Choosing the right email marketing tool for your business is very important. Marketing is the key to any business and with email marketing, you can gain exposure that isn’t gettable by any other means. Thanks to many email marketing tools present at this moment, you are in safe hands.

We all know about GetResponse and all its capabilities but we are here to know some alternatives so that you can choose the best one perfectly suitable for your business.

Lets Start A Quick Comparison In Top Services

Free Trial Subscription Form Drip Email Ratings of Services
Pabbly Email Marketing $29 5/5
MailGet $29 4.9/5
SendinBlue $25 4.2/5
Moosend $10 4.5/5
Constant Contact $20 4.3/5

Here are the 10 best GetResponse alternatives:

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing offers you, 500+ custom templates which you can use to send bulk emails. Similarly, it is inbuilt with the email tracking feature. So, you can check the number of clicks, email open status and unsubscribe details.

Additionally, you can view and organize the list of your customer and the basic information of customer at one place.

Key Features Of Pabbly Email Marketing

  • It comes with custom fields option, so you can create templates according to your needs and send to the contacts.
  • You can also collect multiple leads for email marketing, Pabbly Email Marketing provides you subscriptions forms. So, you can create a sign-up form on your website, which helps in increasing the leads of customers.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing sends a professional welcome email to all the new customers in automation. You can also customize these emails from the dashboard.
  • If any customer does not open your email, Pabbly Email Marketing system will send follow up email to the customer.

Pricing Of Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing gives you multiple varieties in subscription plans which are as follows:

Free: You can explore Pabbly Email Marketing and can connect 3 SMTPs without paying any amount.

Rookie: You can get Rookie plan in only $29 which gives you the power of adding 5000 subscribers and automatic followups.

Pro: Pay $49 and get 15,000 subscribers in your Pabbly Email Marketing system with custom tags, email builder and live chat support.

Advance:  Enjoy sending unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers with additional benefits like MX checker and multiple SMTPs by paying just $99.

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2. MailGet

There are very few corporate houses in the world that do not prefer MailGet. It is one of the best GetResponse alternatives! It is very easy to use and all it takes are a few easy steps to get started. Start by creating a valid email address and then adding the contacts and connect the required SMTP and that’s it. You can go to CSV to import an email or you can use individual contacts. MailGet provides various types of packages tailored to the needs of the customer.

MailGet GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features of MailGet:

  • MailGet sends their emails to the cloud by using different SMTP and Amazon SES.
  • The software is designed with a top class email builder just like Gmail, sending and receiving emails in any format is very easy.
  • MailGet has also added a drag and drop function, for easy customization of emails.
  • As a world-class email provider, MailGet does a great job by managing your account. They keep track of all your activities and sort your received and sent emails by date and time.
  • MailGet’s new function consists of blocking a spam automatically.

Pricing Of MailGet:

You can avail MailGet and all its features for 29$ per month for 5000 subscribers, 49$ per month and99$ per month for 15,000 and 50,000 subscribers.

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3. Sendinblue

When it comes to email marketing tools and solutions, SendinBlue is one of the most popular to market your products, online store, and services. It is a great GetResponse alternative with stellar features and excellent pricing structure. It is a marketing solution built irrespective of the nature and size of businesses. With basic skills, you can work with SendinBlue easily and improve your marketing strategies by leaps and bounds.

SendinBlue - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Simple email creation and management are one of the USP’s of SendinBlue.
  • Create responsive emails: SendinBlue is equipped with one of the best drag and drop editors. You can easily create and send beautiful responsive emails.
  • Track emails: You can not only create and send emails but also track emails and text messages.
  • Uploading contacts: You can upload or simply import and export email lists and even individual contacts.
  • Analytics: There is built-in analytics for improving and tracking subscriber engagement and enhance the overall experience.
  • Segmentation options are also available so as to send the right emails to the right customers.
  • The pricing structure is comprehensive. You can avail a free plan which covers 300 emails per day. After that, it is available at 25$ per month for 40,000 emails, 39$ per month for 60000 emails, 66$ per month for 120000 emails and customizable plans for increasing emails as well.

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4. Moosend

Start email marketing with Moosend and increase your business presence in the market. As you can easily customize and send email templates with the help of this tool. Meanwhile, it comprises with unique features which you need in an email marketing service such as drip emails, custom tags and API integration. Also, you can import the contact list from CSV files.

GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features Of Moosend:

  • Drag And Drop builder gives you a platform to create the new email templates with ease.
  • Moosend will take care of your emails from spamming It gives you complete assurance of delivery all emails in the customer’s inbox only.
  • besides that, Moosend provides you complete automation to perform any task. You can schedule to emails with the date and time, after that it will send the mail to the respective customer.
  • It comes with a report section wherein, you can check analytics of the email marketing system.

Pricing Of Moosend:

Moosend comes with a monthly and yearly basis. The price will increase according to a number of subscribers you want to add. Moosend has a variety of plans starting from 10$ to $3650. You can choose any plan to meet your needs.

