My friend Adi is “not” an “Email Marketing Pro”.

Infact, the last email broadcast he sent to his subscribers was almost 5 months back.

That’s Bad, Isn’t It..??

Since email marketing is the highest revenue generators for businesses, he left tons of money on the table.

  • The “only good thing” he did all this time was that..

..he continued to collect email addresses from his website.

  • Even when he hasn’t sent any emails all this long..

..and now, he wants to make a comeback to the world of email marketing. !!

So One Day –

  • He sits on his comfy sofa and creates a nice looking email.

..he then sends that email to every single person in his email contact list.

Bad for him, roughly 15% of his emails bounces. !!


  • He just made the biggest mistake.. as an email marketer can make. !!

What’s The Mistake Man. ?

  • 15% emails bounce is often regarded as too high to send your emails..

..6% bounce is the maximum that is tolerated by almost all the best email service providers.

The email marketing company he uses secretly moves him to one of their email servers with bad reputations.

All email marketing companies do that. Even if they say, they don’t.

Now this is really bad for Adi. !!

From Now On,

  • All the emails that he sents would be sent through the server with a bad reputation..

..almost always shared by people just like him.

  • Since emails are coming from servers with bad reputation..

..they instantly get caught in the spam filters build by Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail which means less Inbox’ing …


  • He will almost always get less clicks and opens for the emails that he sends..

..he is getting punished for the fault he didn’t commit.

It wasn’t his fault .. Or was it?

How Could You Save Yourself If You Are In Situation Like This. ?

Well, the best way to save yourself from situations like this is by cleaning your email list before sending your first email campaign.

  • The cleaning should be as much detailed as possible a great list cleaning service will actually remove as many bad emails as possible..

..which could bounce after you send the emails and a great help to us in optimizing our Email Campaign which provides us better inbox delivery.


List cleaning service is usually expensive since it requires lots of server resources to check and validate the emails.


  • We launched email list cleaning in Pabbly which means.. can now say reduce your email bounces considerably.. Almost up to 10% in most cases..!!

  • It does all the email validations and filtering.. make sure that you send great emails to valid email addresses.

  • Pabbly connects with Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, Mandrill and any SMTP service for sending emails..

..means you already had the power to experiment to achieve better inbox deliverability.

Email List Cleaning is the icing on a cake..!!

It helps you to reduce your email bounces while maintaining a great reputation as an email sender.

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