Do you know why we look for alternatives?

Because nothing in this world is absolutely the best and flawless! So, alternatives simply become the second-best option to consider to overcome any issue we might have got stuck on.

Now, you must have got an idea about what you’ll find in this weblog.

turboSMTP is good but surely it isn’t the best.

It has a got whole lot of issues which are enough to give a hard time like:

  • Their support guys are passive and sometimes they come up with ineffective solutions.
  • Emails sent using turboSMTP sometimes land in the spam box other than the inbox.

In fact, registering for a free trial account in turboSMTP is also troublesome.

“Look At Comparison Between turboSMTP Alternatives”

Services Pricing per 100k emails Whitelisted Servers Multiple Domain Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M 4.9/5.0
SendinBlue $66/M 4.2/5.0
Pepipost $25/M 4.5/5.0
SparkPost $49/M 4.2/5.0
$55/M 4.0/5.0

So, we have compiled a list of 10 best alternatives of turboSMTP which promises excellent delivery rates, guaranteed inbox delivery, complete stats, and effective support team.

We are going discuss 10 best alternatives of turboSMTP which are best in almost every case.

These alternatives will also provide you with best in class pricing, popularity, speed, reliability etc in comparison to turboSMTP.

Without any more delay let’s start exploring these services one by one.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing– Bulk Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is a powerful email marketing solution to grow your business, as it allows bulk email marketing and sends emails to your user’s inbox without any bounce.

Further, it offers various features like an autoresponder, automation, etc. And its drag and drop builder, templates allows you to design stunning emails.

Pabbly Email Marketinh- Turbo SMTP Alternatives


  • List Cleaning feature of Pabbly Email Marketing allows you to clean your email list from spam, suspended and bounce email contacts.
  • You can add subscription forms to your website that will help you to grow your contact list.
  • Email Tracking feature empowers you to continuously track your user behavior in real-time whenever you send emails to there inbox.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing comes with the pre-installed SMTP that saves from doing the difficult task of installing it.


Pricing plans of the Pabbly Email Marketing are as follow:-

  • Starter Plan – This plan comes of $0/Month where you can connect 3 SMTP.
  • Rookie Plan – Here you can send emails to 5,000 subscribers at cost of $29/Month and get all the features.
  • Pro Plan – This empowers you to send emails to 15,000 subscribers at $49 per month.
  • Advance Plan –This plan will cost you $99/Month where you can send emails to 50000 subscribers.

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2. SendinBlue – Best SMTP Server For Mass Mailing

When it comes to simplicity, SendinBlue comes first. It is built by keeping the simplicity in mind. In fact, it provides many tutorials, resources and active support team for perfect guidance. The service also provides you a unique dashboard where you can manage all your email & SMS campaign effectively.

SendinBlue also lets you configure real-time web-hooks which can trigger the events like an email sent, click rate, bounced rate etc. Further, it contains white-listed servers which makes sure timely inbox delivery of your emails. The best thing about it is that their user interface is very clean & simple which provides the user a wonderful experience.

Sendinblue SMTP Service


  • To avoid domain spoofing and phishing emails it is embedded with SPF, DKIM & DMARC authentications.
  • It comes with a contact management feature where you can import and export the email list & individual’s contact lists easily.
  • SendinBlue supports WebSocket set-up which provides a continuous connectivity between the client & the server.
  • In addition to email delivery, you can use SendinBlue as an email marketing platform as well.


SendinBlue offers a Free Plan to upload unlimited contacts and send 300 emails per day.

  • Its Lite Plan will allow you to send 40,000 emails a month at $25.
  • SendinBlue charges for its Essential Plan $39 to send 60,000 emails in a month.
  • The Premium Plan 1 will allow to send 120,000 emails every month that will cost you $66.
  • To send 350,000 emails in a month its Premium Plan 2 will charge $173.

[Note – It also provides a custom plan for Enterprise but for this, you need to contact the sales team].

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3. Pepipost – Bulk Email Sending Service

Pepipost SMTP service assists you to send transactional email, newsletter, notification emails to the customer’s inbox.
Pepipost’s email analytics helps you to track emails in real-time, helping marketers analyze their email performance better.
Pepipost is Asia’s #1 SMTP service, which sends around 8bn+ emails every month. Brands like Swiggy, Ola, Myntra, Tokopedia, SeekAsia, etc rely on Pepipost for their inbox delivery.

