Internet is not in its beginning days where everything is easy, to market your product, sell them and make money. It’s growing and will grow unstopping. Daily, several products and services comes in. Everyone wants to make the sales.

So the challenge lies on the creator’s side. How to make sales?

This is one of the fact, you will get sale, if your product is valuable to the user. Nothing can suppress it.

But still, you need to follow every possible step that would increase sales.

Here, I have divided them in two sections

  • Before Product is developed: Things to keep in mind before designing the product. This could figure out your product goals. And eliminate errors in product.
  • After product is developed: Once the product is developed, things to keep in mind to make it sale.

# Before

It involves only one thing. Market Analysis. That is, you need to find out-Is there a target market and target customer available for the product you are making?

It’s the basic and foremost thing. You need to understand your product requirement in the market. For that, do a deep research.

Evaluate yourself before making a product:

Find out the answers for certain questions such as:

  1. Are there enough people on the planet who need this?
  2. Do these people really need what I have to offer?
  3. Will they see the value in what I’m selling?
  4. Can they afford it?
  5. How do I have to access these people?


On the basis of Market research, analyze the user’s interests.

->Current practices of users.

->Checking out the current trends, what kind of products people use.


Once the product is ready, the real battle starts. You need to frame out, How to make your product to reach to your audience.

It includes few parameters. Let’s check it out one by one.

Know your Product and Services “Well”:

In relation to above, here are two aspects to consider:

In terms of yourself:

Define yourself very clearly, what your product does?

“Have a clear picture of your product’s output in your mind.”
“Know about the solutions the product will give or the effects it going to show once it is in used ”

What benefits one will get from the products?


-> Know about every feature of your product.

-> Find out, where your product will solve your customer problem.

-> That is, find it’s benefits and effects.

In terms of your customer:

  1. The product is meant for which kind of audience?
  2. What benefits the audience will get?


Display your product very effectively on your website.

  • Use unique values proposition. Take care your competitor doesn’t use that value proposition.
  • Give benefits of your product.
  • What effects your audience will get using your product.

Get to know your customers:

You can’t play a game if you are not aware with its basic rules. In a similar way, customer buying-behavior exist.

First answer yourself for the following questions:

  • What does the customer want?
  • What does the customer need?
  • What is something that will benefit them?
  • What makes the customer want to buy from you?

The only one reason to answer every question is, give the proper solution to your customer’s problem.

Overcome sales objections:

A user comes to your website, sign-up, shows interest in your product. But then, he couldn’t make the purchase. What could be the possible reasons for this? There can be any. Some possible ones are listed below:

  • Not having money or can’t finance
  • Can’t decide at the moment
  • Thinking about getting better deal from someone else
  • Not sure, product will do the needful things
  • Product is overpriced

Ask certain questions to your prospects to overcome objections:

If one seems product is expensive: May I ask what you are comparing it to? What will your comfortable price?

If one seems he is not interested: I understand that you are not interested at this time, but may I explain how we can increase your profit margin?

If one shows complete disinterest in the product: May I ask what you find lacking?

If one needs more time to decide about purchase:  Why don’t you make a decision now so you can focus on your current needs?  (This question is quite tricky, if one completely likes the product but at the end comment such things, then the question should be fired.)

Increase Your Product awareness:

There are various ways to increase your product awareness. Some are listed below:

  • Product Videos: Making educational videos of product and sharing it on different networks will be very helpful. Use (how to-) videos. Use YouTube. The second largest search engine network used by the audience. It will give real time help to the audience.
  • Leveraging social media: You can establish your brand by having your product Facebook page. Sharing updates on Linkedin, Google+, stumble upon, Pinterest etc.
  • Skype promotion: A large number of  users which includes potential suppliers, customers and collaborators are connected to Skype network.
  • Market your product on Craigslist.
  • Participate in Quora activities.
  • Promote your product via mobile: Nowadays, Vine is in trend. It engages audience via mobile devices.
  • Find out networks that could publish reviews of your product.
  • Join your niche-related groups on LinkedIn and participate in discussions.
  • Give product related (how-to) presentations, product information on slidehsare.
  • Believe on the concept of free. Allow your audience to use your product functionality for sometime, absolutely at no cost.

Make a place for Target Audience:

You have a website that conveys about your products. That’s great! In it, it has a compelling USP that reflects product’s value and benefits. But still, it will be insufficient if the website does not contain any instant attraction value point for your target customers.

So, give a real-time output of your product that attracts target audience.

Play with product price:

Planing a profitable price for your product is tricky. Who don’t want to buy product at cheap price? But cheap rates of your product should not effect the profits of your business.

What are the elements that decides product price?

Scenario1# Product uniqueness: If your product does not have any kind of unique features, which makes it differentiated from the crowded market, you cannot keep a high price for it in such situation.

Scenario1# Significant value given by product: It’s true the more value your product is going to give, high price will suite on it.

But still, sell products on cheap rates

Mostly, higher price reduces the number of sales. According to Peep Laja, the website conversion guru ” The theory of market elasticity says that the number of sales goes down when the price goes up and vice verse. Next, he highlights how it is going to effect?

For that, he explains if there is a little reduction in price rates, there will be more buyers. And, more profit. On the contrary, there will be very few clients to buy product at a very high rates.

Magnetic offers:

Who don’t want more in less? Everyone wants. It’s really soothing to get more things in less prices. Infact cross selling, That is, the practice of giving additional products in cheap rates results in more product sales.

For e.g. in our case, recently we have launched an offer, in which we were giving 50 cutomizable logos, 110 background images,16 banner pack . The offer actual worth is $ 675. But, we have provided 80% discount, after it worth only $9.89. To the obvious, it increases our sales by 60%. I want to share it’s sales page to you. Here it is:

Create varieties in products:

If you own an e-store, a closet, a shop for any digital product. Giving varieties in product becomes a must. Everyone has different choices, everyone has different requirements.

