Looking for implementing the autofill feature in Google Forms’ dropdown based on previous choices?

An autofill feature is widely preferred for lengthy forms because such forms require time. Suppose, you want to show data to your users in the next drop-down based on their previous selection.

Then it will definitely consume time, but using autofill features one can easily do it. The reason for the same, is users don’t have to fill each and every field of the form. It makes sure that the information entered once will show or hide the results automatically based on previous choices of the respondent.

Google Forms is the best to pick when comes to creating forms for free but unfortunately, it left users to hang dry for auto-fill functionality based on dropdown choices. Keeping this in mind, I would like to suggest Pabbly Form Builder that allows us to create a dynamic auto-populated form without any trouble.

Here, to help you out we will brief you with the process of auto-populated form.

Wondering About Google Forms Alternatives That Provide Us Auto-Populate Option Based On Previous Choices?

Yes! Certainly, there are plenty of form creator tools available in the market but we would like to recommend you Pabbly Form Builder. The software offers conditional logic which eases work at our end. Further, It is the only form builder in the market that doesn’t restrict you on features by offering unlimited submission, forms, payment collection and much more.

Let’s see what Pabbly Form Builder has in its feature closet:

  • Using Pabbly Form Builder, one can implement different kinds of logics such as And/Or and If/Then in the form.
  • The tool allows you to apply multiple logics in a single form.
  • Along with field labels, the software allows users to use conditional logic in multiple choices, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons.
  • The software “Page Break” option which saves the half-filled form and resumes it later according to convenience.
  • “Prefill” key of the software saves time.
  • It has an in-built analytics feature to keep track of on hold, partially or filled forms.
  • Over 250+ responsive templates available in the software.
  • Pabbly Form Builder allows payment configuration via PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.
  • With the help of “Autoresponder”, one can easily send form confirmation receipt to the respondent.

Now, to make you more familiar with the software we compiled this help guide.

Steps To Create A Form That Provide Us Auto-Populate Option Based On Previous Choices:

Step 1: Create A Form

Open the dashboard of Pabbly Form Builder then, click on the “+” icon to create a new form or you can also use its pre-designed templates too.

Create A Form - Pabbly Form Builder

Step 2: Add Fields

Next, add fields like name, email, number and etc according to the requirements of your form.

Add Fields - Pabbly Form Builder

Step 3: Logic Field Option

Further, when you click on the “Logic” option in the “Blocks’ section, it will open a pop-up window saying add conditional logic.

Logic Field - Autofill Google Forms

Step 4: Add Logic

Subsequently, when you click on the “Add logic” option, it will display the message to show/hide fields based on conditions. It has And/OR and If/Then logic.  You can set unlimited logics in a single form. Once you’re done hit the “Save Logic” option.

Add Logics - Pabbly Form Builder

Step 5: Preview Of Conditional Logic Form

Lastly, to view the preview of the created conditional logic form, click on the eye-shaped icon appearing on the top left corner of the screen. As you see, the preview is only showing the cities of India based on our choices.

Preview Of Conditional Logic Form - Autofill Google Forms

That’s it. This is how you can create an auto-populated form using Pabbly Form Builder.


Gladly, with the help of this help guide, you know what differences can auto-populate forms create. No doubt, Google Forms is significant but it lacks the availability to generate dynamic autofill forms based on previous choices. And for such a situation, Pabbly Form Builder is the best available tool in the market. The software offers a free trial to its users to explore the platform.

I must say the software is worth giving a try.