Online shopping is in vogue these days, everyone loves to shop online rather than going to marketplaces. Online stores offer definitely a high range of products, offers, and discounts which create curiosity in people to buy from online shopping stores.

But the competition is cut-throat in e-commerce segment so, it becomes crucial for you to provide better checkout experience to visitors. As this is going to give you an edge over others in the market.

For making this easier, hundreds of plugins are present in the online market that will help you to build eye-catching and easy shopping carts for online stores. But we have sorted out some of the best shopping cart jQuery plugins for you.

These plugins will help you to set-up the products sale to selling products online. Shopping cart jQuery plugins are jam-packed with the myriad of premium features like 360-degree display of product, integrated with payment modes, shows a list of stores and many other features.

In addition, these plugins are most light weighted and simple to integrate with HTML or WordPress based websites.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Dive in and find your ideal shopping cart jQuery plugin.

1. PayPal Shopping Cart – jQuery Plugin

PayPal Shopping is a nice looking and ready to use shopping cart jQuery plugin. It doesn’t require any kind of database or server scripts to work and this makes it lightweight and fast working.

This plugin allows your customers to purchase multiple products at one time and quickly pay through PayPal. With four simple steps, a visitor can resize the cart size. Also, it’s cleanly coded with JavaScript code.

PayPal Shopping Cart Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin comes with a price tag of $9 with future updates and 6 months client support.
  • And for some extended features, you can buy this plugin at $45.


  • You can show the products in a grid layout with the small description of products.
  • This plugin provides you with 20 configurable options of products with PayPal variables.
  • It provides you with the configurable animation effects on the cart as well as with the configurable currency of cart.
  • Your visitor can limit the product list and it can also share the cart contents on some of the pages of the website.

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2. jQuery Interactive – Shopping Cart Plugin

jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart Plugin is fully based on the Bootstrap framework. You can easily install this plugin just with a few clicks on the dashboard.

Moreover, this plugin is well documented and is filled with AJAX implementation code. It includes files like JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS.

jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • This Bootstrap jQuery plugin will cost you $7 with lifetime updates and client support.
  • Its extended plan will cost you $35 with advanced features.


  • The plugin is compatible with HTML5 through which you can make the tags on the shopping cart section.
  • It provides you with valid CSS which will let you give a beautiful layout and design to cart section.
  • This plugin is compatible with different kind of browsers like IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.
  • Also, jQuery interactive shopping cart plugin is well documented only pick the code and paste it into the webpage.

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3. jQuery Paypal HTML Shop

It’s an easy to use shopping cart jQuery plugin for web developers to add a fully customizable cart to their websites. This plugin is rich with seamless integration through which you can add own style, class name and start a working shop in a couple of seconds.

Through this, you can allow your customers to get a redirect on the store page where they can adjust the PayPal options like shipping address, advanced shipping cost calculation, and notifications.

Also, this plugin supports every currency type and is compatible with PayPal integration.

jQuery PayPal HTML Shop Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • This plugin will cost you $15 with lifetime support and 6-month client support.


  • You can use the prebuilt 6 unique design styles like corpress, diana, estato, farm fresh and rentica on shopping cart section of a website.
  • Also, you can add your own promo codes for percentage or fixed amount discounts while checkout out the page.
  • This plugin allows you to place the cart section anywhere on the website as it comes with an option of “add small cart”.
  • It supports simple and variable products which can fully feature even with no content management system.

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4. Drift – A Part Of Shopping Cart jQuery Plugins

This is a jQuery based shopping cart plugin. It keeps connecting the user with the relevant element they are scrolling throughout. Also, it allows you to display the shopping cart in the sidebars.

It gives an eye-catching design to your cart area so that users don’t get bored with the regular one and also these designs can be used with navigation menus, user alerts or advertisements sections.

Drift Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • Drift shopping cart plugin comes with a price tag of $9 and to include its extended features you can buy this at $45.


  • This plugin is based on API (application programming interface) keys which identify the developer or user to the website.
  • It allows you to find the bounce of drifter like where it goes or how fast it goes everything here is easily configurable.
  • You can add 16KB documentation in HTML format which can be view in the browsers.
  • This plugin allows you to add new drifting modes and can also use the prebuilt default modes like elastic, regular, bounce, static and fade animations.

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5. jQuery Smart Cart – jQuery Plugin

jQuery Smart Cart is a fully customizable shopping cart made only with jQuery. It allows you to create an interactive and user-friendly cart with minimal coding.

This plugin has the options to support form submit, AJAX submit and PayPal submit of the shopping cart items.

And the new version of this plugin is completely based on modern patterns and its features are very advance that support the BootStrap, theme support, customizable toolbar, event support and a lot more.

jQuery Smart Cart Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • It’s an open source jQuery plugin which is free of cost.


  • This plugin comes with a clean and compact design which can be easily implemented on the website.
  • It automatically calculates the subtotal of the items present in the cart without requiring any external option.
  • You can add an option to edit the number of items from the cart and can display the product image.
  • Also, you can customize the cart templates and currency option in the cart.

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6. jQuery Add2Cart – Cart Plugin

Its one of the best free shopping cart jQuery plugins present amongst all. It helps you to create an animated shopping cart for your website.

This allows you to create and animates the visual effects of each item while moving them into another.

jQuery Add2Cart Shopping Cart jQuery Plugin


  • This jQuery plugin if free of cost.


  • Its visual effects are used on e-commerce websites and other related web applications.
  • This plugin helps you to add the source image to the image which is being animated instead of a grey box.
  • jQuery Add2Cart plugin is compatible with different kind of browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

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Above are some of the best shopping cart jQuery plugins which you can add to your e-commerce websites. Through them, you can easily create an animated cart or add visual effects to them in no time.

Also, some of them are premium with advanced features and others are free with regular features.

For any query or suggestions please comment below.