Constant contact is plays the major part of today businesses with email marketing. The services need to select correctly to achieve expected behavior and it is a challenge to find the best fit solution according to the business requirements. There are number of Constant Contact Alternatives available is use and the best 10 solutions are discuss with this document.

1. MailGet

MailGet is the email marketing tool that facilitate subscribe, send and track emails to business growing processes.


Key Features:

  • Possible to create email templates and possible to create responsive emails to use. This allows making the email amazing and compatible with all the mobile devices.
  • Possibility to design attractive emails in few minutes using drag and drop feature for content blocks, images, fields and buttons.
  • Possibility to add following field to an email.
    • Heading of the email with font style, alignment, font size and edit any time.
    • Text contents for the email with bullet list, number list .possibility to change text color, add link to text and font style.
    • Upload images in different formats like gif, jpg, jpeg, etc.
    • Buttons with customizable caption, alignment, link on the button and full width.
    • Text with either side of image.
    • Two or three columns of the contents of the email.
    • Possibility place divider on email contents.
    • Choose difference color to the email.
  • Possibility to save and preview email before send it to recipients to make sure all the links work fine ,fonts and images correctly align, no text or grammar mistakes, etc.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is the most popular constant contact solution and more than 12 million people use MailChimp to grow their business according to the unique business plan. Pay for email or monthly plan available to select according to the requirement.


Key Features:

  • Possibility to create campaigns without login into MailChimp account. Put together all contacts in Gmail, outlook or the mobile device and create draft campaign automatically.
  • Drag and drop images and text to create campaign and design campaign using inbuilt collection of web fonts and customized color pallet.
  • Possibility to add background image for selected section with few clicks and it increase the visual interest.
  • Inbuilt photo editing tool facilitate to edit and resize images without opening separate application.
  • Facility to create test email within team members when creating a campaign. Comments from others can display in a list view and also facility to mark read once and reply for the comments.
  • Possibility to test created campaigns with the mobile device and confirm the content and design get the correct view with mobiles before publish it.
  • All templates are mobile optimized and no coding expertise required.
  • File manager facilitate to filter, organize and search with the available images and documents. Also the facility to sort on file type, file size and updated date.
  • Verify the entire links in email automatically and display the screen picture of the pointing location to verify all links are correctly pointed.
  • Advance email delivery infrastructure to facilitate Bounce Management, Authentication related issues on the recipient end, use IP Address Ranges, Abuse monitoring and ISP Feedback Loops.
  • The performance of the campaign can monitor using several inbuilt options and also can monitor the marketing trends to create forecasts.
  • Emails can monitor by the open location with quantity and also the number of bounced emails.
  • All reports ate printable and can use for the offline discussions and analysis.
  • Integrations with several apps already in use and easy to work with all together.
  • Well document Application Program interface (API) to adapt to fit the email marketing with company workflow.

3. iContact

iContact is a tool that help to perform automated email marketing with create , send , segment and track email created for business purposes. It comes with a free trial and paid versions.


Key Features:

  • Mobile compatible hundreds of free email templates to with customized layout and just need to add text, ideas and brand colors to create popup message.
  • Possibility to create emails using templates or HTML pro.
  • Manage the growing email list using various inbuilt and integrated tools.
  • Access list management tool to add new contact efficiently to the existing list.
  • Possibility to set up personnel calls, videos and webinars.
  • Schedule automated messages get deliver in predefine time.
  • Fast and accurate review for each message to make sure it reach target recipients inbox folder.
  • Various types of reports to identify the trends and email marketing performance.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to schedule messages with on social media.
  • Technical support team with live chat.

4. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is a tool that offers several features to conduct marketing campaigns with email newsletters, online surveys, Social marketing, coupons and many different ways.


Key Features:

  • Create eye catching emails with the available hundreds of customizable email templates.
  • Drag and drop content and image including facility.
  • Add subscribers through SMS, Facebook, Forms, Coupons and many options available.
  • Cloud storage to store files and images to use with emails.
  • Loyalty free collection of images to use with emails.
  • Manage event with personalized invitations and online registrations.
  • Create donations using mobile response simple donation web site.
  • Simple surveys and polls to collect customer feedbacks.
  • Increase the traffic to your online web store or to the door steps of the business with mobile responsive coupons.
  • Powerful mobile apps to perform social media marketing.
  • Track emails after deliver to the recipient and track every click on it to create reports.
  • Different subscribing plans with 60 day free trial version.

5. Robly

Robly is a small business marketing tool comes with 24/7 support and 14 days free trial version.


