jQuery Drag And Drop plugins are specially designed to attach easy-to-use drag & drop functionality to a live website and facilitate users by providing upload option on your site.

Currently, the market is flooded with a variety of jQuery plugins which offer drag & drop facilities, but many of them just brag about the features and services.

So, in this blog, we have listed and explained some of the best jQuery Drag And Drop plugins which are loaded with multiple upload options, various file options, animation effects, style options to give attractive drag & drop effects and more.

In addition, these plugins are also responsive, touch device compatible, supports latest browsers along with many other facilities.

Also have a look at the blog links listed below which hold details related to popular plugins:-

1. HTML 5 Upload Image – jQuery Drag And Drop Plugin

HTML 5 Upload Image is an advanced jQuery plugin which is easy to use and comes with fallback options. It is ideal for CMS as you get image preview, retrieving filename and other options as well.

Documentation page with which you get all the options and facilities provided by this plugin well explained and elaborated with an example along with code details.

HTML 5 Upload Image jQuery Drag And Drop Plugin


  • Regular license of this jQuery plugin will cost $11 which includes various drag and drop facilities.
  • The extended license of this plugin is priced around $55 and it offers various enhanced features and services.


  • Get full access to various options to customize image height, width, URL, ajax and multiple other options as well.
  • This jQuery drag and drop plugin helps you define different types of buttons like edit, zoom-in, zoom-out, reset and more. You can easily hide and display them on the website with the slightest change in the CSS.
  • With the help of this plugin, you don’t require server scripts, you can simply use canvas to crop the images.
  • Provides support for multiple browsers, touchscreen devices and offers responsive design.

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2. Drop Uploader – jQuery Plugin

Drop Uploader is one of the best and most affordable jQuery plugin which easily converts default file input field to drag & drop area on a website. With this plugin, you can handle errors, file type validation, plus it also supports multiple file upload facility.

It is super easy to install as you just have to include plugin files and JS code snippet in your HTML code and the plugin will start working.

Drop Uploader jQuery Drag And Drop Plugin


  • The first plan of this jQuery plugin will charge $7, it is one of the cheapest solutions to apply drag & drop functionality on a website.
  • The second plan of this plugin comes with a price tag of $35. This plan includes facilities to add drag & drop to a website.


  • With this plugin, you are allowed to upload single as well as multiple files at a time.
  • You can upload files by browsing folders or simple drag & drop method is also supported.
  • It is an easy to use jQuery plugin which includes PHP file uploading script as well.
  • This plugin provides you the facility to upload images, pdf, files, file list layout and more.

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3. Drag & Drop – Image and File Uploader Plugin

This jQuery plugin helps you attach a simple and easy to custom uploader which comes with 3 different layouts for a profile, image and file uploads. It allows you to add a responsive and animated uploader to your website.

In order to apply various customizations in this plugin you just have to change the HTML content text and the plugin will be activated with all the features and functionalities on your website.

Drag & Drop jQuery Drag And Drop Plugin


  • $9 is the price which is being charged for the regular plan of this plugin.
  • The extended plan of the plugin will cost you $45 for all the features and services.


  • It offers 3 different types of uploader layouts for profile, image and file uploads.
  • With this plugin, you can step by step, easy to understand documentation which helps in the implementation.
  • You also get cross-browser compatibility with this jQuery plugin as it supports IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge browsers.
  • This plugin offers various types of customizations like the custom title, size, color changes can easily be applied.

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4. Ultimate Drag and Drop Engine – jQuery Plugin

Ultimate Drag and Drop Engine is another jQuery plugin which permits you to set edge padding, stack items, set stack padding, set maximum number of drops, re-order etc.

It also helps you add feedbacks like correct, partially correct, incorrect as well. In addition, you can create drag blocks for images and files and drop boxes for the same.

Ultimate Drag and Drop Engine jQuery Drag And Drop Plugin


  • This plan has got a price of $14 with which you get multiple drag & drop facilities which simplify various website operations.
  • This is the extended plan of the plugin which costs $90 for all the enhanced features and facilities.


  • You get a well-documented demo in which each and every drag & drop function is clearly defined with all the details.
  • This plugin comes with various inbuilt animation engine which helps you design attractive looking pages.
  • With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of drag items and drop zones.
  • It is touch device compatible and allows you to design custom drop and submit functions.

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Finally, we have arrived at the end of this blog on best jQuery Drag And Drop plugins. I am pretty sure that you must have found the jQuery plugin which meets all your requirements and helps you build a better website.

This is not all if you have got any doubts or queries in mind, feel free to ask as in the comments section below. We will be happy to reply.