Every website owner has its own way of contacting their visitors via a contact form, lead generation form, emails and click to call button. To save time, most of the users like to tap on click to call button.

For adding click to call buttons, there are multiple types of plugins which you can integrate with your WordPress site.

These WordPress plugins will help your visitors to easily get in touch with you and will also improve the conversion rate of your website.

Also, you will be able to place ‘click to call’ button anywhere on the site whether its a blog post, widget area or on a landing page. You can highlight them with different textures, numbers with multiple font sizes. You can also add events with Google analytics universal, proper format with containing country and area codes.

But there is a problem!

On the web, hundreds of plugins that are floating around and a normal person can’t differentiate that which is the best. That is why today we have compiled some of the best click to call WordPress plugins. Through them, your leads can easily contact you just with a single click.

This list consists of free as well as paid plugins. Some of them have general functions while others have the targeted features.

One of these plugins support WooCommerce compatibility through which you start an online site. Isn’t an interesting?

All we want from you is to try them out and finalize the best one according to your requirements.

We also have some more interesting WordPress plugins blogs for you.

What are you waiting for? Let’s explore the features and pricing of these clicks to call WordPress plugins.

1. Twilio Easy Call Pro – WordPress Plugin

Twilio Easy Call Pro is a WordPress plugin that promises to boost your conversions rate by applying the most effective marketing principle: calling.

The plugin will help your visitors or leads to directly communicate with you over the smartphones. It’s being integrated with the Twilio which is a cloud platform for building up the voice and messaging applications.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 2.4+ & WooCommerce 2.3+ through which you can start an e-commerce site and can place an instant click to call buttons.

Twilio Easy Call Pro Click To Call WordPress Plugin


The price tag of Twilio Easy Call Pro is $29 with its basic features and its extended license will cost you $120.


  • With this plugin, you are able to add the welcome message when the call is started and also you may customize it.
  • You may also add the soundtracks at the beginning of the call or you may add the brand’s anthem.
  • This plugin helps you to track all the unauthorized call made by default users or visitors.
  • WooCommernce vendors have the options to accept or reject the calls with the help of this plugin.
  • Also, you are offered the functionality to add or remove the users from the backlist.

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2. ClickOn Icons – WordPress Plugin

ClickOn Icons is one of the best premium WordPress plugin jam-packed with 68 intuitive and clickable social icons.

Every icon offered here have specific operations such as open a chat window, profile page, place a call or compose an email.

This plugin is fully customizable and easy to use add the custom title or disable it, add a small custom description, align every call button in the center-left-right of the site.

Moreover, you can add icon groups through widgets on the customizer section or on the sidebars.

ClickOn Icons Click To Call WordPress Plugin


This plugin is will cost you $7 with 6months client support and regular licenses.


  • You can create shortcodes and add the icons groups anywhere on the post or pages of the website.
  • You can easily change the icons size and icon shapes with the prebuilt available 6 different icon size and 5 different icon shapes.
  • With this plugin, you may load the icons from JSON files and flourish all the icons with font awesome version 4.7.
  • Each and every icon offered here have a custom URL, ID or contact number depending upon the functionality of icons.

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3. Call Now Button – A Part of Click to Call WordPress Plugins

Call Now Button plugin is designed keeping in mind that only the mobile-optimized themes can active it. As the button is placed in the bottom section of the screen, that will help users to easily get in touch with you.

The configurable setting of the plugin is very easy just enable and enter the mobile number your job is done. You may also add some custom text to the button and it’s optional.

Call Now BUtton Click To Call WordPress Plugin


Call Now Button WordPress plugin costs you nothing as its free of cost to you.


  • From the dashboard setting panel, you can change the appearance of the clicks to call button.
  • You can easily display the click to call button on the pages or post with the use of ID.
  • With this plugin, you can also change the position, click the tracking option or limit the appearance of the button form the setting options.
  • This plugin is very responsive and optimized for display on mobile devices.

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4. Really Simple Click To Call Bar – WordPress Plugin

Really simple click to call is one of the renowned WordPress plugins with 10,000+ active installations till date.

This plugin will add a customizer call bar or call button on the bottom area of the website.

The best functionality of this plugin is that it will automatically add the events to the call buttons as its benefited with google analytics universal.
Further, it is best suited for small size business website like restaurant, retails stores etc.

Really Simple Click To Call Bar Click To Call WordPress Plugin


It is an opensource software which means it is freely available to all. You can download it from WordPress.org


  • With the help of custom CSS option, you can add or remove the buttons from the front end.
  • You can place the button on the bottom section of the mobile screen through which user can easily contact you.
  • From the plugin setting option, you can change the background, add call message with the buttons.
  • You can show the button on the screen whose width is under 737px.

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5. Excitel – A Part of Click to Call WordPress Plugins

Excitel WordPress plugin lets you build any kind of buttons right from your WordPress Dashboard.

It comes with prebuilt functions like easily you can display the button on home screen, voice communication that will help to increase the sales market.

The plugin has an advanced setting like set the working hours to receive the calls, create an individual button’s appearance as you wish for the site.

Excitel Click To Call WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin is free of cost for you and can easily be downloadable from WordPress .org


  • You can forward the calls to the other operator or manager.
  • You can maintain the statistics of call history,audio recording, location, IP and etc of the user.
  • This plugin helps you to export the data of calls to the Microsoft Excel sheet if required.
  • With its chat option, operator or manager can easily start the chat conversation during the call process.

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All the above-mentioned click to call WordPress plugins have advanced and useful features. Now the task is of yours to find the best one from the above mentioned and make your website look outstanding.

Also, these plugins are capable of fixing any kind of call button on the home screen of the website.

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