MailChimp Alternatives

When email marketing services are discussed, it’s quite obvious that no one will forget to talk about MailChimp.

Moreover, MailChimp is now slightly been phrased as an analog to email marketing service.

What’s The Bottom Line, Then?

Though, MailChimp is one of the popular email marketing solutions..

..but it can’t be guaranteed as one of the best and the only option available for email marketing.

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You might be wondering now –

What are the cheaper alternatives to MailChimp email marketing service?

I’ve compared and put together 10 Best and Cheaper MailChimp Alternatives.

Let’s Start Exploring Them..

1. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is one of a striking option available on the market that can be used for email marketing.

  • It is a fully integrated web-based email marketing app. Easy to use and is best designed to suit everybody.
  • It presents a prominent email marketing platform with so many features like responsive email builder, form creator and many more.
  • With all these features, you can efficiently work on running email marketing campaigns. View all features.

Coming To MailGet Bolt Pricing –

Its pricing plan starts from $ per month.


Several pricing plans are available according to the size of the contact list. Check all their pricing plans.MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Software

What Makes It Special

  • Social media integration options
  • 100+ email templates
  • Drag and Drop email creator
  • Landing Page Creator
  • In-built SMTP
  • Drip & Schedule Campaign
  • Autoresponder feature

What Makes It Down 

  • No behavioural targeting system
  • They’re strictly against high bounce & complaints rate

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2. MailGet

MailGet is one of the cheapest and modernized email marketing service that requires the least convention to start up.

  • Just sign up for the account, and start creating and sending emails.
  • Run powerful email marketing campaigns with the help of tools like responsive drag and drop email builder, schedule email, list cleaning system and much more.

To explore more stunning and powerful features of MailGet.

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Coming To MailGet Pricing –

The least pricing plans start from $29 which allows you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers.

  • Keeping their customers comfort in mind, they have quite a vast list of pricing plans.

As far as I know about their service,

I think MailGet is the only email marketing service available worldwide, that permits you to send 10,000 emails for just $1

Mailget Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Easy procedure to set up
  • No requirement of hosting and other configurations
  • Smart email monitoring system
  • Easy contact import alternatives
  • Campaign tracking with Google Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Multiple SMTP integration options
  • List hygiene features
  • SMTP Routing

What Makes It Down –

  • Need to configure with SMTP account before sending emails.
  • No behavioural targeting system
  • Though you can create any email template using its drag-drop responsive email builder but MailGet doesn’t come with ready-made email templates.

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3. SendInBlue

Sendinblue provides a single stage for email marketing, sending transactional emails and SMS campaigns.

  • It offers a simple, reliable and cost-effective platform for running email marketing campaigns.
  • Sendinblue has Drag & Drop email builder for creating campaigns, email delivery reports, email previewing options, etc. View all features.

Coming To Sendinblue Pricing –

It provides a free account that lets you send 9000 email per month.

The lowest pricing plan is of INR 443.65, which allows you to send 40,000 emails. Check all pricing plans.

 Sendinblue Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Excellent deliverability results
  • Responsive email design tools
  • Robust contact management
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Subscription forms creation tool

What Makes It Down –

  • Long validation process

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4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another big name in the digital marketing world that provides email marketing tools.

  • It has wonderful features for creating emails and a very intuitive user interface that you will love to use. See all features.

Coming To Constant Contact Pricing –

Its basic pricing plan starts from $20 per month, but Constant Contact do have plans according to the number of contacts.

View all their pricing plans.

 Constant-Contact Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Extensive contact management options
  • Quick delivery of emails
  • Simple navigations required
  • Enhanced reporting features
  • Multimedia Center

What Makes It Down –

  • Overly priced
  • No inbox preview option available
  • Lacks customization features
  • No autoresponders

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5. AWeber

Another choice of email marketing services is AWeber.

  • A reliable and versatile email marketing solution whose delivery rates are well adored by clients all over the world.
  • It offers a platform for those who do not want to spend much time on their email marketing campaigns.
  • AWeber includes lot features such as autoresponders, mobile application through which you can take your email marketing to a much higher level.

View All Features.

Coming To AWeber Pricing –

Aweber does not charge for the first month, but their plan starts at $19, which allows you to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers for a month. Show all pricing plans.

