jQuery chat plugins embed the chatting functionality on a website. These plugins provide a message/text sharing mechanism with the basic chat functionality. Here in this article, we’ve listed 6 best jQuery chat plugins available for free.

These plugins render an interface by which the users interact with each other through text messages. Adding such a user convenient interface can be useful for E-commerce, real-time application & support facility sites.

Integrate a chatting system on your web application just like Facebook & Gmail and deliver a better end-user experience.

Check out these popular listings:

1. UI Chatbox – Prime In jQuery Chat Plugins

This jQuery plugin is first written as a part of a data collection tool for a social network analysis project. It served as a front-end of the Comet chat server.

UI Chatbox is a pure UI based plugin, so you can use it with any communication protocol of your choice.

UI Chatbox jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

UI Chatbox jQuery plugin is a free product by GitHub.org and you can easily download it from the official website.


  • It works well with the jQuery version 1.4.2 & jQuery UI 1.8.2.
  • Tested on major browsers like Firefox & Safari. Also, compatible with the Internet Explorer.
  • You can append multiple chatboxes with a default behaviour to broadcast messages to all other chatboxes.
  • jQuery UI themes are available to change the look and feel of the plugin. Various customization options are also available for styling.

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2. Pusher – jQuery Chat Plugin

Pusher chat plugin has the same chat functionality as of Facebook chat. It makes use of a Pusher API for the chatting purpose.

With the use of this plugin, you can add the chat functionality on your website. It provides the basic chat functionalities like sending/receiving text messages and more. Plus the advanced functionalities like auto-detecting the typing and receiving messages.

Pusher jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Pusher is another free product of GitHub.


  • It is very easy to customize with the use of pure CSS.
  • You can easily manage friend list via JSON file.
  • Automatically detects message typing & receiving.
  • Pusher Chat is supported by all new browser such as IE-7, IE-8, IE-9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera.

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3. Applozic Web Plugin – jQuery Chat Plugin

Applozic Web Plugin is a complete communication toolkit. It’s a real-time chatting/messaging platform. You can easily integrate it into your webpage. It presents a beautiful interface with lots of options available for chatting online. So. you can integrate messaging into your web application without developing a chatting infrastructure of your own. That means no hard-coding, a well-designed ready-made interface completely available to equip.

Moreover, it lets the user see the latest conversations as well as their past conversation/chat history. Also, you can send attachments of any size.

Applozic Web Plugin jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Grab this plugin for free.


  • It facilitates one-to-one as well as group chat.
  • Enables audio/video calling with the use of this interface.
  • It allows message broadcasting and smart messaging.
  • Also, it has a very rich multimedia support and offline fallback mechanism in-built.
  • Applozic Web plugin has support to push notifications.

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4. HMR Chat – jQuery Chat Plugin

HMR Chat is a simple jquery chat plugin. It gives the very basic functionality of the chatting system to be integrated into a website. This plugin provides a sticky chat-box at the lower right corner of a page.

Furthermore, there are login and registration options for making a secured chat activity. It also provides previous chat history and the users connected with the same interface.

HMR Chat jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

It’s a completely free to use plugin. you don’t need to pay a single penny.


  • Very quick and easy to use jQuery plugin with chatting functionality.
  • Well-designed demo and full documentation are available for efficient usage.
  • It provides login and registration functionality.
  • Dependent on the Bootstrap version 3 for CSS effects.

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5. Chat – jQuery Chat Plugin

Chat is a very nice application for the basic chat and messaging mechanism through the web. This plugin gives your website an elegant chat interface with the text/chat functionality.

In addition, Chat jQuery Plugin uses a security mechanism of best practice for safe and secure message delivery.

Chat jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Chat jQuery Plugin is another product by GitHub. Download it directly from the official website for free.


  • It is a highly customizable jQuery plugin.
  • You can change the background colour of the interface by making use of the CSS styling.
  • The site administrator can pass the options through JSON files.
  • It also shows a welcome message when the chat interface is initiated.

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6. Chat Bubbles –  jQuery Chat Plugin

It is a jQuery plugin which facilitates full-screen chatting window with chat bubbles. It has an auto-scrolling option enabled by default for scrolling the text-bubble when a new chat message arrives.

Moreover, it gives full customization options and styling. You can adjust the speed of chat-bubble scrolling. Also, it enables you to choose whether to delete messages or keep all the messages.

Chat Bubbles jQuery Chat Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Chat Bubbles jQuery plugin is an easy to use free plugin. Download it from GitHub.org.


  • It is a chatting interface with chat-bubbles and automatic scrolling.
  • Multiple styling options available, you can custom style the bubbles through pure CSS.
  • The plugin lets you adjust the speed of message scrolling through timestamp.
  • The user can choose to delete the chat messages when they reach the top of the window or can choose to keep them all.

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In conclusion, these were the 6 best Freemium add-ons of the domain jQuery chat plugins. Hope the article helped you. For any further queries and suggestion do comment on the section given below.

Thanks for reading!