Twitter is a popular social media network which has millions of active users who appear online on daily basis.

So, it is very important that you should have different types of Twitter jQuery plugins installed on your website to display regular, image, video and other types of tweets on your website to attract more and more customers online.

This is the reason why we have listed and described some of the best jQuery plugins which will help you auto-fetch tweets and display them on your website in an attractive manner.

All these plugins are multi-browser compatible, responsive, super light and offer a great number of services like easy integration, developers friendly. Plus we have listed both free and premium plugins which you can choose as per your convenience and needs.

But before diving into plugin details have a look at the blogs listed below:-

1. Tweetable – Simple jQuery Twitter Plugin

Tweetable is one of the best Twitter jQuery plugin which helps you fetch quotes from articles published on your website which are specific for the Twitter platform.

It enables the users to click passage and share it easily with their Twitter followers. Other than that this plugin gives a responsive design, multiple customization, auto recommendation and multi-browser support.

Tweetable Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • The regular plan of this jQuery plugin can be purchased at a price of $5.
  • You can avail the extended features of this plugin at a cost of $25.


  • This plugin is compatible with multiple browsers like IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • It auto-recommend the user to follow a twitter stream of your choice to get your social media marketing.
  • Using this plugin you can share quotes from your articles on Twitter in an easy and elegant way.
  • You also get pre-includes custom hashtags as well as URL. Plus the Grunt setup, Sass files, package.json files are also included.

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2. Twitter Bootstrap Modal – jQuery Plugin

Twitter Bootstrap modal helps you create modal functionality for a web application which is easy to implement and permits you to replace most of the basic and standard functions.

This jQuery plugin is specially designed for twitter bootstrap. It allows you to add form elements along with the image, CSS animation and button support on a live website.

Twitter Bootstrap Modal Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • You will be charged $6 for the regular license which comes with various features & services.
  • The extended license has got some additional features which will cost you $30.


  • With this plugin, you get full support for image, button, CSS3 animate as well.
  • It also provides 3 different types of callback function like onStart, onShow, onClose.
  • Various form elements can be included using this plugin like textbox, textarea, checkbox, selectbox and more.
  • You can also define the open time of the modal which will be in milliseconds.

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3. LiveTwitter – Twitter jQuery Plugin

It is an easy to use lightweight jQuery plugin which updates Twitter feed on a live website without many customizations. It helps you display tweets based on search queries by the user or you can show user specific tweets as well.

In addition, multiple options for search, user_timeline, localization and more are also available. With this plugin, you also get the functionality to filter tweets as your the search needs.

LiveTwitter Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • LiveTwitter is a jQuery plugin which will cost you $0 as it is entirely free of cost. You can simply download this plugin from and deploy it on a website with ease.


  • Allows you to show a stream of tweets based on search queries, or tweets based on specific user needs.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can pass callbacks and events whenever new tweets are loaded.
  • It also provides you the facility to filter tweets using various types of functions.
  • Multiple globally applicable options like mode, rate, imagesize, refresh, and many more are also provided.

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4. jQuery Twitter Fetcher Plugin

If you want to include tweets on your website in an easy way then jQuery Twitter Fetcher plugin will be the best option for you.

With this, you just have to include jquery.twitter.fetcher files on the page and the rest will be done automatically. It will display user’s tweets and give you options to override them as well.

jQuery Twitter Fetcher Plugin Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • The jQuery twitter fetcher plugin offers all it services and advanced features free of cost. You simply have to download it and start using it on your website.


  • This plugin will make you capable of fetching tweets from a person or it’s list.
  • It is easy to use, lightweight and fully responsive jQuery plugin.
  • This plugin is multi-browser compatible and supports most recent web browsers.
  • Allows you to override options like user real name, callback to display dates, translate, etc.

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5. twitterTimeline – jQuery Plugin

With twitterTimeline you can showcase the most recent tweets on a website without many configurations. It provides you a Twitter search API which auto fetches tweets from a user accounts and returns tweets which are not older than a week.

twitterTimeline Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • twitterTimeline is a free jQuery plugin which will provide you multiple facilities to display the recent tweets of a Twitter user on your website.


  • Various public methods are provided with this plugin to fetch and update twitter details on a website.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you can display the recent tweets of a Twitter user with a lot of configuration options and customizations on a website.
  • It also offers configuration options which you can pass to initialize functions to set a custom behavior.
  • This plugin gives you a proper documentation which holds all the functions, settings and other details along with the code and example.

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6. jQuery Twitter Search Plugin

jQuery Twitter Search is a responsive jQuery plugin with which you can search and display tweets. But you can add a specific layout to the tweets which you want to display on your website.

With this plugin, various types of display styles can be implemented with ease.

jQuery Twitter Search Plugin Twitter jQuery Plugin


  • Another free plugin which can easily be accessed free of cost from This plugin provides a great help in searching and displaying the tweets on a website.


  • Allows you to implement multiple conditions on-demand like and, or, to, limit, etc. Plus you can add new conditions as well.
  • With this plugin, you get Twitter search API method which is easy to apply.
  • This is a lightweight plugin which provides cross-browser compatibility as well.

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This was all we have got on the 6 best Twitter jQuery plugins which we have elaborated in this blog. I hope that you will find the plugin which is most suitable for your website to add Twiter feeds and different types of tweets in a customized way on your site.

Do let us know if you have got any type of queries or doubts related to these jQuery plugins in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from your side.