Payment analytics acts like oxygen for any payment or subscription-based business!

It’s very much needed to analyze your payment related data which keeps on coming in the form of excel spreadsheets and to get inside of each & every metrics. 

Manually it can never be optimized with ease, but don’t worry there is enormous payment analytics software available in the market that can automate all your information tracking tasks.

In this article, I’ve mentioned top payment processing analytics tools to reduce churn. These payment analytic software will suggest you the most beneficial information using which profit earning, fraud extraction, cost cutting, business planning will be a few click task.

Have A Look At Top Payment Analytics Tools To Reduce Churn

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
BusinessQ Software $14.99/m
WorldPay Contact Sales
BlueSnap Contact Sales
APEX Analytics Contact Sales

Even their are some products mentioned in this article which also allows creating & managing recurring billing subscriptions for business point of view.

These all things should be noted down while choosing a payment analytics tool when we talk about reducing churn. So with a clear mind, read out this article &  finalize the best tool according to your needs.

Enhance your business & know more about Payment & Subscription Analytics:-

1) Pabbly Subscriptions

In just a couple of months, Pabbly Subscriptions has become an active software for both payment analytics as well as subscription billing. With its basic analytics feature, a person can easily track the revenue of his business.

As it allows to manage unlimited products, plans & subscriptions, you will also be able to keep track on their analytics segment too.

After using Pabbly Subscriptions, I’ve prevented the customer & revenue churn with 100% accuracy.

All of it was done at just $5/m which is way too affordable. Along with it, this software has made possible for me to manage recurring billing subscriptions.

And with 25+ global currencies, I’m able to expand my business to its peak among my competitors.

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Top Payment Processing Analytics Tool To Reduce Churn by Pabbly Subscriptions


Starter: This plan will cost you $5/m where you can manage 50 customers and get multiple payment gateways along with 25+ currency support & multilingual checkout page.

Rookie: At just $29/m, you will be able to manage 1000 customers & their analytics report too.

Pro: The Pro plan charges $59 per month which allows you to track the payments & analytics features of unlimited customers.

Advance: This plan bills $99/month for unlimited customers. Also, it allows you to create a multilingual checkout page which can have a custom domain.


Tracking The MRR Of Business

Businessmen can track the MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) of their business through this software. So at tough peaks of their business, they can efficiently plan the strategies to boost up their business again.

Reports Interface

Through its reports section, various details can be noted such as new subscriptions, customers, revenue, refunds, total sales & many more. Even you can study all of them in a graphical format.

Currency Support & Dunning Management

With its 25+ global currencies, customers all over the world can be efficiently managed & their payments through different currency system too. With this software’s dunning management, you can easily decrease the customer & revenue churn.

Pabbly Payment Analytics Tool

2) BlueSnap

Payment analytics plays a major role in the success of a business as gaining transparency and insight of business with real-time reporting is very easy with BlueSnap Payment Analytics Tool.

You can analyze every customer interaction and almost all transactions performed. This data is presented in the form of pre-built reports for easy access and understanding.

Top Payment Processing Analytics Tools


It has a custom pricing for which you have to contact their sales department.


Makes Your Payment Business Intelligent

BlueSnap allows you to track the sales of different products and services related to your business. These sales can be tracked by currency, product or service name, payment type, region and more.

Generate All Type Of Payment Reports

Once fully integrated, this software will give you each & every detail of payments which can be used to create future plans that can help you optimize your business and assist you in gathering huge profits.

Monitor Sales Trends Through Reports

This system has an advanced feature which is cleanse reporting using which you can identify those products and services that are delivering a higher rate of returns.

BlueSnap Payment Analytics Tool

3) APEX Analytix

Get the latest insights of your business from processed payment data through APEX Analytix software. It will aware you about every business detail and act like a major help in preventing overpayments, identify future risks, point out frauds and will automate critical processes.

With this payment processing tool, you can protect, analyze, manage, predict, enhance and revolutionize your business with an ease.

Top Payment Processing Analytics Tool To Reduce Churn by APEX Analytics


For any kind of inquiry, you have to contact their sales department.


