We all know that custom fields are a kind of meta boxes where we input our post related data. And to imply custom field functionality on your website you can use custom field WordPress plugins.

By default WordPress stores this metadata. Now few custom fields are pre-defined, like in a post, it can be author name, date and time, category but you can add more custom fields by using plugins.

Let’s take an example- You have added various blog posts for each of the employee of your organization. So, here you can add custom fields of their names, designations, etc. This will help in sorting and storing information in an efficient way.

These plugins will help you in adding a different kind of custom fields. Some of them are – Text, Text Area, Date, File Upload, Term, User, Loop (repeatable fields), Hyperlink and more

Here we have penned down the seven best custom field WordPress plugins.

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1. WooCommerce Custom Fields

Using this WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin you can allow your customers to select date and time for their product delivery. Also, you can charge additional fees for services and add-ons selected during checkout if you want to.

With this plugin, you can create unlimited product fields, display WooCommerce custom fields on the checkout page, and mark fields as private or public.

WooCommerce Custom Field Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

The price of WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin is $39 with 6-month support from RightPress.

Features –

  • You can offer fields of popular add-ons and services, like gift wrap, or extended warranty using upselling for bigger profits.
  • Also, you can use this plugin to collect birth dates to surprise customers with a birthday discount.
  • It also provides a price range filter to your e-store.
  • Moreover, you can provide shipment tracking information or the serial number of their purchased device and keep your customers informed.

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2. Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce

This Custom Field plugin holds a lot of features, which makes it popular. Also, it has 500+ active installations and still counting.

Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugins are 100% responsive and provide a beautiful validation template, which makes the website more engaging.

This plugin also provides free installation & demo services, and documentation with a video tutorial. With it, you can add multiple fields to WooCommerce checkout locations as well.

Advanced Custom Field For WooCommerce Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

You can buy this wonderful plugin at $29 under a regular license.

Features –

  • It stores up to 30 different types of fields.
  • In this plugin, you can configure and customize all your products, with extra options like gift-wrap.
  • Also, you can control the type of information which should appear, in the order detail.
  • Moreover, you can display custom fields in emails as well.

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3. Toolset

Toolset is the perfect tool for advanced and beginner developers as it makes it easy to add custom fields without needing any coding. You can choose from more than 20 types of custom fields including numbers, images, and videos.

The best part about using Toolset is that you can add all the features a custom WordPress website needs using just one plugin including custom post types, taxonomies, a custom search and much more.



Toolset Presentation at $69 is the best solution if you’re simply looking for custom fields.

If you want to build an entire site then Toolset Interactive allows you to build three complete custom WordPress websites for $149.


  • Toolset offers repeatable field groups so you can create multiple sets of fields as many times as you want.
  • Create custom post types and taxonomies without PHP coding.
  • Have full control over how you want to customize your field groups.
  • Your custom fields can be completely searchable in your own search bar.

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4. Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies

Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies is one of the best plugins out of all used custom field WordPress plugins. Because it uses Profi Search Form for almost every function which it provides. Almost all the functions in this plugin are performed with the help of this search form. This filter basically helps in applying search filters to the search.

Using Profi Search Form your clients can do full-text search, can use range slider for selecting a price, age, etc.

A Profi Search Form is basically a search & filter form. To use it on your website you just have to enter the shortcode. Also, you can use a widget for the search filter in your sidebars.

Filter Custom Fields Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

With up to 1000+ sales and a 4.5-star rating, this plugin will cost you only $21.

Features –

  • This plugin is easily customizable from the admin area.
  • Your customers can do a full-text search. It means that the search engine probes all of the words in every document and tries to match search criteria.
  • It provides many filters like – filter by custom fields, taxonomies, post and each of them provides a different function.
  • In addition, it comes with a range slider. Using range slider your customers can decide a particular price, an age of the person, and a select box.

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5. Advanced Custom Field Pro

ACF PRO includes many extra features to develop better websites. This plugin holds a lot like – repeater, gallery, & flexible content field with options to create pages.

Repeater field allows you to create a set of sub-fields. Also, these sub-fields can be reused again and again.

In addition, the repeater field allows you to create and manage every customized data with ease.

Advanced Custom Field Pro Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

ACF PRO is available in two licenses a personal and developer license.

  • Personal License – The price is $25 with lifetime updates for 1 site.
  • Developer License – It will support unlimited sites at the price of $100.

Features –

  • ACF Pro provides a gallery field which provides an intuitive interface for managing the collection of images.
  • This plugin has a flexible content field which is a complete content layout manager. It helps in defining groups of layouts, add, edit, and re-order.
  • The clone field allows you to select and display existing fields.
  • You can show the custom profile field at 26 locations on your Account page.

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6. Custom Fields And Custom Post Types Plugin

As the name suggests this plugin helps in customizing all the fields and posts.

You can create repeater custom fields, post types, taxonomies and build your front-end templates directly from the WP admin area.

Custom Fields And Custom Post Types Plugin Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

This plugin is also available in two pricing:

  • Pro Version for unlimited sites at $149,
  • Hobbyist at $49 with one accessible site.

Features –

  • It has an advanced Repeater Custom Fields Creator, by using it you can create a set of sub-fields.
  • You will find both custom taxonomy and creator in this plugin.
  • This plugin provides you many options for creating pages.
  • Using it you can also create frontend of your website.

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7. Custom Field Suite

Using Custom Field Suite you can browse the “Field Groups” admin menu. This will help you in adding functionality to your website.

You will find many field types like – text, loop, tab, hyperlink, and more.

Also, this plugin has up to 40,000+ active installation and 5-star rating by many of its users.

Custom Field Suite Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

Custom Field Suite is available free of cost and easy to use.

Features –

  • CFS comes with documentation, which makes it easy to use.
  • It creates a Field Group which contain one or more custom fields.
  • With the help of Placement Rules box, you can decide where the field group should appear.

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8. Smart Custom Fields

Smart Custom Fields is a very simple plugin for managing your website. This supports many features like customer support, metadata revision & preview support.

It has up to 10,000+ active installations and still, the count is increasing. Also, it has many field types text, color picker, posts, data picker and more.

Smart Custom Fields Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Price –

Smart Custom Fields is an open source software along with 5-star ratings.

Features –

  • This plugin is multilingual and can be translated into Japanese. In this plugin, if you want to change this plugin into your language you have to use GlotPress plugin.
  • You can get metadata in 4 forms post, user, term, or page metadata.
  • With this plugin, you can create customize options pages.
  • You can register your custom fields by coding also.

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Conclusion –

This is our take on the 6+ best custom field WordPress plugins. We really wish that you found the best suitable match out of all custom field WordPress plugins.

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