Today, music has a remarkable effect on people. Previously, including an audio file in your web pages without any native player was a little bit hard. But now, jQuery audio player plugins turn out to be handy while developing music related websites or to upload any mp3/audio and some other media file on your website.

In this article, we have covered some of the best jQuery audio player plugins that will help to play the favorite music files for your site visitors and also give them an entertaining platform.

These jQuery audio player plugins are really useful and you can add them easily with few lines of codes to your web applications. Some of the plugins in this blog are free while others are paid. Also, they are light weighted, feature-rich, responsive and supports different old & new browser versions as well.

Moreover, these plugins enable you to create the playlist in HTML and permit you to manage those playlists by using XML files. You can also provide a tutorial video for your customer of how to implement these plugins on your website and many more.

So, without any further delay, explore the list below!

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1. Fullwidth Audio Player jQuery Plugin:

Fullwidth Audio Player is a simple jQuery plugin that plays audio natively in modern browsers and comes with Flash Fallback. This plugin allows you to add the audio player at the top, a bottom of the window or even anywhere on the page of your website.

This plugin uses latest browser technology and works across all devices. It is fully responsive and comes with unlimited features and functionalities. It supports various audio sources/platform like MP3,, etc. Plus, it also integrated with a custom method to control the player easily.

Moreover, fullwidth slider also allows you to create your own playlist in HTML document and use XML files to manage those playlists.

Fullwidth Audio Player jQuery Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • You can add tracks to the player with 5 different techniques i.e. Start Playlist, In-Page Playlist, In-Page Single Link, Start XML Playlist, and XML In Page Playlist.
  • It provides unlimited keyboard shortcuts like previous button, next button, volume up, down etc.
  • This plugin has an unlimited color variation, no image files are used in this plugin.
  • You can also add a playlist from a button or a link easily.


The plugin will cost you $11 for the above-listed features or you can also get its more advanced features at $99 with 12-months support.

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2. MediaBox jQuery Audio Plugin:

MediaBox is a jQuery audio player and sound library. It helps you to create multimedia applications very quickly on your website. Its library is designed to add sounds to your playlist.

This MediaBox leverages the power of jQuery and jPlayer and utilizes HTML5 with a flash fallback. It handles all aspects of playlist management and automatically updates all active widgets if the playlist changes.

MediaBox jQuery Audio Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • It provides an anchor object which is an HTML element that defines where the widget should be displayed on the page.
  • MediaBox automatically retrieves metadata if it is available on your website.
  • The plugin contains unlimited API methods for music start button, play, next, previous etc.
  • It comes with 20 pages of documentation that explains usage, widget configuration, API & FAQs.
  • This plugin also contains visual form builder option to create beautiful forms in just a second.


For the above-listed features, this plugin will cost you $17 and provides you free updates and team support.

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3. Audio Element jQuery Audio Plugin:

Audio Element the most usable jQuery audio plugin that allows you to integrate audios / mp3 / or wave files into your page. The plugin supports modern play/stop and seeks features. Also, it comes with 3 different color schemes such as standard, material & translucent.

It provides readme file (within the archive) to provide a full description about how to install and use Audio Element jQuery plugin.

Audio Element jQuery Audio Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • It contains play/pause features so that you can play or stop music anytime.
  • Audio Element is compatible with a Bootstrap framework to provide speed, responsiveness, consistency and more.
  • The plugin consists seek features to find the exact audio for you.
  • It provides various color schemes for background purpose.


This plugin will cost you $3 only for its advanced features and functionalities. And, later you can extend its services at $ 20 with its 12-months support.

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4. Embed Player jQuery Audio Plugin:

The Embed Player is the easiest way to insert music player on your website. It works on almost all platforms like blogger, tumbler, WordPress, or even on a personal website.

The plugin works well with SoundCloud playlist. Also, you can play mp3s file hosted in a folder automatically. Your user can also fetch songs, artist, and even covers from your mp3 file. Embed Player is 100% pure JavaScript plugin so you no need to add any framework.

Embed Player jQuery Audio Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • The plugin offers drag & drop option to sort the song in playlist or queue.
  • It supports JSON to preload playlist format on your website.
  • Provides autoplay option so that you don’t need to play music again and again.
  • The plugin can be easily customized with the help of HTML or CSS files.
  • It has a toggle button to hide or unhide the playlist contents.


Its regular license comes at $16 with its 6-months support & you can further extend its services at $460 for 12-months support.

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5. AudioLibraryJs jQuery Plugin:

AudioLibrary is completely free and open source jQuery audio player plugin which uses media library written in JavaScript. It contains various jQuery UI widget design pattern to easily create a web audio player.

AudioLibraryJs jQuery Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • The plugin provides various custom buttons such as playSave, stopButton, saveButton and more.
  • It only works on WebKit browsers like Chrome/Safari etc.
  • This plugin contains two in-built Js plugin which is based on audio player and audio editor.


The plugin will cost you nothing. This is free so you can download it from GitHub’s official website.

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So here, we have arrived at the end of this blog. We have covered some of the best jQuery Audio Player plugin which is most popular in the market. These are fully responsive, customizable and able to meet all your requirements.

Plus, by getting these plugins you will also get the best team support ever in case if you have encountered any issues.

Do comment us below if you have any query or suggestions regarding this blog.