Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1.65 billion monthly active users and 22 billion likes. So, out of these 22 billion, how much do you own? We are sure, you must not have reached even 0.01% of it. But, if you can dream it then we can help you in achieving it with the help of Facebook Like WordPress plugins.

These plugins provide you the facility to add Facebook Like button on your site with the help of which you can collect likes and promote your content on the web. With such plugins on your site users have to simply click a button and you get a Like added to your social media account.

In simple words, Facebook like WordPress plugins can be integrated with your website and Facebook page easily after its installation.

Now, we have brought you some best Facebook like WordPress plugins. These plugins will help you in following ways:

  • Helps you in getting more likes for your FB page,
  • You can promote new posts on your FB page,
  • More interaction via Facebook comments,
  • Remind your FB followers to check on your website every now and again.

Here we have compiled 4+ Facebook like WordPress plugins for you to choose from. You can pick any of the plugins out of all Facebook like WordPress plugins and easily increase the number of likes on your website, and a huge amount of traffic.

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1. WordPress Like Locker – Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

It is a kind of plugin which locks the content and make it visible only after hitting the like button. You can lock away either your full content or only some posts.

This plugin comes with a live demo so that you can easily understand the functionalities of this like locker plugin.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with all latest browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome. It also supports JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Layered PNG.

WordPress Like Locker Facebook Lite WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • With 6-month support from TylerQuinn this plugin will cost you $9 only.
  • And if you want to extend the support for 12-months then the price will be $10.88.

Features –

  • Your users have to click on the like button otherwise, the content won’t be visible to them.
  • This plugin work through all your pages and posts.
  • It remembers the user via their IP addresses.
  • Like Locker is a great plugin for downloading links, audio, premium content, and more.

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2. Facebook Reactions – Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, your users can easily express their feelings towards your posts, pages, and custom posts. These plugins include six type of reactions for your users to chose from. Some of them are – like, haha, angry, sad, love, and wow. You can select whether or not to display all reactions using your admin panel.

This Facebook reaction is a lightweight AJAX powered plugin. Also, this plugin is fully responsive, which means it is screen independent.

Facebook Reactions Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • The cost price of this plugin is $20 with a regular license and 6-month support.
  • If you want to extend the support for 12-months then the cost of this plugin will be $26 only.

Features –

  • You can use this plugin for a post, pages and also for custom post types or you can add the shortcode [fb-reactions] wherever you want on your website.
  • It allows users to share their feeling with us via these facebook reactions.
  • This plugin comes with reaction counter, with the help of which you can show how many people have reacted in how many ways.
  • Also, in this plugin, every text is editable from the admin panel.

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3. Facebook Traffic Pop – Facebook Like WordPress Plugins

Facebook Traffic Pop is one of the best plugins on all Facebook like WordPress plugins. It has a feature of a popup, which re-center itself whenever the screen size changes or device rotated.

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress provides a full source documentation and a WordPress plugin file for you to understand the features of plugin easily step by step.

Facebook Traffic Pop Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Price –

  • The cost price of this plugin is $11 with 6-month support from TylerQuinn.
  • And if the support extended for 12-months then the price will be $13.63.

Features –

  • From the setting panel of this plugin, you can enable or disable the traffic pop, its theme, displaying faces of users and more.
  • You can change the language, localization, like button color layout, and scheme from the admin panel.
  • The popup will follow the user while scrolling the page up and down staying in the center only.
  • This plugin will automatically set the like button to the user’s current page, post, etc.

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4. Facebook Like Box – Facebook Like WordPress Plugins

It is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to gain likes from their own website, and increase their fan base.

From the admin panel, you can customize the height, width, color, font and text size easily. It has more than 200K active installations and a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars.

Facebook Like Box Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Price –

Facebook Like Box is an open source software and available to all free of cost.

Features –

  • This plugin is multilingual and can be translated into 7 different languages.
  • You can easily see the stats that how many people have liked your post.
  • Without visiting the page, your users can like your page.
  • Also, you can add shortcodes at different places like your post, page, etc.

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5. Facebook Page Plugin – Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

This plugin has a Facebook like box which displays fan page posts, like button, connections to your website using the widget, shortcodes or in the auto-popup.

You can select the desired language or input in your own language from the WordPress dashboard. If you want to display shortcodes in a template, you can paste the code along with your optional settings.

Facebook Page Plugin Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

Price –

It is the best free plugin in the family of Facebook Like WordPress Plugins.

Features –

  • You can show or hide faces, connections, header, or latest facebook fan page posts.
  • It easily loads story in PopUP by ajax or displays next or the previous story in the popup.
  • You can show PopUp even if visitors are logged out.
  • Easily generate shortcode using a widget or add this shortcode and modify the values manually.

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Conclusion –

This was all about Facebook like WordPress plugins. So pick any one of them and increase your fanbase, traffic and number of likes.

Don’t wait to install any of the plugins out of all Facebook like WordPress plugins as we have carefully handpicked all of those considering the features, reviews, ratings and customer’s satisfaction.

Guys, do share your words in the comment section!