Whether for scheduling a conference or deciding the timetable of the gym, we need timetable at all the points in our life.

Now, this element can also be integrated into your website. But what will a timetable do on your website?

So, you will get a calendar kind of layout on the website. This can be either monthly, weekly or daily format. Here you can schedule up the meetings, events and a lot more. You can even add reminders, agenda, and a lot more. It’s more like a Google Calendar on your website!

To bring down the time management burden off your shoulder completely today we have cataloged the best 4 jQuery timetable plugins that offer daytime functionality.

In fact, adding these kinds of plugins on your website gives a beautiful and visually stunning look to it. These plugins are occupied with jampacked functionalities like customization option to show/hide the navigation bar, callback functions, different kinds of layouts and a lot more.

So, pursue this collection and take look at both free and paid jQuery timetable plugins which pique your curiosity.

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1. Tiva Timetable – A Part Of jQuery Timetable Plugins

Tiva Timetable is a top class jQuery timetable plugin used to organize the list of events, daily routines, and other related entities. It has a responsive schedule JavaScript library simple and modern flat interface.

Additionally, you can maintain the timetables in JSON files or fetch them from the source data through PHP files with AJAX techniques.

Tiva Timetable jQuery Timetable Plugin


  • This Tiva timetable jQuery plugin comes with a price tag of $18 with lifetime updates and 6 months regular support.
  • To use its advanced features you have to pay $90.


  • This plugin provides you with amazing three different layouts to schedule your events like a monthly view, weekly view, and list view.
  • You can use this plugin for any kind of schedule or events organizing.
  • It allows you to include some of the CSS and JS files on the website and display the calenders by HTML shortcodes.
  • Tiva Timetable plugin has customizations options like show/hide the navigations, start on Sunday or Monday etc.

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2. jQuery Timetable – A Part Of jQuery Timetable Plugins

The jQuery Timetable offers a very simple solution for events or timetable organization for a simple project. It allows you to only provide the timetable on a single page which helps you to easily fetch the details of events.

jQuery Timetable files test.html hold the integration files using jqunit.

jQuery Timetable jQuery Timetable Plugin


It is an opensource jQuery plugin which is available free of cost.


  • This plugin helps you to fix the time duration of events at the top of web pages going horizontally whereas the weekdays are fixed at the left moving vertically.
  • It is cross browser compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • You can display the timetable on the bases of weekdays, time durations etc.
  • Also, it allows you to define a specific action for the specific weekday.

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3. jQuery Timespace – A Part Of jQuery Timetable Plugins

jQuery Timespace is a jquery based calendar clone. It allows you to handle the position of the event on the pages by dragging them anywhere on it.

You can specify each and every event displayed on the pages with their specific descriptions by using this plugin. Further, it also provides you with API keys to secure the interface between user and system.

jQuery Timespace jQuery Timetable Plugin


jQuery Timespace is free of cost.


  • It provides you with a callback function which executes at the time of completion of code.
  • You can set the starting and ending time of the tables through the dashboard setting.
  • This plugin also allows you to set the maximum width-height of the timetable.
  • You can use the ‘shiftOnEventSelect’ key option if you wish to shift the timetable on a particular event selection.

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4. React Timetable – jQuery Plugin

The React Timetable plugin is a most popular free solution for scheduling events or programs in a web application. This plugin is marked with highly influenced by full calendar jQuery plugin.

React Timetable jQuery Timetable Plugin


This jQuery plugin is free of cost.


  • You can display the details of the events or programs on the bases of day, dates, and much more.
  • This plugin has the option to edit or modify the details of timetable through the dashboard setting.
  • Its cross browser compatible with Chrome, Opera, FireFox etc.

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So, this was our best collection of jQuery timetable plugins which are most popular in the online market. Each and every plugin present here comes up with its unique feature.

In fact, these are responsive, cross-browser compatible and user-friendly so that anyone can use them.

For any kind of query or suggestion please comment below.