“Auction PHP  script is the best tool to convert your website into an online bidding platform.”

With these auction PHP script, the online auction process becomes as easy and exactly the same as we have seen in the real world. You can create an online auction for any tangible or digital products like property, jewelry, electronics, vehicles, home, clothing, pets etc.

PHP auction script allows customers to sell their product by online auction, participants then bid on the products, and the winner takes away the product with the highest bid.

Auction PHP Script

These scripts are SEO friendly since they are optimized with Google standards. It helps to increase site visits & ranking from the search engines.

Following PHP auction scripts are created by framework & scripting languages like Bootstrap, CodeIgniter and many more. Let us find out how we can incorporate these feature-rich scripts to turn our websites into a successful online auction platform.

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1. PHP Auctions Script

With PHP auctions script, you can not only have your own auctions platform, you can also earn by charging a percentage on every successful auction. Moreover, you can also earn profit from featured/regular auctions.

You can display the auctions under various categories like the latest, ending & hot auction of houses, jewelry, automobiles, pets & many others entities.

Further, users get secure payment gateways like PayPal & Stripe to bid/bin the items.

Built with popular framework & scripting languages like Twitter Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, jQuery, HTML5, this PHP script is absolute responsive on every device.

PHP Auctions Script Auction PHP Script

Additional Features Of PHP Auctions Script

  • Users will get notified by email & pop up on the site about a new bid, some other auction or any other new action that occurs.
  • The participants get a very intuitive experience of the online auction site. User-friendly bid & bin forms, breadcrumbs for a better user experience, commenting system, lightbox for bigger images etc.
  • The internal messaging system lets users & admin stay in contact with each other constantly.
  • The admin will have complete control on every element of the auction site like transactions along with details like buyer-seller, date, time, amount etc., members, bidding history, categories & listing of items, payment settings, terms & conditions & a lot more.

Price For PHP Auctions Script

Make a quick purchase of this online auctions script as it is available at a very affordable $37 with 6 months support. Pay $12 to extend the support for 1 year.

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2. LaraBid

This PHP auction script allows handling online bids very effectively. You can very easily track the bids on every product. LaraBid lets you monetize your website via using Google Adsense & other ad networks. You can place the ads on the ad page or homepage & start making money instantly.

Buyers have an option to place the bid on n number of products of different categories like property, electronics, vehicles, home, clothing, pets & animals etc.

Plus, in order to have an insight about the seller, there is a seller profile available on every product page. The user will get to know about all the products offered by a seller on simply clicking on the seller name.

LaraBid Auction PHP Script

Additional Features Of LaraBid

  • There is an option of social login for users besides the conventional one. For instance, they can log in via popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • It has in-built Amazon S3 which is a cloud computing web service. This helps you to store & manage the files & images on a cloud server.
  • The seller can set up a closing time as per his choice and bid will be automatically called off once it is striked to the closing time.
  • This auction PHP script has SEO friendly HTML tags. It also abides by all the norms by the search engine so that your auction website can come on top of the search results.
  • In addition to this, there are breadcrumbs available in the category page, details page etc.

Price For LaraBid

LaraBid is available at $49 with 6 months guaranteed support. If you wish to get the support for 1 year, just pay $16.50 additional amount.

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3. AucBID

AucBID is an absolute bliss for non-skilled programmers who want to organize an online auction of electronic goods. To be more precise you can auction camera, tablets, mobiles, laptops, drones, & computers on your website.

Built with Laravel PHP framework, this auction PHP script allows easy customization option to its users.

Buyers can view the product image and complete details on a separate page & after creating their account on your website, they can easily start the bid over the minimum bid amount that admin have set.

AucBID Auction PHP Script

Additional Features of AucBID

1. For Admin

  • Analyse the auction chart that has date wise graphical representation. Also, under user statistics, you find total users, banned users and total sell directly.
  • Admin can manage every single piece of auction & bidding details such as user login logs, earnest money/caution money deposit logs, shipping logs, bid started & draw date and a lot more.
  • Under interface control, admin can make various settings for the logo, footer, favicon, social networks, advertisements, FAQs etc.

2. For Users

  • The users can do transactions by various payment gateways like PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money.
  • Updated winners list of a bid will be displayed continuously on the website. Also, there is a countdown timer that shows the number of days & time remaining till the bid expires.
  • Users can make the deposit easily via online mode and keep a check on their deposit history.

Price For AucBID

AucBID will cost you $50 to have the best online auction platform. Get 6 months support in this price which you can extend to 12 months by additional payment of $16.88

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4. AuctionPRO

This 5-star rated online auction platform allows users to either buy the product via bid or bin price (buy it now price). The auction categories include car, food, health, innovation, non-profit & sport.

Further, you can easily project the products of auction with titles in a slider format where every item will have a brand image, highest bid amount, the number of bids on that product, days left until the bid expires.

In addition to enable online auction on the website, you can also add other popular sections like blog, testimonials, portfolios of products & services.

AuctionPRO Auction PHP Script

Additional Features Of AuctionPRO

1. For Admin

  • The dashboard will contain stats of total auctions, currently running auctions, pending withdraws, total users, total subscribers, total ads & gallery images. It also has pie charts that will help to know the most used OS & top referrals.
  • Besides auction details, you also have info about users like email, phone no, country, withdraws etc.
  • You can offer a newsletter subscription to the users which will benefit in boosting up the number of users.
  • Various customizations can be applied on pages, theme colors, language, slider settings, social settings.
  • There are integrated SEO tools like Google Analytics & website meta keywords.

2. For Users

  • A user gets PayPal & credit card (Stripe) as transaction options for making deposits. Whereas for withdrawing the amount they can use PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill etc.
  • On noticing any suspicious activity, the user can immediately change his account password & even recover the lost password.
  • If the user makes any change in his basic details like email id or phone number, he can parallelly make the updations of his online auction account.

Price For AuctionPRO

Start using AuctionPRO at just $41 where you will also be facilitated with 6 months support. In future, if you want to extend this support for 12 months, just spend $13.50 extra.

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5. PHP Auction Ecommerce Script

The e-commerce auction script provides a platform where bidders & buyers can buy/sell any kind of products like wearables (shoes, smart watches etc.), gadgets (play station, Macbook etc.) & a lot more.

It also lets you announce the live auctions to the users through your website with its price and countdown till the auction ends.

Moreover, users can go through the list of featured products that are posted for auction.

PHP Auction Ecommerce Script Auction PHP Script

Additional Features Of PHP Auction Ecommerce Script

  • There are 3 login options available for the bidder, seller & admin. Further, the admin has the authority to manage various parameters like banner ads, setting commision rates for the seller etc.
  • Admin can manage the sold auction details through a clean dashboard that will have details about winners name, MRP, product image & name, bidding price & date.
  • You have got multiple other features like multi-vendor commissions (handled by admin), a complete record about the vendor & admin, PayPal gateway integration and a lot more.
  • Webmaster can also have logs of closed as well as upcoming auctions.

Price For PHP Auction Ecommerce Script

Get this PHP script along with dedicated future updates for 6 months & 1 year of technical support at $98.93.

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On wrapping up, I hope this blog will help you to find the best PHP auction script to create a dynamic online auction website.

All the scripts are absolutely cost-effective & worth trying.

If you still find anything ambiguous or have any suggestions, do comment in the below section.

Thanks for reading.