Pepipost - Turbo SMTP Alternatives


  • 24/7 online chat support for all helps you fix every single email delivery issue if any.
  • Track all email metrics like sent, delivered, clicks, unsubscribe, spam complaints and other information for all your transactional. triggered and marketing emails.
  • Pepipost mandatorily follows authentication of your email sending domain name through SPF, DMARC, and DKIM record for better email inboxing.


  • With Pepipost you can send up to 30,000 emails free in the first month and 3000 emails per month thereafter.
  • Pepipost pricing plans start with $25 for 150,000 emails
  • You can contact their online chat to know if they are running offers

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4. Moosend SMTP – Bulk Email Sending Service

Moosend SMTP service enables you to manage multiple transactional email and mailing lists. Thus, you can transmit unlimited emails to your subscribers across the website. It uses to deliver transactional emails successfully to your user’s inbox and increases

Furthermore, You can easily come to know all the real-time statistics for each email that is sent by the Moosend SMTP service.



  • You can easily monitor the sent transactional emails whether they are opened by the user’s or bounced.
  • Helps you to monitor server reputation and introducing TLS encryption across messages so that most important emails will reach to the user inbox easily without any hassle.
  • Moosend SMTP service will keep on resending emails if they fail to go due to any type of problems like within any type of bounce, pending etc.
  • Create awesome emails within a minute by using its drag and drop editor.


You can use our plans to utilize our services –

  • Provides a monthly free plan that allows you to send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Send unlimited emails up to 8,000 subscribers by using $40 per month plan.
  • You can also save up to 15% & 20% by using 6 months as well as yearly plans.
  • An occasional sender can use Moosend pay-as-you-go plans and have to pay for each email.

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5. SendPulse – Email Delivery Service

If you’re looking for the fastest email delivery service then go with SendPulse. It just requires a few simple steps to integrate into your CRM, CMS or any other system i.e., server address, port number, & login credentials of your SendPulse account. It comes with highly authenticated signatures like SPF & DKIM which gives a high inbox delivery rate of your emails.

In addition to sending emails, its dedicated IP address helps you to increase the reputation by avoiding the blacklists of your IP caused due to some unwanted actions.

Sendpulse SMTP Service


  • For each mailing details, delivery, open rates, clicked rate it manages all your statistics.
  • The SMTP relay service also generates sending reports and delivery error reports of your entire email and it can be downloaded via any computer.
  • This service comes with a secure connection called SSL which lets you transmit the data securely.
  • It doesn’t allow to send emails to the recipients who have unsubscribed from your service.


  • Its basic plan allows you to send 12000 emails at $0.
  • For 10,000 emails it will cost you $10.47.
  • To send 1,00,000 emails a month this service will cost you $61.65.
  • For 500,000 emails it will cost you $289.65 only.
  • To send 1,000,000 emails you need to pay $545.56.

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5. MailCot – Email Sending Service

MailCot is another cloud-based SMTP server that delivers your transactional messages direct to the inbox. You can use this service for your business, franchises & agencies as it is fit for any size of businesses. Its robust dashboard gives you the flexibility to manage updates & stats of all your email sent, open, click & spam rates. Its SPF, DKIM & DMARC authentication assures the perfect inbox delivery of your email.

The service is as popular with which over 5,000 customers delivering more than 325 million of transactional emails every month.

Mailcot SMTP Service


  • It is built with the help of various technologies which makes it advance to continuously analyze every transmission details such as connection parameters, return codes, network integrity & ISP Feedback Loops.
  • You can set MailCot SMTP Service in your email marketing service in a minute or you can seamlessly integrate with API to send bulk emails.
  • It provides a dedicated IPs which can be assigned to every hosting account which assures the reputation of your business.
  • MailCot is SSL certified which provides your email account or data extra security.


Mailcot comes in different Pricing Plans according to the user’s usability –

  • Plan 1 – This plan will cost you $20/month to send 20,000 emails.
  • Plan 2 -This most popular plan will let you send 100,000 emails at $55/M.
  • Plan 3 – If you are looking to send 2,00,000 emails a month then this plan will cost you $80/month.
[Note: You can also try its free plan which allows you to send 5,000 emails a month].

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7. mySMTP – Bulk Email Server Provider

When it comes to flexibility then we would definitely recommend you mySMTP Service which allows you to send millions of emails every day. It gives you a higher delivery rate whether you send 1 or 10 millions of emails a day as it embedded with an SPF & DKIM authentication.

