The websites with fullscreen image background literally look super cool and also put a great impression on your site visitor. So, think what if these fullscreen background images form a slideshow or there is a video in the background, it’s much like a cherry on the top.

I personally recommend you to be a show-off. Showcase beautifully your products, adventurous images, and other interesting pictures in a full-width slideshow. Because it really looks amazing.

Coming to the point, if you want it to be fully automated that means no hand-coding, then this is possible via fullscreen slideshow jQuery plugins.

These plugins help you built a highly professional website interface. The numerous functionalities of the plugin will let you include cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, auto-delay and much more to your site easily.

Both the professional as well as personal websites such as business, fashion style, architecture, beauty etc., can easily enhance the overall look by including this add-on.

In this blog, we’ve enlisted the top 4 fullscreen slideshow jQuery plugins (free and paid). Scroll through our list and find out which one can work best for your site.

Tip- Make sure to make it to the end the free listing is also of great relevance. So, don’t miss it.

Have a look at these popular WordPress blog listings-

Add hover effects on the images & make them lok more appealing.

With the help of these plugins, you can offer filtering & sorting interface for your site visitors.

Present the images of your website in a 360 degrees angle with a panorama view.

1. mightySlider – jQuery Database Plugins

mightySlider is a premium jQuery plugin with 2000+ active users and a 4.4 stars rating. It helps you create an advanced single-directional slideshow. It also supports item based navigation. You can make use of this plugin to build simple image slider, gallery, content slider, banner rotator, carousel and even video gallery.

Moreover, it is a robust and developer friendly API that provides powerful methods for full control over almost everything.

mightySlider Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The mightySlider plugin has two cost estimate plans.

  • Regular licensed plan – $16
  • Extended license plan- $80


  • Beautifully animated HTML captions with highly customizable effects.
  • This plugin is customized to a much higher extent for the Search engine (SEO).
  • Unlimited slides, caption layers & caption effects.
  • Extremely smart lazy loading feature which loads nearby images in the background. So the visitor need not worry or to wait images became available instantly.

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2. FullScreen Background Slider – jQuery Database Plugins

FullScreen Background Slider jQuery plugin uses the latest CSS3 transitions to display a fullwidth gallery background slideshow. This plugin consists around 36 animation types and 20+ patterns.

Furthermore, it is a modern tool which supports image preloading. Also, the plugin is 100% responsive in all manners and mobile-friendly.

Fullscreen Background Slider Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan:

It has a regular license plan of $10 and an extended one at $50 only.


  • The plugin has 20 pre-designed patterns.
  • This plugin has a detailed documentation to make full use of the plugin functionality and features.
  • It contains very lightweight jQuery files and cleanly coded to reach maximum customization.
  • The optional image text over the pictures supports 650+ Google font styles.

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3. Resizable FullScreen Gallery – jQuery Database Plugins

Display your photography or other skills via a slideshow on your website. Resizable FullScreen Gallery has features available to easily achieve your goal while enhancing the functionality by auto-set slideshow delays. This plugin will help you resize the large images effectively as well as set a redirect hyperlink.

In addition, this theme also supports the swipe gesture on mobile phones.

Resizable Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Grab the Resizable FullScreen Gallery plugin at just $8 for a regular license plan and $40 for an extended plan.


  • It has options available like auto delay slideshow & paused the image sliding when user hover on the image.
  • This plugin has very basic functionality no additional files included. Which make it extremely lightweight.
  • Also, it supports major browsers such as IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome.
  • Resizeable options to resize the fullscreen images.

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4. MaxImage – jQuery Database Plugins

MaxImage is a jQuery slideshow plugin for full-screen background images. It is the first plugin which uses the jQuery Cycle plugin. These cycle plugins will automatically empower it to use the jQuery cycle functions, methods, transitions etc.

Moreover, this easy to use plugin will handle the overall slideshow functionality and additionally gives you full control for styling.

MaxImage Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan:

MaxImage is a completely free product of GitHub. Also, you can download it from its official website.


  • It makes use of the jQuery Cycle plugin for utilizing the options and handling the control from the Cycle.
  • Also, it detects every user browsers abilities and accordingly uses the slideshow functionalities such as- CSS transitions and animations.
  • This plugin has the ability to make anything like-images, HTML5/Youtube videos fullscreen.
  • A cleanly coded and well-commented developer friendly plugin.

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Consequently, this was our take on the domain fullscreen slideshow jQuery plugins. If you are aware of another worthy plugin which is more useful, please do share the same with us in the comment section below, we would really love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading!