Can you recall where have you seen News tickers?

Need help? Actually, they are continuously scrolling at the bottom of almost every news networks to highlight breaking news, daily trends, Sensex, gold rate etc.

Now imagine if you too can have this option on your website.

Why? Well, if I tell you the core advantage in simple words, you can hold on your website viewers for a much much longer time. As they can be updated while staying active on the same website, hence the chances of switching to another site are negligible.

And an obvious, yet an important reason to mention is –  How lively your website would become!

The good news is, you can have this feature on your website with News Ticker jQuery plugins. Because with them, you are free to display different HTML content in your webpage as a continuous ticker. For example, highlight special deals, popular brands, news, testimonials etc. with various configuration options.

Following plugins will add with these important features to your site. Eg. Multiple tickers in a single page, RTL support for multiple languages, update the changing status of the content etc.

Moreover, you can add text, HTML and image content in the ticker of your webpage. All of these tickers are highly customizable according to the website need.

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1. BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker

BWL News Ticker plugin is a lightweight and easily installable plugin to add breaking news and RSS feed jQuery feeds to your website.

The plugin comes with 10 colorful themes (and you can create your own version as well) along with 15 animation choices to provide an absolute unique layout for the user. You also get 3 positioning options – sticky header, sticky footer, and inline ticker.

Well commented jQuery and validated HTML markup allows easy build-up and customization of plugin according to the website need.

The plugin allows using a variety of fonts from Google Font and icons from Font Awesome for your content.

BWL News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

Avail this plugin for your website at $15 only with 6 months support. And extend this support at $4.88 for 1 year.


  • The plugin allows to add up multiple news tickers on a single page
  • This RTL enabled ticker will facilitate the ticker in the Arabic language as well.
  • It allows you to add up RSS/ATOM feeds as well for your ticker.
  • The plugin provides easy navigation with next and previous buttons to switch, show/hide ticker option and stop news scroll on mouse hover.

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2. liMarquee

liMarquee jquery plugin allows you to add text, HTML as well as image content (brand logos)in the ticker of your webpage. These content can be stored in 3 separate tabs.

You can also have multiple HTML tickers, sliding on the same page in different directions.

Further, the additional languages supported by this plugin for the displayed content are Hindi, Arabic, and Chinese.

It provides 2 options for dragging the content, either by mouse or by touch event (for the mobile device)

liMarquee News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

Get this feature rich plugin for your website at just $10 with 6 months support. Extend the support to 12 months at $3


  • The plugin comes with 7 custom templates with different layouts for tickers with a variety of options. For eg. pause/play button at left/right/top/bottom side of the ticker, different fonts styles for the text etc.
  • With data attribute parameter you can even slide the content in left to right direction.
  • Using Ajax you can update the changing status of the content after a specified time (say 3 sec). This is very important for various fields like Sensex, gold rates etc.
  • The customization is applicable to every small element, eg. pause or stop on hover, delay start etc.

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3. Breaking News Ticker

With its high grossing sales across the world, Breaking News Ticker allows you to add various kinds of ticker on the website. Few examples are – CNN news, testimonials, bulletins, breaking news etc.

Further, it lets you display these tickers with distinguishing options like scroll up/down. This has been the simplest plugin to use so far, containing all the current characteristics required for your website.

The responsive feature of this plugin is an add-on and therefore, is used widely for all devices.

Breaking News Ticker News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

Add this popular plugin to your website only at $5.


  • The plugin has also enabled multiple RSS feeds in the ticker, in addition to the above-mentioned list of contents.
  • It is inbuilt with 11 different colors so that every single ticker can be assigned a unique color.
  • Also, the plugin provides next and previous buttons at the end of the ticker.
  • For handling such multiple tickers with a variable format, this plugin gives easy customization options for speed, direction, dimension etc.

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4. JNewsbar – jQuery Floating News Ticker Bar

This plugin comes first on the list when you are searching a floating (in addition to fixed) ticker for your website.

It comes with 3 powerful default animation effects (slide up, slide down and fade) to enhance the visual effect of your website.

However, having dual ticker options still makes it an easy-to-integrate plugin with your website with high efficiency.

The plugin comes with 4 default skin for background and themes to make the overall layout more appealing. You can also create it with your own choice.

For further assistance, this plugin provides you with a detailed documentation.

JNewsbar News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

You can have this amazing plugin for your website at just $3 with 6 months support. To extend the support for 12 months spend only $0.38 extra.


  • JNewsbar lets you add two news bar on the same page at distant positions (top and bottom).
  • The tickers adjust automatically on the screen on window/browser resizing, which makes it perfectly responsive on any device.
  • Further to add more the plugin provides unlimited color scheme with the built-in customizer.
  • The plugin is absolutely compatible with IE7+, Firefox, Opera and many more.

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5. jQuery Advanced News Ticker

This animated vertical news ticker plugin stands out among other News Ticker plugins. Both in terms of usage and their complex descriptions.

Bundled with numerous easy and single line examples, the plugin lets you get a hold on its usage real quick. This plugin provides various customization options for the vertical scrolling tickers to make it even more impressive.

It is a lightweight and optimized plugin that gives high performance for your website.

Further, various Callback and methods provide high flexibility, as you can set the parameters absolutely of your choice.

jQuery Advanced News Ticker News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

Take away. Get this plugin for free.


  • It allows you to set the number of rows that will be displayed at the same time. Also, the height of the rows can also be customized.
  • You can define the animation speed in milliseconds for the moving rows (both up and down direction).
  • Also, the duration at which a row automatically slides can be specified with this plugin.
  • The various buttons provided to control the motion of tickers are –  stop, start, next, previous.

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6. jQuery News Ticker

InSpired from BB News website ticker, jQuery News Ticker is an extremely easy-to-use plugin. Integration of this lightweight plugin commits maximum performance of your website with high loading speed.

jQuery News Ticker News Ticker jQuery Plugin

Pricing Plan

You can get this plugin without spending a penny. Absolutely Free!


  • This plugin also allows loading content of RSS feeds in the ticker with the help of Ajax.
  • It has a great performance with most used browsers such as Chrome, Opera, IE6+, Firefox 3.6+ etc.
  • You can also add feeds from a different domain with JSON proxy.

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The above-mentioned feature rich News ticker jQuery plugins will give you the exact functionality you have been searching for. Just go through them once and you will be certain about using anyone from them for your website.

Post your valuable suggestions and queries in the below section.

Thanks and regards!