Are you unable to make your customers open your emails?
Are you struggling with your email subject?
Are you losing users?

If you are facing such issues then you are at the right place. Today, we will provide you a solution that will give you a better idea to choose a better subject for your emails which will certainly interest your clients.

The email subject is just like a decorative & interactive part of a cake which sudden obligate a user to certainly buy the cake.

People usually don’t have much time to spend in making such decision, so they instantly don’t care about the taste of the cake. They buy it because of only one reason — it attracts them.

The same law applies in the case of emails. Believe me, people suddenly don’t care about your content is how much beneficial for him. The first thing that they care is the email subject. So, your subject line should be so attractive and attentive that the user can’t ignore it.

Keeping in mind such concept, let’s have a look at some important points while writing email subjects for your clients.
We will try to explain each point through some situation along with proper example and solution.

1. Personalized email subject: Nowadays, people are very busy in their life and working. Sometimes they seem to lose their identity in the world.

Make feeling special and giving importance to the user by mentioning his name in the subject increase the possibility of opening your emails.

Suppose, John is a salesman. You can imagine how busy will be his day.

Now, after his hard work he got some time to ease himself and opened the inbox. Now, what do you think which email he would like to open?


Yes, Exactly!!! He is trying to make himself comfortable. So, this time if he saw his name in the email subject, he will certainly think who have emailed this to him and will open it at least once.

2. Short, precise & clear: People want to understand everything quickly. They  always preferred those emails which look clear to them at their first sight. Short words are more effective in such situation.

In an investigation, it is found that long word have very fewer clicks as compared short words because they are hard to understand quickly. So, always try to use short and brief subjects with a clear overview of the message inside the emails.

Short, precise & clear:

Suppose, Mr. McMohan is an old man. He has opened his inbox and now he got 500 messages in his mailbox. Now he saw the above-mentioned email.

What would be his response?

He will definitely open this email and will check the status of his order because the subject line clears him that the email belongs to his booked order.

3. Mystery/Surprize/Curiosity: People always like surprise & mystery. Use words and sentences in Email subjects that produce a curiosity in users mind about what surprise the email brought for them.


Liza is a housewife and usually do shopping online. Now, if she will saw this discount offers in her inbox, she will instantly open the email and try to check what is the best-discounted offer she may get.

4. Senders Name: Sometimes senders name/information itself creates a great impact on users. If a user sees the name of any prestigious company or person in the email subject, he just can’t ignore it and will surely open the email.

 Senders Name

Suppose, Mike has recently completed his graduation and now searching for a job. He has opened his inbox and suddenly saw an email with subject line “Facebook Hiring Analysts“.

“Ohh my god! Wow!!!”.

He will quickly open the email and sincerely read the message.

5. Threatening/Terrifying: Fear words created a great impact on the users and pay their attention easily. Explain the risk and users couldn’t ignore it. They will definitely watch out the messages.


Everybody, especially children, is crazy about noodles. It is easy to cook and is very tasty also. Now, suddenly you got an email with a subject line like this.

What will you do?

Hey, I catch you. You have certainly read the message. You will try to find out why Maggie is so injurious to health?

The same action will be performed by other users.

6. Numbers: Numbers has its own effect on the users mind. They love to read the messages containing numbers because numbers give a clear idea about the message without reading the content.


Katie is seeking a job and now preparing herself of the job interview. Now, she needs to create a resume for the interview.

Suppose, she has opened his email and got an email with subject line “5 Ways To Improve Your Resume“.

Uh-oh!! now you know what will she do? She will immediately open the email and will read whole content.

7. Symbols, Questions & Other Punctuation: Using some special symbols & punctuation in the subject line sometimes creates some interest in the users mind to open the email. It is sometimes very effective so, you can use it in your subject.

Symbols, Questions & Other Punctuation

Let suppose, you are a football fan and the craziest fan of Wayne Rooney. You have opened your inbox and suddenly found this email.

I bet, you will certainly open the email and will eagerly read its content to know what the email contains about Wayne Rooney.

8. Caps: Simple text are sometimes bored users and they don’t take the interest in the message. So, instead of plain text you can include CAPS words inside your subjects to make it more readable and interesting.


Jackie is a beginner and learns programming languages and he finds this email in his inbox. Because this email interests him and clears to him( CAPS texts ), he will definitely check out this email.

9. Controversial/Shocking Email Subject Lines: Nowadays, people are more interested in others matters than their own. They like to read about controversial subjects.

So, you can take advantages of it and give a try to use the controversial/shocking subject in your emails.

Controversial/Shocking Email Subject Lines

Suppose you have interests in politics and suddenly you got an email like above-mentioned. Don’t will you open the email?

Yes, I know!!! You will certainly read this.

10. Single-Word Subject Lines:  A single-word is more effective and attentive than longer words and sentences. It easily clicks users mind. But, keep in mind that the used word should have a clear meaning.

 Single-Word Subject Lines

The above-mentioned subject line will promptly attract users attention towards the offers. He will check the offer mentioned in the email.

11. Funny subject lines: Using Funny words in email subject is also a way to attract users towards the email message. You can use such ideas in your subject.Funny subject lines

Haa…haa…haa!!! How can a moustache change the world? I mean how is this possible??? Let’s check…

Sometimes using funny subjects also attracts the users and make them open the email and read the content.


Hope you have enjoyed the article and liked the way of explaining through a real situation and examples. Must send us your feedback from the space given below.

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