Do you know why news feed jQuery plugins are in buzz?

Well, won’t it be cool if you provide several headlines in the form of tickers or some news posts on your site?

Well, definitely yes! Do you want to know why?

Because your audience will always be impressed when they get something extra.

In this case, they might have visited your site for some article &  they found an attractive floating ticker displaying RSS feed. They will hang on for a little longer & glance at the news provided therein.

Won’t it benefit your website by decreasing the bounce rate?

And this is exactly what news feed jQuery plugins do in a website.

Now, do you want to provide the news feed on your website?

If yes, then we have a good news for you!

We have handpicked the best of news feed jQuery plugins which you couldn’t have found single-handedly.

These news feed jQuery plugins work for you by providing the easiest way to add various functions of news feed to your website like –

  • You can add as many news tickers as you want at the top or bottom of the page.
  • They enable you to add your own content in the HTML or set the RSS feed to bring on the content to your site.
  • These plugins allow you to define the height of the page & number of posts you want to display.
  • In addition to this, you also get a nicely-written documentation which prevents you from squandering around in search of solutions.

Not only this, there’s a lot more to explore about these jQuery plugins…

For your convenience, we have created a list of  “News Feed jQuery Plugins” in which we scrutinized their major attributes, pricing plans & several other details.

So, without frittering away any more time let’s delve in these jQuery plugins.

1. BWL Sticky: News Feed jQuery Plugin

This is veritably one of the finest jQuery plugins for adding the news feed to your site. It is studded with diverse features like 10 colorful news ticker themes, 15 built-in ticker animations & loads of custom design possibilities.

Besides, this retina ready plugin provides a well animated & eye-catching navigation system along with an HTML Demo File. Also, it is very lightweight as the size is minimized to 12KB.

Plus, it also grants you a valid & well-commented markup & extensive documentation with illustrative codes.

 BWL Sticky News Feed jQuery Plugin


You can avail this plugin at two different rates. Moreover,  you also get all future updates and 6-month support along with this plugin. To extend the support for another year you have to pay $5.63  & $28.13 respectively for both the versions.

  • To avail the regular license of this plugin, you have to pay $17.
  • For availing an extended version of this plugin, you have t pay $85.


  • You get 3 Types of tickers with this plugin i.e. Sticky Header, Sticky Footer & In-line Ticker. Plus, you can also place multiple tickers on a single page.
  • This plugin enables you to show the feed from sites like RSS/ATOM & Envato products by providing your own referral link.
  • It provides you with the RTL enabled mode feature. If you set this ‘true’, you can display a quick news ticker in Arabic language powered websites.

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2. News Widget: News Feed jQuery Plugin

It is an efficient jQuery plugin which provides you numerous commendable features like 8 arrow positions, 10 animations styles, a full control over the size and style & a lot more.

Along with this, it also supports images & you can customize the text as well. Plus, it is a very responsive & user-friendly plugin.

You also get a well-written HTML documentation with this plugin which makes it easier to resolve & implement the issues.

News Widget News Feed jQuery Plugin


To acquire this plugin along with all the features & future updates as well, you need to pay –

  • A regular license will cost you $10.
  • Whereas the cost of an extended license is $50.


  • It empowers you to set the RSS feed to generate the content on a website or you can embed the content inside the HTML page as well.
  • You can either set the height of the page & the plugin will select the number of posts to be displayed or vice-versa.
  • This plugin grants you with 2 options for viewing the reader like the Full-Page reader opens a full page lightbox style reader & the widget opens the article in the place of the widget.

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3. Breaking News Ticker: News Feed jQuery Plugin

Breaking News Ticker is a super cool jQuery plugin that is used to display the new feed in the form tickers. By using this plugin, you get access to various features like customizations, display unlimited news on the website & much more.

Additionally, this plugin is extremely easy to use & responsive to all screens sizes 7 mediums.

Breaking News Ticker News Feed jQuery Plugin


If you want to purchase this jQuery plugin, there are two different pricing plans –

  • Regular license – $5.
  • Extended license – $25.


  • It enables you to effortlessly customize the design & change the properties.
  • You can add as many tickers on the page as you want.
  • This plugin facilitates you with RSS feed feature that helps in providing the content or you can also add the content of your own.   

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4. JNewsbar: News Feed jQuery Plugin

This astounding jQuery plugin provides you with various features such as 3 default animation effects, 4 default skins and many other.

You can easily customize this plugin and also toggle between multiple windows.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with different browsers like  IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome & Opera.

JNewsbar News Feed jQuery Plugin


For purchasing this jQuery plugin you have a choice of two different pricing plans. Also, you get the future updates & access to all of its features as well.

  • To buy the regular license, you have to spend $3.
  • While the price of an extended license is $20.


  • This plugin provides you a fixed/floating bar which you can place either at the or at the bottom of the page.
  • It grants you with four default skin along with the option to create your own skin.
  • Further, it can handle the window or browser resizing without any trouble.

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5. JQuery Advanced: News Feed jQuery Plugin

JQuery Advanced is a powerful jQuery plugin which empowers you to add animated news ticker on your website. This plugin provides you with various features for easy customizations. You can also call different methods & functions.

Also, it beautifully fits in all screens & mediums like mobile, desktop & tablets.

JQuery Advanced News Feed jQuery Plugin


  • JQuery Advanced is free of cost plugin. You can simply download it from ‘’ & gain access to all of its features.


  • It allows you to define the height & number of rows to display on the page.
  • You can add previous & next buttons plus, set the events on which will trigger as well.
  • This plugin provides you with various options to modify the content of the plugin.

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6. NewsFeed.SectionPopulate.js: News Feed jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin is used to consume and render RSS news items via JSON files created via YQL. It provides you with various features for customization like height & number of items per page.

Along with this, it is easy to us & you can initialize it by embedding few lines of code.

NewsFeed.SectionPopulate.js News Feed jQuery Plugin


  • This freemium plugin comes with a forever free access. Download this plugin from ‘’ without spending a single penny.


  • This plugin uses data-item attributes at the place of parameters.
  • It provides you some animation & transition effects which enhances the look.
  • Besides, it adds google analytics with a push for outbound clicks.

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Wrapping Up!

Consequently, we have propounded few of the best news feed jQuery plugins & highlighted their key features & other details.

After going through this blog, we hope you must have found an ideal plugin for your website which will help in garnering the traffic to your website.

Swift through more jQuery plugins!

Feel free to ask any queries, we’ll be happy to help you. And do leave suggestions in the comments section below, we’ll take them into consideration.