AWeber Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special

  • Numerous integration option
  • Easy Report Access
  • Excellent webinar courses
  • Large range of templates
  • Fast response time
  • Good customer supports system
  • 4 Split test at a time

What Makes It Down –

  • No file upload option
  • If you add a contact list, then the contact have to confirm the subscription to the list

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6. iContact

iContact is an excellent marketing tool for carrying email marketing.

  • Small businesses to a big marketer where anybody can use their services to do email marketing for their business.
  • Here you will find multiple options for creating a message, contact management, great customer support system, social media integration and many more.

Coming To iContact Pricing –

It has various plans so that everybody finds one according to their budget.

Their cheapest monthly plan starts from $14 that allows to send emails to 500 contacts.

View all plans.

iContact Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Built in HTML WYSIWYG Editor
  • Robust tracking and reporting features
  • Over 250 HTML email templates to choose from
  • Message coder tool for customizing email templates
  • Diverse integration option

What Makes It Down –

  • iContact’s interface is somewhat clunky
  • No Google Analytics integration option
  • Limited customer support system.

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7. Mad Mimi 

Mad Mimi, a simple and easy to use email marketing tool.

  • It provide email building tools and offers features through which you can create professional and fabulous looking emails.
  • Altogether, it includes everything that is required for running an effective email marketing campaign.
  • Like you will get to schedule email drip sequence, perform multi-list segmentation, set email autoresponders and many more features.

Coming To Mad Mimi Pricing –

It charges according to the contact database size.

Their Pro pricing plans allow you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 contacts by paying $42 per month. View all plans.

MadMimi Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Integration of social media buttons
  • Integration with CRM systems such as Zoho and Salesforce
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Simple interface
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Economical
  • Customizable type email templates

What Makes It Down –

  • No arrangement of split testing
  • The autoresponder functionality is somewhat limited

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8. Active Campaign

Active Campaign provides dual services of email marketing and marketing automation.

  • It offers a stage where you can build and send beautiful emails, manage contact list efficiently and get detailed tracking reports of email campaigns.
  • Active Campaign has Drag and Drop email building interface, a library of email templates, email personalization system, and many other features.

Coming To Active Campaigns Pricing –

It presents a 14-day free trial option keeping in mind of newbies.

It has a Basic plan that will cost around $9 per month for 500 contacts, which includes marketing automation features also. See all pricing plans. 

Active Campaign Email Marketing Service
What Makes It Special –

  • User-friendly interface
  • Dynamic email content
  • Intuitive email builder
  • Multiple list segmentation options
  • Track contact on the site
  • Over 200 + service integration options

What Makes It Down –

  • No options for embedding affiliate links in emails

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9. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a reputed web-based email marketing solution.

  • They provide an easy way of attracting subscriber and customers by sending them beautiful emails with a robust monitoring program to track emails.
  • Campaign monitor includes feature such as Drag and Drop email builder through which you create gorgeous looking emails, send personalized emails and many more.

Coming To Campaign Monitor Pricing –

It has no free trial option; instead, they provide a Free Account where you will get to explore all their marketing features.

It has a Basic plan, which allows to send 2500 emails t $9 per month to 500 contacts a. View all pricing plans.

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Pay per campaign pricing options
  • Email templates are of attractive and responsive
  • Excellent user interface
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Send transactional emails.
  • Multiple business integration options

What Makes It Down –

  • Very expensive  compared to other competitors
  • No trial option available
  • Limited email templates
  • No advanced reporting facility
  • No yearly plans

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10. Pinpointe

Pinpointe is another cloud-based email marketing application which allows you to follow your clients and leads by sending emails.

  • They provide a whole set of features that are crucial for running an email marketing like autoresponders, Google Analytics integration, campaign statistics, lead capturing forms, etc. View all features.

Coming To Pinpointe Pricing –

Multiple pricing plans are available according to the number of emails sent, according to contact database, and Pay-as-You-Go option is also there.

It’s starting plan will cost you around $49 which allows to send 40,000 emails to 5000 contacts. Check all pricing plans.

 Pinpointe Email Marketing Service

What Makes It Special –

  • Over 1000+ ready to use email templates
  • Powerful automated email campaigns and trigger campaigns
  • High email deliverability results
  • Robust email design tools
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Real-time website tracking and Analytics

What Makes It Down –

  • Limited customization options for campaigns
  • No social media integration option

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Remember one thing that MailChimp’s is not the only choice left while seeking for email marketing services.

The above list would surely help you out to know about some of the best alternatives to MailChimp’s.

Comment below, telling us what you think of the above and what other services you would add to the list.

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