“Give chance to your audience to select products on various parameters such as looks, features, designs, colors etc.” They will find more interest in your product.

Improve work process of your sales team:

What improves the work process of sales team?

  • A clean lead database
  • An interface to communicate leads faster

Work of a sales team includes sub-tasks such as lead management work, sales management work. Gartner research says that company that automates lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.

So, automate lead management. It includes sub-tasks such as centralizing all the lead data at one place.

Colloborating data eliminates any kind of errors while dealing with it. Other than this, there will be less chance to miss important data.

Besides, using a fast user-interaction tool, will ease you to response your customers faster as well, they will get the solution for their problem quicker.

That is, more faster customer support=Increase in sale.

Reflect Sales urgency:

Many-times, you might have face such a comment from your prospect like – “You can get back to me after 1 month”. Even though, you might have told about your products several times. Initially, they too liked your products but still denies to take final action. This is one of the objection sales people faces frequently.

There is no sales urgency. Prospect does not have any inner motivation to buy the product. Not having any urgency yet to buy. As a result, purchase might be delayed or may be denied completely.

This is because prospect itself is not clear that whether the product is going to solve their problem. They still have issues which needs to be resolve out.

To make this sales delay move out between you and prospect, you should focus on one thing, that is, eliminate pain areas. The solution you have given is not enough.

Infact, the prospect itself don’t know, where they actually facing the problem. So, it’s become the responsibility of  a seller itself to extract out their problem first and next gives the solution.

Note: If you come across a prospect who starts making time objections or slow down the process, a few objection-seeking questions can help you to get him moving towards a purchase. Foe e.g.

  • What are your thoughts so far?
  • Do you have any concerns? What are they?
  • What other subjects should we discuss?
  • Is there any reason we shouldn’t move forward?

Reduce the time between engagement and action:

The above heading entirely concerned with the user experience. One should have a good user experience on website, while browsing your product details. Or getting quick response for their concerned issues.

Case 1 Sometimes, it happens when you missed giving a solution factor on your website. At this moment, you are not giving any reason to engage your audience. No engagement time.

Case 2 Here, you give solutions and benefits on your website. Seeing that, the visitor signed up. That’s cool!  But still he is having many problems ahead. “Next, he would ask those queries. And in that if, it got delayed in

Make contact forms easily available on your websites:

Every website has a single contact form. It’s must. But what if you could allow your user to ask their queries right from every page on your website. This way, you could give more ease to your user to communicate with you each and every time.

This is one of the good approach to reach to your user. It will going to increase your lead list. And, hence customer base.

Set up a sales funnel:

One of the main factors that kills conversion rate is showing so much hurry in sales. I have heard somewhere, sell like not selling. This means, the first objective you will show to your customer is that you are giving a solution to their problems not just selling the product.

Visitors coming to your site are just browsing your product not psychologically ready to buy it. First off, educate and create awareness about your product. Develope  interest about your product.

How to do it?

  • Offer free trials of your product
  • Be their mentor, stand with them to resolve their problem
  • Send them free tutorials or educational videos
  • Induce a trust in them for yours.

Just get it, more expensive or complicated the product is, more time people will take to make purchase

Increase trust on your website:

Marketers says, that there are only 4 reasons why people won’t buy from you:

  • no need,
  • no money,
  • not in a hurry,
  • no trust.

We can’t do anything of the above three elements but when it’s about maximizing trust factor on your website , you can do a lot. Firstly, you can include trust elements on your website. Secondly, you can give real client feedback of your products i.e. Testimonials.

Tell your audience that your organization is real. Give your company’s address proof, contact number on your website. So that anyone who is in urgent need can contact you directly.

Ask Feedback and make it better:

To make your product better, your customer’s opinion plays an important role. Conduct an survey, ask directly from your customer what flaws your product has. Where they are facing difficulties. What customization it needed to make it more better.

Keep a Market watch:

It’s about analyzing current trends in the market. Product demand, user’s liking.

Moreover, their are numerous similar products available in the market. Consumer wants to get the best from the products. So, they discover and study similar products of different bodies.  Do certain analysis. Is it a better solution? Will it save time? Money? Effort?

And, make the final choice after analyzing their needs and demand.

So, “keep a watch on your competitor’s product, do map where your product is lagging”. Know about the values the competitor is offering in their product. Make a judgement. Differentiate your product. And convey your audience why your product is better than others.

Give clear Next action steps: 

Make your site a friendly place for your visitor. Give a visitor a good reason to continue reading rest of the page. Once user entered into. He could make out which step to follow next.

A/b Testing:

While doing website marketing, perfect things doesn’t comes in a moment. It takes time. It requires decision to make changes certain things each and every time. Your goal should be to have one or several a/b tests run at the same time. When it comes to food, it’s taste, taste, taste. When it comes to website marketing it’s test, test, test.

You need to test following things:

  • Headlines and sub headlines
  • Value proposition
  • Call to action text, color
  • Form location
  • Product display location
  • Page layout navigation

 Things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on getting your customers problems, eliminate the pain-points. Give them solution.
  • Make a business-focused, well defined website, with clear product description, benefits and solution point.
  • Target the right people, communicate the right message.
  • Make a compelling value proposition.
  • Make easy to buy the product, easy checkout process.
  • Reduce friction, like put short and relevant forms, tell your visitor very clearly, what next action they have to perform on your website.
  • Don’t just sell to sell. But sell to help.


If your product is unique and gives some really helpful solution to a problem, then believe me, no one could stop it’s sale. The only thing is, you need to identify how it would solve the problem. Then, convey about these solutions to your users. Help them to identify their needs, their issues and how it will be overcome once they use the product.