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5. ConstantContact

ConstantContact is an online marketing company. They provide an all-in-one email marketing services. They offer different types of templates that are supported by various digital devices like mobile, tablets etc. This is a brand new substitute for GetResponse and provides overwhelming support to help you achieve your goals.

ConstantContact - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features of ConstantContact:

  • The best way to increase your business scope is to personalize your relationship with your customers, and the best way to do that is by sending stunning emails to your customers.
  • ConstantContact provides excellent multi-colored templates and a unique drag-and-drop feature which make it very easy to design a custom mail. They also track all of your emails for marketing campaigns.
  • The heart of marketing is the contacts. ConstantContact’s new system that manages your contacts will help you in every way to organize and store all your contacts.
  • The new and improved delivery system helps you overcome your customer’s spam filters and deliver the mail to the right person on time.
  • There are plenty of options to choose from; they provide a 60-day trial pack, designed for the new subscribers and price of the paid subscriptions starts at 20$ per month and goes up to $45 for advanced features.

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6. MailChimp

The unique feature of this email provider is that they give you an uninterrupted integration with different types of APIs and websites. This is why MailChimp has over 12 million subscribers across the globe. You can form a connection through MailChimp with some of the biggest e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento etc. Even most of the e-commerce websites recommend this particular email provider as it is good for their business.

MailChimp - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features of MailChimp:

  • Creating targeted campaigns through one of MailChimp’s e-commerce websites is very easy; that is why many people tend to choose this over any other tool.
  • Not every MailChimp user is a designer. So they developed a drag and drop system which makes it very easy to create beautiful customizable emails.
  • MailChimp is also an excellent marketing automation provider. This automation system will help your mail to overcome any security threats of your targets and the mail will reach right on time.
  • MailChimp also has an app system which is supported by various brands of mobiles and tablets.
  • MailChimp provides various packages for their subscribers from free trial package to a $199 per month package. Subscribers will have to choose a suitable package among them.

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7. AWeber

AWeber has more than 10 million business owners all over the world. The company has made their name as one of the most useful email marketing tools in the world. They provide unique features like integration with popular social media websites such as Facebook and payment gateways like PayPal. You can easily connect your RSS feed and your blogs with your emails through AWeber.

AWeber - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features of AWeber:

  • The superb delivery system of AWeber will make sure that your email reaches the inbox of the targeted person at the exact moment.
  • The autoresponder feature of AWeber sends a series of emails to the new subscribers. They will receive a string of emails as soon as they join AWeber’s new autoresponder system. It is programmed to connect with any new subscriber.
  • AWeber has a collection of more than 700 templates so it is very easy to design colorful and responsive emails.
  • The AWeber account can be linked with other popular websites such as Facebook, WordPress, and PayPal etc; to get more followers.
  • AWeber’s new Atom App is an excellent addition; the app is supported by both IOS and Android, and it helps customers add contacts easily.
  • After a free 30 days trial, you can avail AWeber at 19$ for 500 subscribers, 29$ for 2500 subscribers, 49$ for 5000 subscribers, 69$ for 10,000 subscribers, 149$ for 25,000 subscribers.

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8. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a brand new email service that creates stylish and responsive templates that are supported on any device. Affiliation with BenchMark Email will boost your customer base as it is integrated with different popular websites like WordPress, Facebook, Squarespace, Google, and many others. BenchMark also provides apps. It has two different versions; one for desktop and the other for mobile devices. The mobile app supports both Android and iOS.

Benchmark - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features of Benchmark Email:

  • Benchmark Email has a new email editor function. If you do not have Photoshop you can edit your images here easily and then send them to your targets.
  • The color of the templates can be changed with just a click of a mouse. It will change the entire presentation of the mail.
  • If you are comfortable to use HTML or if you want to create your own email or if you even want to edit the template of an email, BenchMark is the best option. They provide a dual view to track the progress of your work as you are editing it.
  • The website supports various devices, no matter where you are reading your emails; they will still look the best.
  • The starter plan is completely free for sending emails to 2000 subscribers. After that, there are plans starting from 11.95$ for 600 subscribers and goes up to massive packages such as 5000$ for 1215000 subscribers!

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9. iContact

iContact is a specialized email marketing solution offering their service aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It is renowned and anyone with little or no knowledge about email marketing can work with it. It is simple, easy to use but does its job as it should. With services which excel in almost every section, iContact is a potent tool and a great alternative to GetResponse. It is available for a free trial 15 days. Thereafter, it is available at 14$ per month for 500 subscribers, 32$ per month for 2500 subscribers, 52$ per month for 5000 subscribers, 79$ per month for 10,000 subscribers.

iContact - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Segmentation: It offers segmentation services and A/B testing. It also comes with a message builder as well.
  • CRM: One of the best CRM’s in the business. You can easily manage and analyze customer interactions, improving your business relationship.
  • Social Posting and Monitoring: Social media management tools are also available. You can easily monitor Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There is a schedule feature too.
  • Workflow Automation: One of the most important features of iContact is the way its workflow automation is tackled. It allows you to create as well as schedule triggered messages tailored to each contact at a specific time. Just drag and drop and you are good to go!
  • In-depth Reporting: iContact also offers analytics and reporting. This is very important as it is vital and can be used to make funnel reports.
  • Salesforce Integration: You can sync Salesforce into iContact easily. It will help you manage the whole sales process. It is a big feature and plays a major role in making future marketing and sales planning.

