In this era, social media especially Twitter has outstandingly changed the fashion and media industries. It is #1 social media marketing channel helps you to achieve your business goals.

And you know what!

WordPress and Twitter can be easily synchronized with each other via Twitter WordPress Plugins.

As a result, you can directly connect with your consumers in nanoseconds. Its an amazing way of sharing your content right away.

So, in this article, we will talk about some of the best Twitter WordPress plugins that boost up your SMM strategy.

Twitter plugins for WordPress provides you an easy approach to share your website’s posts on Twitter with just a click!

You can also showcase your Twitter timeline on your website through these plugins.

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Apart from this, they have lots amazing functionalities that gives you the full experience of Twitter on your WordPress site.

So, to know more dig into the article and find the best Twitter WordPress plugin for your website.

1. WP Tweets PRO 

It is a great Tweeting plugin that automatically tweets your website’s posts. This plugin automatically tweets on the timeline of multiple authors of your website. You can also schedule up-tp 3 re-posts at your desired time interval.

With this plugin, you can delay the tweets of your posts once they are published. So, you can check your posts before sharing with your Twitter followers.

WP Tweets Pro Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

  • Single Year License: $49.
  • Permanent License: $149.

More Features

  • The plugin automatically re-post the tweet after publishing up-to 3 times. You can also set custom time of reposting you Tweet.
  • Facility to tweet your old posts at a scheduled time-interval and let’s your followers read your old posts.
  • You can set a blackout period. It means your scheduled tweets never go out during these hours.
  • You can upload post’s featured as well as attached images on the Twitter.
  • The facility to apply custom filters to block the tweets.

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2. Custom Twitter Feeds Pro

Custom Twitter Feeds Pro shares Twitter feeds on your website. It displays your tweets in a beautiful and responsive layout. It lets you to customize the Twitter feeds to match the appearance of your website.

The plugin ensures the engagement of your site visitors by displaying your twitter feeds directly on your website.

Custom Twitter Feeds Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost figure

  • Personal License: $39 for 1 site.
  • Business License: $79 for 5 sites.
  • Developer License: $119 for unlimited sites.

More Features

  • By using its powerful shortcodes, you can display multiple tweets on a single page or on different pages of your website.
  • It comes with an inbuilt post caching to minimize Twitter API requests and speed up loading time.
  • Fully translation ready and compatible with all the languages.
  • Automatically creates a Twitter card when sharing a link.

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3. AccessPress Twitter Feed PRO

It is a premium Twitter feed plugin for WordPress. It is so simple to use and set up in a matter of few minutes. This plugin fetches latest tweets from any account and displays it on your website. It also supports multiple Twitter accounts. So that you can share tweets from all your account on a single platform.

Twitter Feed Pro Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

This Twitter WordPress plugin cost you only $18.

More Features

  • It also supports Twitter media. So, you can display your tweets along with images on your website.
  • Caching option is also available to prevent from API calls.
  • It comes with 12 different design templates.
  • Ticker and slider mode is also there with many customization options.
  • Further, you can also contact their support team for paid customization.

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4. Twitter Ultimate – WordPress Plugin

Twitter Ultimate is a premium WordPress plugin used to display real-time Twitter news feed on your website. It is highly customizable and user-friendly plugin that frame-up live tweets on your web page instantly.

It comes with a search bar, through which you can search the tweets by usernames or by multiple queries.

Twitter Ultimate Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

This plugin has a price of only $10.

More Features

  • There is an option to start and stop the incoming tweets.
  • The plugin provides the shortcodes to embed it directly on a desired page or posts.
  • Option to control the display of profile images on the tweets.
  • It also supports the latest version of Twitter API.

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5. Tweetlab – Twitter slider & Usercard for WordPress

With the help of this plugin, you can display your tweets in a beautiful slider on your website. There are four inbuilt customizable templates. Further, you can also create your own template. The plugin lets you display the tweets in Twitter Card format, balloon form, vertical carousel, in hashtags or in custom query carousel.

Tweetlab Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

You can download this plugin from at just $21.

More Features

  • Option to place a slider either horizontally or vertically.
  • You can control the speed of transitions effects of the slider.
  • It shows the information of Twitter Account.
  • Displays your tweets in different formats in a featured area.

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6. Twitter Feed – Social plugin for WordPress

Twitter Feed allows you to display tweets from six different resources including user timeline, home timeline, your re-tweets etc. This plugin comes with powerful admin panel through which you can have full control over it. Additionally, you can set-up caching system which helps speed-up your loading time.

Twitter Feed Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

This plugin is available at a cost of $15.

More Features

  • Comes with five different skins. You can pick the one which goes with your current theme.
  • Multiple widgets are also there to place the tweets in the sidebar and footer area.
  • It supports Twitter media such as images, vine videos, Youtube videos etc.
  • An easy bug reporting via admin panel.
  • It also supports right-to-left languages.

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7. WP Twitter Auto Publish

WP Twitter Auto Publish is a free responsive Twitter WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically publishes your posts from your blog and website to Twitter. It publishes your posts as a simple text or a text with an image. The plugin lets you share your blog posts or custom posts within a single click.

WP Twitter Auto Publish Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

This plugin is free of cost available on the official WordPress website.

More Features

  • You can enable or disable publishing of WordPress pages.
  • It offers customizable formats of tweets.
  • An option to publishes a post with or without an image.
  • There is also an option to filter your post by custom post categories

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8. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Unlike other plugins, Easy Twitter Feed Widget doesn’t require an API to display your tweets. This plugin provides an easy interface to implement all your tweets easily. So, if you want to display your Twitter timeline on your website without paying extra bucks. Then, this plugin is the perfect option for you.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin Twitter WordPress Plugins

Cost Figure

It is freely available on

More Features

  • You are allowed to personalize the link color, background, border color and so on.
  • This plugin works well with all the popular WordPress themes.
  • It comes with two different dark and lights layouts.
  • This plugin doesn’t require any hefty setup.

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The Takeaway

So, this was from our side on 7+ best Twitter WordPress plugins. We’ve tested all the mentioned free and paid plugins. If you really want to integrate your website with Twitter then, adapting one from these plugins might be a great deal for you.

We believe that you’ve found this article helpful. For any other queries and suggestions. Kindly, let us know in the comment section.