Today we are going to introduce you to jQuery Captcha plugins. As, we all know about the sites and search engines, which use Captcha programs like – sometimes Google asks for the verification by providing a set of different images.

Basically, Captcha helps your computer or other devices in recognizing the difference between a bot and human to provide security to your system.

These plugins can help you in managing spam comments for a blog, or in deleting fake spam users registering in sites. Also, the plugins can easily resolve all your spam issues.

Sometimes jQuery Captcha plugins can add a simple math sum text and an input box before the submit button for comments, forms etc.

In fact, you can easily implement these Captchas within the registration form, login, and contact forms.

Here is the collection of free and paid jQuery Captcha plugins with their scripts and services that you can easily embed into your website.

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These plugins will allow you to move any draggable object with the click of a mouse anywhere on the page.

Using these plugins you can customize the layout of text, images, widgets, and menus on your website.

These jQuery Banner Rotator Plugins are used to create rotating banner on your website.

1. SPASS Captcha – Best Paid In jQuery Captcha Plugins

This is one of the best-paid plugins in the family of jQuery Captcha plugins. It is easy to use and comes with the full-documentation, which will help you in the better understanding of this plugin.

This plugin supports all latest browsers like – Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. It also supports CSS, PHP, JavaScript JS, and HTML.

SPASS Captcha jQuery Captcha Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this plugin at $9 with lifetime free updates.

Features –

  • You can easily apply some Captcha codes in 4 different captcha models.
  • This plugin is supported by Bootstrap.
  • In this plugin, you can even touch, or drag & drop the events anywhere on the web page.
  • It is compatible with all touchscreen devices.

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2. MotionCAPTCHA – Free In jQuery Captcha Plugins

Using this plugin you can easily stop all the threats of spam, as in the Captcha code user has to draw the different shapes as indicated there.

This plugin is SEO- friendly, responsive that means it is screen independent, and compatible with the browsers as well.

MotionCAPTCHA jQuery Captcha Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this plugin at $0, as it is available to all free of cost.

Features –

  • In order to submit the form, you viewer’s have to copy the shape in the box, as available.
  • You can disable or enable the submit button for example – <input type=”submit” disabled=”disabled” value=”Submit Form” />.
  • Using this plugin, you can add a hidden input to the form, with the form action as its value.

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3. Text Captcha – Best Free In jQuery Captcha Plugins

Text Captcha plugin is specially designed to provide the captcha either in the text, math, numbers or random manner.

For text testing, your user will be given a random set of letters and asks the user to sort them by alphabetic or reverse order. And, for number testing, it gives the user a random listing of numbers and asks to sort them by numeric or reverse order.

Text Captcha jQuery Captcha Plugin

Price –

From the official website of GitHub, you can download this plugin for free.

Features –

  • This plugin comes with 4 types of Captcha options – text, maths, number or self-explanatory.
  • You can even decide the length of the text and number types.
  • It returns true or false as the value if it is correct.
  • This plugin provides 2 random numbers between 0 and 9 you can either perform addition, subtraction or multiplication or you can choose randomly.

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4. jQuery CAPTCHA – Free In jQuery Captcha Plugins

This plugin provides a div which is not recognizable by a spambot. In reality, the user needs to click the div button written with the text “I’m not a robot!”.

jQuery CAPTCHA comes with a well-documented file so as to make you understand its functionality better.

jQuery CAPTCHA jQuery Captcha Plugin

Price –

You can purchase this plugin at $0 from GitHub, and download it from the official website of

Features –

  • This plugin works by creating a div shaped checkbox, which later on gets submitted to the system.
  • If you wish to install the slider plugin, with this plugin you just have to include the JavaScript file AFTER jQuery.
  • You are free to change the styles according to your website using CSS customization.

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5. PuzzleCAPTCHA – Free In jQuery Captcha Plugins

PuzzleCAPTCHA is one of the finest plugins in this jQuery Captcha plugins list. It provides requiring users to solve a very simple puzzle of any image from the web.

This plugin comes with a complete user guide along with well-arranged documentation which further makes your work easy.

PuzzleCAPTCHA jQuery Captcha Plugin

Price –

Anyone can download this plugin for free from, free of cost.

Features –

  • This plugin will automatically generate a simple jigsaw puzzle from any image available on the web.
  • You can lock the form by using [disabled=”true”] on the submit button.

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Conclusion –

Using these jQuery Captcha Plugins you can easily stop the threats of spams, robots, or malfunctioning software.

We hope and believe that by the end of this blog you have already found the one you are looking for.

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