Today, we will talk about 3D slider jQuery plugins which you can use on your websites.

You must be wondering what these plugins will do?

Well, the answer is these plugins will help you in configuring images, reflections, text description, and in amazing 2D & 3D slide transitions. Further, these will also help in navigation controls like you can use the mouse-wheel, or keyword to navigate the slides.

In this blog, some plugins will provide you slide in 6 directions with animations and shadow effects, and some will help you in displaying transparent slide images, multiple sliders on a single site, etc.

Most of the plugins in this blog are lightweight, responsive that is screen independent and are compatible with most of the browsers.

Here, we have penned-down some of the best 3D slider jQuery plugins. You can choose any of them and embed the beautiful sliders on your website.

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1. CardSlider – Popular In 3D Card jQuery Plugins

CardSlider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin. It can make images into 3D card-style and animate them, all this will be done by use of CSS 3D transforms and animations.

It has a 5-star rating, which clears that this plugin is quite popular. Also, it has more than 200+ active installations.

CardSlider 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

You can buy this plugin at $10 with lifetime free updates and also its quality is checked by Envato.

Features –

  • You can use the slider in 6 different styles with amazing shadow and animations.
  • The CSS3 3D transforms work on all the modern browsers.
  • It helps you in doing 3D card-style, hardware accelerated CSS 3D transforms & animations with the help of CSS3.
  • This plugin also includes dark and light skins which can beautify your website.

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2. Featured 3D Slider – Best In 3D Card jQuery Plugins

Featured 3D slider is one of the best plugins in the family of 3D card jQuery plugins. Also, it is very easy to integrate into your website.

With this plugin, you can even add the transparent slide images onto your sliders.

This plugin comes with well-documentation which helps you in understanding every aspect of its functionality. In fact, this plugin is also available with ready to use WordPress version – f3D WordPress plugin.

Featured 3D Slider 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

The price of this plugin is $9 and its quality is checked by Envato with lifetime free future updates.

Features –

  • You can display slideshows, presentations, banner, ads rotators, portfolio galleries, photo and video galleries.
  • In this plugin, you can apply 3D animation effect, dynamic reflections, shadows, 6 different color themes, and more.
  • This plugin helps you in handling the navigation controls of the 3D sliders.
  • Moreover, you can add multiple sliders on a single site, and with the unique set of options.

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3. Motion Slider jQuery Plugin – Paid In 3D Card jQuery Plugins

Motion Slider jQuery plugin holds a lot of features like – animate images or text, simple and easy sliders, take control of the slider animation, and a lot more.

It plays smartly, for example – if you are working on other page leaving the video in standby mode, then the slider will sense it and automatically pauses the video. You can even add tons of browser prefixes to work on multiple browsers.

Motion Slider 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

  • Anyone can purchase this plugin at $15 with a regular license and a 6-month support from RonFeliciano.
  • If you want to extend the support for 1 year then the price of this plugin will be $19.88.

Features –

  • You can animate the CSS properties like border, background, opacity or display or visibility.
  • This plugin allows you to animate the 2D and 3D properties like rotation, rotationX, scaleX, scaleY, x, rotationZ, z, and y.
  • In fact, you can create the encrypted text effect with scramble text plugin, followed by a curved path with Bezier plugin or create physics-based effects with the Physics2D plugin.
  • It works with all the major browsers including IOS and Android.

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4. Cake Slider – Premium In 3D Slider jQuery Plugins

CakeSlider is a feature-packed plugin. This plugin will provide you an option of auto slideshow with an optional pause button. It is easy to implement and use.

CakeSlider is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. It also supports CSS and JavaScript JS. This plugin also provides mouse swipe and easy navigation on the desktop.

Cake Slider 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

  • The amount for this plugin is $10 with six-month support and a regular license.
  • And, if you want to extend this support for 12-months then the price changes to $13.

Features –

  • You can adjust the height and width of thumbnails.
  • In this plugin, you can add looping feature, circle timer, captions, bullets, prev and next buttons.
  • It has 10 different and amazing slide transitions in 2D & 3D.
  • This plugin is compatible with all the major browsers.

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5. Carousel-3d – Free In 3D Slider jQuery Plugins

Carousel – 3D is a very amazing plugin. It is free to download and provides many features. With the help of this plugin, you can have many carousels with no effort.

This plugin comes with a lot of code examples which you can use to add the header and add CSS theme.

Carousel 3D 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

This plugin will cost you zero amount as it is available free of cost and can be downloaded for free from GitHub.

Features –

  • This plugin supports IE8, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, iOS-Safari, and Android-browser.
  • It works not only with all images but any HTML elements as a child.
  • You can create items in <div data-carousel-3d></div> tag, then all the items on the list will be arranged in 3D position.

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6. Slicebox – Free In 3D Slider jQuery Plugins

Slicebox helps the person in adding 3D image slider. This plugin comes with all the code examples and a perfect demo.

It allows you to use a simple slider in case the browser does not support 3D transforms. Also, this plugin is responsive and compatible with all the browsers.

Slicebox 3D Slider jQuery Plugin

Price –

This plugin cost you no amount as it is freely available on, from where you can download it.

Features –

  • It uses the CSS 3D transforms to provide your website more attractive look.
  • This plugin provides 3D transforms properties and different kind of animation effects.
  • Slicebox comes with a set of options that you can adjust for various types of effects like – vertical transition, horizontal or random transitions.
  • You can easily add the div to add any kind of description for the respective image.

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Conclusion –

Add animation effects, 2D & 3D transitions, slide transitions, and a lot more by using these 3D slider jQuery plugins.

We hope you have found your best choice according to your personal preferences and websites requirement.

Don’t forget to share your experience with your words in our comment section!