Increase Your Profits With Correct Prevention

This system allows you to identify whether you are doing business with suppliers who are risky or profit providers. The analysis done through this system will uncover any type of frauds, losses, payment defaults and more.  

Simple Integration And User-Friendly

APEX Analytix payment processing tools is a unique system which you can use it for any kind of business. Another vital factor that makes this software stand tall is that you can extract data, analyze information and fetch out details with just a few clicks.

Get All The Essentials Business Details

Now you can analyze a large amount of data, predict results for more profits and streamline your business with this system. These insight details of any business will permit you to grow alongside making good profits.

APEX Analytix Payment Processing Tool

4) WorldPay

Analysis of payment data is a critical task by with WorldPay you can get the insights of any business. It provides a refined set of information which is extracted from data reports.

You will get the best from your subscription business as each detail which can cause a loss in your business is displayed through this system.

WorldPay Data Analytics for Payment Processing Analytics Tool To Reduce Churn


To get a call back from WorldPay for any information, you have to contact them.


Easy Customer Behaviour Understanding

This software helps you optimize the conversion rate, detailed information, understand the latest market trends, provides a clear picture of customer needs and more.

Increase All Your Transaction Rates

The payment data analysis done through this system will help your business built right direction of growth and strategies which are future proof. You can explore new market opportunities and increase your market share through this data.

Monitor The Performance Of All Business Aspects

Getting a proper visual of needed information that will make your business have the correct view. Now, you can track performance and analyze the success rate from a single dash.

WorldPay Payment Data Analytics

5) BusinessQ Software

With BusinessQ Payment analytics software, you get the perfect details and visual reports on the different type of payments. You can access the information from any device which gets connected to the internet.

Using this system you can enhance your business knowledge and gather more & more profits from your business.

Top Payment Processing Analytics Tool To Reduce Churn by BusinessQ Solution


Free: It contains a free plan through which you can get 2 detailed reports for only 7 days.

Basic: This plan charges $14.99 per month for 17 detailed reports & multiple dashboards as well.

Advanced: The Advanced plan monthly costs $29.99 for detailed reports like the master summary, order-based, item-based & so on.


Track Down All Essential Payment Details

You can perform analysis of a variety of reports to track payment details, frauds, payment essentials, fetch reports beneficial for your business and more.

Drive Advanced Payment Analytics

BusinessQ hands over a premium solution which can reduce rejections and assist you in providing proper customer experience. The data tracking done through this provider will give all the information needed for business growth.

Get Aware Of Profit Delivering Information

This software delivers information which helps you take correct payment decisions, get a deep understanding of frauds, reduce churn and more.

BusinessQ Solution For Payment Analysis

6) ProfitWell

ProfitWell is a top class payment analytics software which can end the days of complex calculations. This software assists you in organizing spreadsheets, fetching out the correct and relevant data.

With the help of this software, you can simply identify the profit generating products and factors. All the latest revenue metrics will be at your fingertips.

Top Payment Processing Analytics Tools


Free: This plan is free of cost for managing cohort reports, customer billing activities, revenue trends & so on.

Recognized: It costs $1000 on a monthly basis. Also, you can integrate it any other billing system according to your needs.

Retain: You can contact their sales department to know about this plan as its pricing is based on revenue.


Extract The Correct Information For Business Growth

You will get the correct and highest level of information about new customers, upgrades, downgrades, churn and more. Decision making becomes much easier when the context is clear and accurate.

Design Plans To Render Highest Performance

Create multiple plans by taking different metrics under consideration. View business affecting factors like MRR, customer response, LTV, and other metrics for deeper analysis.

Deliver Best Customer Services

Each & every customer in a payment business matters a lot. So, get a clear list of different activities by customers like last billing, payments made, services used and other relevant data. This data can be helpful in getting feedbacks, market new products, and conduct campaigns.

ProfitWell Payment Business Analytics Software

Over All Conclusion

Payment analysis of subscription or any business becomes a critical issue if not given proper attention. As the amount of data that you need to deal with is huge.

So, you can try top payment processing analytics tools to reduce churn in a much smarter way. Through them, you will be able to do unlimited analysis on payments & they will bring great profits and success to your business.

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