Key Features:

  • Use OpenGen technology and it send the first email campaign normally and then the second set can setup from 1-5 days to send with the different subject line to the recipient who did not open the first email.
  • Inbuilt popup widget functionality helps to offer subscribe to the email list when someone leaving from web site.
  • Mobile responsive email templates with action buttons to make direct call.
  • Facility to send single email at once and it make more result than send bulk email to recipient.
  • In-depth analysis reports to get full picture on the campaign result.
  • Free optimization consultation and custom campaign with our Professional plan with the registered accounts.
  • Quick and easy switching steps from any existing tool to Robly.

6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tool that make easy to Create, Send, Monitor and optimize the email campaign.

Campagin Monitor ConstantContact Alternative

Key Features:

  • Create beautiful design and professional looking emails with simple g=drag and drop facility to text boxes, images, headings, etc.
  • Pick a template for the email from available hundreds of free email templates.
  • Visual Journey designer to create more timely emails that deliver to recipient in free define logical way.
  • Facility to send hyper targeted messages which deliver correct information to correct audience at correct time.
  • Popup signup page to collect user information and grow the email list of customers for future use.
  • Test, track and optimized facility on the performance of the emails on real time.
  • Integration with hundreds of free built app and integrations to help collect all the customer data together from difference applications.
  • Highly optimized and branded transaction emails.
  • Award winning support team available to assist you in 24/7 basis.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that allows creating and sending emails with email tracking facility to monitor the performance of the campaign.


Key Features:

  • Drag and drop email creation or HTML coder facility to create master piece email.
  • 500+ free templates that possible to customize.
  • 1000+ free iStock image collection to use in creation of professional look email.
  • Mobile preview features to confirm the mobile compatibility of created email with all features.
  • Dynamic content facility to make sure you deliver the most relevant, highly personalized email to audience.
  • Facility to automate with auto responder.
  • Optimized message delivery facility with the detail on the messages hit inbox of recipient.
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor the Clicks, Social share and unsubscribe emails.
  • Real time activity tracking create bird eye view.

8. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is tool that facilitates to empower the business through the customer relationship. Marketing campaigns, marketing automation and messaging can use in this process.


Key Features:

  • Possibility to easily import contact file created in CSV format.
  • Edit and update imported contact information within the tool.
  • Customizable unsubscribe page to have company identity.
  • Inbuilt collection of templates with drag and drop editing facility to create responsive email design.
  • HTML code editor to use advance technical users to create and change email templates.
  • Image gallery to use with email collections.
  • Easy steps to share with social media.
  • Possibility to spam check and also confirm that email hit the inbox.
  • Facility to send SMS for the numbers in contact list with few clicks.
  • Dedicated IP address for the campaign.
  • Complete report for each campaign to make sure the campaign reach it targets and identify issues to address.
  • Possibility to export report data to use later analysis or use in third party tool.
  • Possibility to import sales orders and track customer indicators.
  • Drupal, Magento, WordPress and PrestaShop plugins.

9. VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse helps to grow the business by marketing your product or service with in a limited time period by using limited resources.


Key Features:

  • Select suitable template from the available collection of templates which are ready to customized HTML editor and also looking great in mobile devices.
  • Drag and drop feature for text boxes, images, text + images boxes and social share icon boxes to make beautiful email in few minutes easily.
  • Facility to create welcome email will send to the recipient when join the list first time and it will create pleasant impression.
  • Automatically follow up emails allow creating reports on the email campaign and getting to know the success of it and the required improvements.
  • Inbuilt integrations to most of available contact collection and storage tools.
  • Email scheduling facility to create schedule for the email sending time and can have automated process.
  • Contact management system to manage, edit and update your contact database.
  • Free 10,000 email credit for a month and simple subscribe plans for extended users.

10. Delivra 

Delivra is email marketing and marketing automation solution comes with facility to design personalized emails to grow the business.


There are extended list of features available to achieve the objectives:


  • Create email campaigns that are more smart, efficient and customized with dynamic contents, triggered responses, dynamic contents and behavior dependent emails.
  • Ecommerce solution integrated, which provides segment customers on past purchases.
  • Drag and drop image/text editing facility with possibility to create customized color schemes, build content blocks, and create buttons and hyperlinks.
  • Fully customized templates available for any type of message and no HTML knowledge required to work with them.
  • Create email newsletters with your contact details for new products, upcoming events and re-engaged the old customers.
  • Mobile friendly emails with same appearance and features in mobile devices and desktops.
  • Integrations with most of the leading CRM’s including salesforce and Eventbrite
  • Data migration facility.


When consider the entire Constant contact tool, all of them are mainly focus to create contact with emails and there are several simple email create format available. All of the email creation methods can simply operate with drag and drop and also HTML editor can use by knowledgeable people. Also the advanced monitoring features allow checking the success of the campaign and there are features to adjust current plan.

Contact management is inbuilt facility and it allows storing and editing existing data. Integrations allow retrieving contacts form various available resources to each system.

Free trial version available on most of the tools and some of them comes with monthly free number of campaign emails.

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