Real Estate has always been one of the highest grossing business in the market across the globe!

And people into this business are putting equal efforts in its marketing, with the help of brokers. As brokers provide the best networks for buying and selling of such assets.

In order to see the listing of the property of others, a group of brokers bands together to form an MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This allows each broker to consolidate and share information as well as commission.

You must be wondering why MLS WordPress Plugins!

As the real estate business is evolving on websites every day, the MLS WordPress Plugins are a must for every such website.

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The reason why we are elaborating these plugins below is, they hold some of the prominent features that have to be on your business website. Some of them are Walk score integration, Hierarchical search option, search widgets, SSL Compatibility and a lot more. Now find it for yourself!

1. WPL Pro Platform

With 100,000+ listing support, this plugin is highly used to create a powerful website. Its easy installation on the hosting/server offers complete control over the website content.

This is one of the most scalable and extendable plugins for your website with a vast range of add-ons. This plugin allows you to hide various content such as fields with 0 or null value and address of the visitor.

You can also display property agents listing with their profiles.

WPL Platform MLS WordPress Plugin


With one-time payment option and lifetime updates offered, you can buy this plugin at $199


  • By using Location database method for your website, you can enable hierarchical search. Example – Country -> State -> City -> Zip Code.
  • The plugin provides various listing types of property like for sale, rental and shared accommodation etc.
  • It facilitates you with multiple currencies for currency exchange.
  • This plugin includes the use of Google Places to know the proximity of locations to the property on the map integrated with popular Walk Score service.
  • With the use of Flex interface, you can add, delete or modify data fields.

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2. WordPress IDX

The mandatory registrations form for the visitors will increase your website leads tremendously. And you can customize these registrations anytime. This plugin allows easy integration of your website with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

WordPress IDX MLS WordPress Plugin


It has got 2 price plans

  1. Basic – $39.95 per month
  2. Pro – $69.95 per month


  • The dynamic pages provide the current and active listing of the IDX content.   
  • This plugin lets you have a 3D view of every listing with the help of bird’s eye map feature.
  • You can select city, tract, community and zip codes on your website with the help of Google XML Sitemaps.
  • It provides various sorting options for listing pages and searches results. For example, on the basis of the price drop, lot size etc.  
  • This plugin enables long tail search technique to have descriptive titles on listing pages.

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3. IDX Reality Pro

This easy-to-install plugin is known to provide most reliable data through your website. In order to make the website mobile optimized, this plugin allows you to customize fonts, content, images etc.

With no subdomains to handle, the website will hold all the features in itself. This automatically assures SEO optimization for your website.

IDX Reality Pro MLS WordPress Plugin


The pricing of this plugin is categorized as follows:

  1. Basic agent plan at $49 per month
  2. Hosted agent plan at $69 per month (with free SSL)
  3. Agent Pro plan at $99 per month
  4. Premier hosted plans starting at $111 per month (with free SSL)


  • This plugin gives SSL compatibility to your website. This makes the data of your website more secure.
  • It plugin lets you Google Analytics service for your website to know the website traffic. It also allows you to track the leads and visitors to your website.  
  • The plugin uses RETS data feed type, to sum up all data and display it on the website.
  • This plugin provides absolute responsive designs and layouts for any device.

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4. FlexMLS

It is an open source software with a good rating of 4. The only pre-requisite for brokers is to be a member of an MLS that uses FlexMLS. This is because API key is provided to approved members for using this plugin.

FlexMLS MLS WordPress Plugin


Use this plugin without any currency transaction, as it is “free”.


  • The plugin provides 6 widgets to your website, that can be placed anywhere in the sidebar, pages, and posts.   
  • IDX Slideshow, IDX Search, Market statistics are some of the most important widgets offered by this plugin for your website.
  • 1-Click Location Searches and 1-Click Custom Searches widgets are used to enhance the overall performance of the website.

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5. IMPress

The IMPress plugin displays the information on the WordPress website with the help of widgets and shortcodes.

This plugin offers maximum options in the search widget for the homepage of your website. With the help of Omnibar search widget, visitors can search via country, city, postal codes, address or listing ID

IMPress MLS WordPress Plugin


You can avail this feature loaded plugin without paying any cost.


  • Editing in the widget is possible without page reloading. As this plugin provides selective refresh option for widgets.  
  • The inbuilt shortcodes allow adding new widgets to any pages or posts of your website.
  • It allows lead capture form integration with the WordPress forms such as Contact Us 7 forms, Ninja forms etc.
  • This plugin can be integrated with IMPress Listings plugin to import IDX properties on your WordPress website.

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6. Showcase IDX

The 5-star rating of this plugin shows how easily you can provide an efficient home search option on your website. Visitors experience are used for consistent evolving.

With the help of live map feature on your website, you can have the exact view of the location. This plugin also provides a visual tour of the property.

Showcase IDX MLS WordPress Plugin


This plugin will not cost you anything as it is absolutely free.


  • The plugin offers multiple search widgets for your website.
  • You can embed hot-sheets in your websites to know current activities in the MLS.
  • With this plugin, you can have infinite scroll option for the pages.

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We don’t want you to bother much about finding the best MLS WordPress Plugins for your website. Hence, you are given a set of such plugins that are both paid and free and provides you the best of features for your website.

And if you still find anything worth suggestion or have the smallest doubt, do comment in the below section.