However, if you want to send large amounts of emails then it can easily combine with a GreenArrow list which helps you to send perfect series of messages to your customer.

mySMTP Service


  • It allows you to deliver unlimited emails to whoever you want as there is no limit on capacity.
  • The service comes with a split testing through which you can test your email’s stats and your subscriber response into your email.
  • It contains built-in mail-tester and litmus email preview which allows you to see an email preview of your email before sending.
  • mySMTP works for all email clients such as Outlook 2016, iPhone, Windows Phone 8, Android and many.


Let’s have a look at its pay-as-you-go pricing plans –

  • At $250 it allows you to send 250,000 emails/month.
  • For 500,000 emails this service will cost you $278.
  • To send 1,000,000 emails you have to pay $511 a month.
  • For 5,000,000 emails it allows you to send $1665.

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8. SparkPost – Dedicated SMTP Server For Bulk Mailing

SparkPost is another popular platform where you can deliver any type of emails & messages directly to your user’s inbox. It reduces the customer’s churn by sending emails on time and on inbox without any delay or complexity.

In addition, the service also provides email templates with which you can customize the emails before sending.

Sparkpost SMTP Service


  • It gives the real-time analytics to track your email’s performance, open rate, spam rates etc.
  • The service comes with various email API which helps to easily embed email into your app, website and you can easily manipulate email templates, generating messages etc.
  • SparkPost supports A/B testing which allows you to compare the templates to see which performs best.
  • The service strongly connected with TLS to protect your message content, recipient information & API keys in transmission.


  • Its Basic Plan starts with $0 which allow you to send 15000 emails.
  • For 50,000 email the service will cost you $9 a month which is its Starter Plan.
  • Its Standard Plan will charge you $49 to send 150,000 emails every month.
  • To send 500,000 emails its Premium Plan will charge $249 a month.
  • For 1,000,000 emails you need to pay $474 a month for its another Premium Plan.

Note: If your requirement is above 1,000,000 then you need to connect with the sales team of SparkPost.

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9. Amazon SES – SMTP Server For Mass Mailing

When it comes in popularity & trust then Amazon SES comes in first as a comparison to turboSMTP. It is one reliable email delivery service which helps you to send bulk emails. This cloud-based SMTP service designed to help digital marketers & developers to send or receive marketing, transactional & notification emails.

You can integrate this SMTP relay interface with any of the new or your existing email server by using AWS SDKs services.

Amazon SES SMTP Service


  • Amazon SES contains multiple emails sending interface such as Amazon SES console, SMTP interface, Amazon SES API which makes your email sending work easier.
  • It comes with a mailbox simulator which helps to test how your application handles certain scenarios, such as during bounces or complaints.
  • The service contains both dedicated and shared IP address with which you can securely transmit the sensitive information of your clients.
  • With Amazon SES, you can personalize the contents of your email as it comes with Content Personalization feature.


  • For 1,000 emails this service will cost you $0.10 every month.
  • To send 50,000 emails it will cost you $5.
  • If you want to send 100,000 emails then you will be charged $10.
  • To send 500,000 emails in a month, it will cost you $50 only.
  • For 1000000 emails it will charge you $100 only.

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10. SocketLabs – Transactional Email Service

This email sending SMTP service is the most popular in the market which is used to send your marketing as well as transactional email to the inbox of your customers. Its servers are completely hosted & fully managed by its email delivery experts.

The service comes with the support of SPF, DKIM & SenderID authentication which helps you to send emails direct to the inbox.

Socketlabs SMTP Service


  • It comes with various APIs such as reporting API that enables you to query about sent, failed, & complaint email details, injection API to send opposed messages through HTTP POST requests, webhook which automatically generate HTTP POST event notifications.
  • SocketLabs contains a whitelisted server which increases your email marketing business’s reputation by delivering emails direct to the inboxes.
  • In its suppression list dashboard, you can view the failure data list including date, address, reasons for failure etc. Also, this suppression list lets you to automatically block the invalid email addresses.
  • Its 360-degree email monitoring functionality monitors the overall your system to instantly detect & correct if any bottlenecks(limitations) occur during email delivery task.