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10. ActiveCampaign

An all-in-one marketing platform providing stellar features and services that are mainly aimed at small to mid-size businesses! ActiveCampaign is equipped with tools that can be used by businesses for managing contacts, keep control of the sales process, and obtain new customers. You can send newsletters and create email campaigns with the help of some handy features. It offers great competition to GetResponse as it comes with more or less the same features, yet is priced reasonably.

ActiveCampaign - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Marketing, CRM & Sales automation: When it comes to workflow automation, Active Campaign is one of the best. You can avail automation options in marketing, CRM as well as in Sales.
  • Smart autoresponders: Just like any other marketing tool, autoresponders are mandatory. ActiveCampaign has smart autoresponders to tackle anything.
  • Tracking: You can track where your contacts live. You can also track your contact’s age, gender, & even location.
  • It offers advanced segmentation options.
  • It is equipped with a Drag & drop email designer for making efficient designs without breaking a sweat.
  • You can monitor your Social media as it can be tagged.
  • There is also the option for SMS marketing.
  • It is available at a starting plan of 9$ per month, 49$ for small business and 149$ for an enterprise.

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11. Mad Mimi

MadMimi is a very interesting email marketing service. It offers great competition to other marketing services and especially GetResponse due to the fact that it offers everything that advanced email marketing software offer, but at a very reasonable price. You can create professional emails and campaigns easily with MadMimi. It is a completely new experience when you work with MadMimi as it frequently updates the look and feel of its interface. It also offers new add-on integrations from time to time and that too free of cost.

Mad Mimi - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features:

  • List Uploading: You can upload any email list to MadMimi but what is extremely useful is the fact that you can send emails to those email lists easily. It helps you to deliver emails to any or every email list you upload.
  • No verification email: By default, they assume you have permission to send emails. Many marketing platforms need verifications but with MadMimi, there is no need to get email verification.
  • Organized: The whole platform is extremely organized. The interface is simple and extremely interactive. You can easily organize all your contacts segmented by their names and email IDs.
  • Price: If you compare prices of MadMimi with other marketing tools you will realize the value they offer. There is a free plan that lets you store around 100 emails and send unlimited emails. The pricing is mainly based on the size of the email database, that is, you are charged on the total number of email stored in your account.
  • Drip marketing campaigns: This is a great feature that you can avail in Madmimi. Drip campaigns basically help you send and follow up emails at intervals that are pre-defined. This is a great way to turn your cold leads into warm leads. This feature is enabled by default and comes at no extra cost.
  • You can send Broadcast Emails easily thanks to pre-built themes and a potent text editor.
  • After a comprehensive free plan, you can opt for plans such 10$ per month for 500 contacts, 42$ per month for 10000 contacts, 199$ per month for 50,000 contacts and 1049$ per month for 350,000 contacts.

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12. Campaign Monitor

Just like GetResponse or Aweber or MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, as the name suggests, is widely used by multifarious businesses to create and send bulk emails or simply program autoresponders and analyze the results. You can not only manage subscribers but also track them when required. It is available both on desktops and mobile platforms.

Campaign Monitor - GetResponse Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Superior management solutions: You can manage and grow your subscribers by organizing all your data related to email marketing and build comprehensive segments purely based on customizable criterions with Campaign Monitor’s management tools and integrations.
  • Testing and optimization: Campaign Monitor is equipped with advanced testing tools with the help of which you can test your campaigns and optimize it accordingly to enhance the overall experience. It is very easy to A/B test your campaigns.
  • Tracking: For each and every marketing campaign you create, Campaign Monitor provides comprehensive reports by tracking who opened it, shared it and a whole lot more. This is a very important feature and works seamlessly.
  • Customer support: One thing that makes Campaign Monitor stand out from GetResponse other than the pricing factor is their stellar customer support in every single thing that they offer. They offer advice 24/7.
  • There is a basic plan at 9$ per month for sending to 2500 emails to 500 people, then 29$ per month and 149$ per month for sending unlimited emails to 500 people. After that, with the increase in emails and people, there are plans such as 89$ per month to send 50000 emails to 1000 people and it goes up to 299$ for 12500 emails to 50000 people, 699$ and 899$ for sending unlimited emails to 50000 people.

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All in all, here are the most dependable and potent GetResponse competitors out there now. Choose what you require according to your needs by picking the most suitable one for your business and we believe it will take your business to a whole different level.

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