Do you want to give your website a wide-angle of view with HD effects?

You must be!

Adding jQuery Panorama Plugins on your website will give you a full control over images and provides awesome HD effects on your website. Also, these plugins will help you to present the images of your website in a wide 360° angle with a panorama view.

These days, 360-degree content is slowly becoming a viable marketing tool, marketers are now heading toward a new way of representing their brand. Panorama has become the hottest consequence of any website which keeps the audience hooked on your website.

That’s why below I’d like to share the list of 5 most popular jQuery Panorama Plugins which you can use for creating panorama view, virtual tours, 360° view, photo sliders, 3D effects on your website that leaves a “WOW” image on your visitors.

These plugins are easy to integrate into your website and create an attractive, trendy, and an engaging online portfolio. Some of the plugins in this blog come with lots of useful effects such as parallax, scrolling, fully HD effect, zooming & panning effects and various more.

Below is the glimpse of how these panorama plugins will look on your website.

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1. 360° Panoramic Image Viewer:

360° Panoramic Image Viewer takes static panorama images & uses jQuery to add 360 views, hotspots, rotations, and scrolling effects to your website for an ultra-realistic viewing experience.

This plugin allows you to show a full 360-degree right and left rotation on your website. It can be easily configured with other extensions and plugins as well, such as carouFredSel to use multiple panoramas on a single page. Plus, the plugin also works well with a lightbox solution so that a hotspot on your site get zoomed.

Your purchase not only provides amazing plugin but also have access to the outstanding support team for any issues you may encounter.

360 Panoramic Image Viewer jQuery Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • It supports flat panoramic images to provide more attractive & simple views to your customer.
  • The plugin gives 180/360 degree visibility setting.
  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer plugin supports width container to set height and size of the image.
  • The plugin contains multiple selections of templates to make your site more attractive.


You can get this plugin at $15 with its 6 months support. Also, you will get free updates and live customer support along with it.

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2. True Panorama jQuery Plugin:

True Panorama is an interactive JavaScript plugin created for panning & zooming a panoramic image of your website. It provides perfectly step-by-step documentation which makes easy for you to implement on a site. This plugin can be used for viewing images in 3-different stages such as full-width size, small size or a fixed width size in the browser viewport.

Additionally, it provides HD and parallax effects on the images and you can use the mouse move on every image to control the panorama slides. Plus you can also set transition speed on every panorama image.

True Panorama jQuery Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • The plugin provides an option of “pattern overlay” so that you can change the pattern of your panorama image attractively.
  • It provides a clickable custom content option through which you can easily add text or logo on the image.
  • With this plugin, you can provide a full control over the images via mouse move and drag option.
  • You can show the panorama images at any size you want.


You can buy this cross-browser compatibility panorama plugin at $9 with 6-months support and later you can also extend its further services at $40 for 12-months support.

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3. 360 Virtual Tour jQuery Panorama Plugin:

This 360 Virtual Tour panorama plugin is a responsive javascript plugin for displaying 360-degree virtual tour directly in your web browser. With this plugin, you can use 360*180 panoramic photo for making a virtual tour on your website.

It allows you to do all changes of the panoramic image on index.html file simply. Also, you can link URL of the panoramic photo on your site, and it gets automatically turn on or off.

360 Virtual Tour jQuery Panorama Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • Audio player options are available so that you can insert an audio file as well.
  • Keyboard navigation is added to this plugin for the people who can not use any pointing devices.
  • The plugin has an auto scroll option so that you don’t need to click again & again on any panorama slides.
  • It provides a zooming & panning effect for every image.


You can get all these features and functionalities for your website at $14 only with free updates & 24/7 customer support.

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4. Panoramic jQuery Plugin:

Panoramic is the most versatile three-sixty player for jQuery. It makes your ordinary image into a new gorgeous interactive 360-degree object. This plugin is built with modern libraries of jQuery and provides various responsive multiple panoramas on one page.

Additionally, it has an awesome feature which allows the user to navigate from one scene to another. This plugin includes features like full-screen mode, responsive layout etc.

Panoramic jQuery Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • Panoramic provides autoplay option so that the slider of panorama rotates automatically.
  • It provides different choices to select panorama for your business website.
  • Panoramic gives a compass option to rotate the view of an image.
  • The plugin is integrated with Google street view rotator.
  • Full mode screen in/out option is available.


The plugin will give all its above-listed services at $12 for 6-months support and you can extend its more advanced features at $55 only.

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5. jQuery-HTML5-Canvas-Panorama-Plugin:

jQuery-HTML5 is a plugin for viewing your website’s images in a panorama way. It is super fast and optimized the codes with a new way to add an image on the website that makes the loading process faster. One can use the plugin for any business purpose either for wedding purpose or a real estate property view.

jQuery HTML5 Canvas Panorama Plugin

Another Useful Feature:

  • The plugin has HTML element overlay so that you can see other elements positioned over canvas element.
  • Option to resize the image attachment after the panorama image is completely loaded.
  • The plugin supports various changing panorama parameters.
  • It fixes various bugs like popping scroll bugs, event handling bug and more.


The plugin will cost you nothing. It is completely free and you can get this from GitHub official website.

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And this is where my writing comes to close. We’ve covered some of the high rated panorama jQuery plugins which are popular in the market today. Each & every plugin comes with a multitude of functionalities and attributes that can hold the audience towards your website.

Moreover, if you think I’ve left out something in these plugins then do let us know below in a comment section.