You agree with the fact that video tutorial is a great way to learn software, business, creative skills, app and much more. Isn’t it?

So to learn about FormGet from the beginning, I come up with the video tutorial series via this post.

1. About FormGet

Let the new ones know about FormGet and how much this app important for their business website. FormGet is an online form building app that comes up with many amazing features only to benefit its users. You will be more clear after watching this video tutorial.

2. Create Form With FormGet

FormGet provides an amazing platform that helps you to create any type of form in few simple clicks. Just watch this video tutorial and start creating forms.

3. Design Your Form With FormGet

Design your form in your way. With FormGet, you can completely set the form, color, design with various amazing design templates and represent your form more attractively in front of an audience.

4.  Share Forms With WordPress Shortcodes

It’s time to share your forms with the audience. You can share your forms anywhere you want either through a direct link or WordPress shortcodes. Moreover, easy to share your form among various amazing social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

5. How to embed FormGet forms on your WordPress site

You can easily show FormGet forms anywhere on your WordPress site using the embed code. Just follow the steps under this video tutorial and show your form in a more suitable place of your choice.

6. How to embed FormGet forms on your Non-WordPress site

Non-WordPress users not need to worry how they embed FormGet forms on their website. FormGet forms easily embed in any non WordPress site, just follow the steps under this video tutorial.

7. Receive and Reply to Entries on your forms with FormGet

Handling form entires are the most crucial task you need to do. With FormGet powerful dashboard, you can handle each and every entry more effectively and quickly. Moreover, your entire conversation with the clients will be stored in one single place.

8. Apply Conditional Logic On Your Forms With FormGet

You can create any type of logical forms with FormGet in a few simple steps. You can see the example of creating logical forms by applying conditional logic on the forms in this video tutorial. So that you can implement any type of logic on the forms as per your needs.

9.  Email Notification On FormGet

You  can notify users after successful form submission, making payments, entry submission, etc. FormGet dashboard helps you to set the email addresses where you want to receive notification and do many more settings.

10. Embed Forms With FormGet WordPress Plugin

FormGet app has also launched a WordPress plugin FormGet Contact Form that can be downloaded from the for free. This video tutorial guides you to directly embed contact form on your website via this plugin.

11. Share FormGet Forms on Social Networking Sites

Let your forms go viral among social networking platforms with FormGet. Easy to share your forms on some popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc in order to have maximum views. You will be more clear by watching this video.

12. On Hold Feature of FormGet

FormGet Dashboard consists of many amazing features, one among it is On Hold. You can put entries on hold in order to process it in the future. So this video tutorial guide you how to apply this feature on your form entries.

13. Custom Branding With FormGet

Let the users know about your company or brand. You can set the logo of your company or organization on your forms with the custom branding feature of FormGet. Just follow the steps under this video tutorial and get ready with an amazing form.

14. FormGet as a Helpdesk Tool

To minimize your workload, you can assign multiple agents to handle your forms and it entires. With this amazing feature of FormGet, you can resolve the customer queries more quickly and make them more happy.

15. Collect Payments With Forms via PayPal

Avoid to avail any extra service in order to collect payments, FormGet include the payment field option which allows you to collect payments directly from your customers.

16.  FormGet WordPress plugin

As I have already mentioned about the plugin above, you can start creating forms using this WordPress plugin.

17. Redirect Users Through Your Form

You can navigate users to any page or website after they submit your form. With FormGet, you can easily set the URL and take your customers wherever you want to.

18. Online Form Sharing With Google Share

This is an another new feature you have got in the FormGet dashboard. You can share your forms among your gmail contacts with g+ share option appear under FormGet dashboard.

19.  How to Hide Author Name and Social Icons On Forms

FormGet app is fully customizable as per its user’s choice. You have options to hide the author name or social sharing icons appear on your form. So under this video tutorial learn how you can do that.

20. Style Online Forms With Fonts Options

With various font styling options, you can create more amazing forms. This is the recently added feature in FormGet. You can go through it in detail under this video tutorial.


I hope this video tutorial series help you to easily understand FormGet and its amazing features. I am sure you will definitely have a try with FormGet and make the most out of it.

Moreover, if you want a video tutorial of any other features of FormGet, you can submit it via Feedback form appear on the right hand side of your FormGet dashboard.

Note : FormGet app keeps on updating with new features. More implementations and videos are coming. Keep visiting Feature Section of FormGet.