SocketLab comes in different pricing stages on monthly basis. Look at below –

  • Basic Plan – This plan will cost you $9.95 to send 40,000 emails a month.
  • Pro Plan 1 – This most popular Pro Plan will cost $69.95 to send 100,000 emails per month.
  • Pro Plan 2 – To send 400,000 emails this popular plan will charge you $225 a month.
  • Enterprise Plan – At $1,500 you will be able to send 5 million emails a month.

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11. SendGrid – Cheap SMTP Server For Email Marketing

This cloud-based SMTP service is most popular in the market. It allows you to send both transactional as well as promotional emails. It comes with an SPF & DKIM validation which is used to easily eliminate the domain spoofing and phishing emails. The service comes with various SMTP capabilities which makes your work hassle free by adding JSON instructions.

Sendgrid SMTP Service


  • You can easily get real-time notifications about events like clicks, opens, unsubscribe rate etc. as it is integrated with Webhook.
  • It contains multiple API libraries such as official libraries, web API libraries, webhook libraries allow quick integration.
  • This relay service allows you to send emails by using a few basic configurations like credentials, hostname and port number.
  • Its shared IP pools or a dedicated IP provides a perfect delivery of emails to your customer’s inbox.


  • Its plan starts at $9.95 which allow you to send 1,000 emails every month.
  • At $19.95 it allows you to send 50,000 emails in a month.
  • To send 100,000 emails it will cost you $69.95 per month.
  • For sending 420,000 emails every month at $389.95 only.
[Note: If your requirement is to send 5,00,000 email then you need to contact to the sales team of Sendgrid].

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12. Mailjet – Best SMTP Server

Mailjet is another cost effective & reliable SMTP server which is used to send transactional emails as well as transactional messages. With This service, more than 50 countries are creating & sending personalized SMS via its SMS API and 2 billions of emails are used to send every month. If your email sending limit is large then Mailjet is specifically designed for you.

Mailjet SMTP Service


  • It comes with a real-time monitoring functionality with which you can get an overview of every email sent, open rate & bounced rate details.
  • Mailjet has plugins as well which is widely used CMS, CRM & ecommerce platforms which provides you a flexibility to send the emails at the right place and at the right time.
  • The service comes with A/B testing feature which enables you to compare the emails before sending to the customer’s inbox.


See Mailjet’s Pay As You Grow Plans below-

  • Its starter plan will allow you to send 6,000 emails which will cost you $9.65 for Basic plan & $17.95 for the Premium plan.
  • To send 30,000 emails then it’s Basic Plan will cost $8.04 & Premium Plan will cost $14.96.
  • For 150,000 emails it will cost $62.46 for its Basic Plan & $80.79 for Premium Plan.
  • To send 900,000 emails a month you have to pay $278.29 for Basic Plan & $332.46 for a Premium Plan.

Moreover, it has another pricing plan for large enterprises but for that, you need to connect with their sales team.

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13. MailGet SMTP – SMTP Relay Service Provider

When it comes to pricing then it is hard to beat MailGet SMTP service. At $5 it allows you to send 5000 emails a month which is very affordable for everyone. You can use MailGet SMTP for sending bulk emails like transactional, promotional, alerts & subscriptions which reaches customer’s inbox for sure. It has all the white-listed servers which ensure a higher deliverability rate.

That’s not enough, MailGet SMTP also comes with a dedicated support team which is available to resolve your queries 24/7.

MailGet SMTP Service


  • With the help of this service, you can increase the email delivery & inboxing rate as it contains SPF validation & embedded with DKIM signature.
  • You can send emails in bulk within a single account by using its multiple verified domains & addresses.
  • It is easy to use and provides the fastest email delivery rate right which increases your business’s performance more.
  • MailGet SMTP allows to send a large number of emails within a minute as it comes with the fastest email delivery feature.


See another Pricing Plans of MailGet SMTP Service.

  • Pro Plan – For this plan, you need to pay $49 only and you will be able to send 100,000 emails every month.
  • Advance Plan 1 – To send 350,000 emails a month it will cost you $219.
  • Advance Plan 2 – This plan will cost you $349/M to send 500,000 emails per month.

Note -MailGet SMTP contains more pricing plans which you will use according to your usability.

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We have reached at the end of this weblog. In this blog, we have covered all the basic as well as the advance term of services. We included pricing, features & functionality which will help you to select the best one as per your own requirement.

So, we would suggest you to try one of this SMTP service which provides all the essential & advanced features share your experience with us via comment.

Thanks for reading.