 top email templates, that are designed just for the purpose of your fitness center’s upliftment.

Fitness Email Template Feature

Check All Fitness Email Templates Here

#24 – Free Responsive Email Templates For Insurance Agencies –

The blog post is incorporated with the 11 latest insurance email templates that would boost up your insurance or finance agencies and firms.

With the high amount of successful delivery rate, you can achieve the desired exposure for your financial firm.

Insurance Email Template Feature

Check All Insurance Email Templates Here

#25 – Best Free Email Templates For Home Repair Services & Agencies –

Through the proper usage of these email templates, you can become the “go to” home repairing or renovating agency of your city.

All the 17 best home repair email templates listed in this blog is a synonym of success and would definitely jump start your business once again.

Home Services Feature Image

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#26 – Free Email Templates For Technological Firms & Services –

Enhance and boost up your technical company’s business by opting one of these email templates in your marketing campaigns.

This blog is loaded with the 12 best technology email templates that have been tested to give the desired results.

Technology Email Templates

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#27 – Customizable Free Email Template For Sports Clubs & Centers –

The 12 best sports email templates will surely promote your sports clubs and gaming centers in the sporting world with ease.

The e-templates are constructed with the sole purpose to grow your sports related business exponentially.

Sports Email Templates

Check All Sports Email Templates Here

#28 – Free Latest Email Templates For News Agencies & Channels –

Grab the attention of viewers and make them loyal followers by constantly maintaining a healthy contact with them through email templates.

The 7 email templates, assembled in this blog post is powerful and effective enough to give your news channel a decent viewership.

News Agencies Email Templates

Check All News Agencies Email Templates Here

#29 – Free GDPR Email Template –

Having a big clientele list of Europe? Want to revalidate all those subscribers lists in a single click? Use this free GDPR Email Template and start maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients by sending a reconfirmation email to all your subscribers.

GDPR Feature Image New

GDPR Compliance

Conclusion – 

Hope you loved the collection!

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